• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Italian Spinone

East of England

Italian Spinone

I was shocked at the high number of bad mouths in the entry. Bottom canines running into the roof of the mouth is in my opinion a very serious fault, a few were also slightly overshot. Coats were also a bit of an issue and many would move better if carrying more muscle.

Minor Puppy D ne

Puppy D ne

Junior D (3,1)

1st Place 2130 - Bessalone Shameless (Mrs S, Miss S & Miss I Knowles & Glen)

Well balanced d of ideal proportions, looks raw still, which is a good thing. He has a v good head, super eye and expression. Wouldn’t want any less neck. Deep chest to his elbow. Well ribbed back. Correct topline. Coat is ok. Very easy mover with a long stride and fairly accurate. CC & BOB

2nd Place 2125 - Lucoru Blow A Fuse at Cloudnine (Mr G & Miss C Fordham)

He is slightly longer in back than 1 and needs to tighten in movement, which should come as he matures and muscles up more. Super big spongy nose. Lovely expression. Liked his length of. Neck. Deep chest moderate and balanced in angulation. Good coat and skin.

Yearling d (2)

1st Place 2124 - Diggmere Tiger Swallowtail JW (Mrs S Duncan)

Slightly heavy type of dog. He is square in outline with a decent topline. I liked his head. He has enough neck. Well made front, deep chest, just needs to firm in the rear. Once he got going had a lengthy stride.

2nd Place 2126 - Ellisbell Piaggio (Mrs V A Glazik)

He is somewhat narrow in underjaw. Topline somewhat level. Correct length neck. His chest reaches his elbow and he can still fill in front. His angulation is well balanced and moves with a long stride.

Graduate d ne

Post grad d ne

Limit d (2)

1st Place 2121 - Montecani Youre My Only Hope (Miss T L Davies)

Coat is a better texture than it appears. Correct head planes and length of neck. He is moderate and balanced in angulation. Topline is flat. Slightly untidy out and back but a lengthy stride.

2nd Place 2127 - Olives Daydream Believer (Mrs A L Hodgson)

Liked his outline and proportions. Too narrow in underjaw. Short neck, deep and well filled chest. He is well ribbed back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Moved with a long stride.

Open d (4,1)

1st Place 2129 - Sh Ch Bessalone Peaky Blinders (Mrs S, Miss S & Miss I Knowles & Glen)

Liked his proportions and outline. Head planes are very divergent. Good expression. Correct length of neck. Shoulders well laid, but could have more fill in front and this shows on the move. Well ribbed back. Super rear. In very good coat. RCC

2nd Place 2122 - Macarica Harrys Rock JW (Miss S Dewar)

Very free moving d, he is long in back, although does shorten up on the move. Liked his head. More than enough neck. Could have a better front. His chest reaches to elbow. Good topline. Could be better muscled.

3rd Place 2114 - Inostricani Masai at Ilsolo (Mrs K J & Mr G Bovio)

Veteran d. Ne

Sb d. Ne

Minor puppy b ne

Puppy b (6)

Mix of ages and stages of development here.

1st Place 2138 - Affilato It Had to Be You (Mr L & Mrs C Sharp)

She is in lovely hard condition and moves so very well. Fem head of excellent proportions. Lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder with a long and sloping upper arm. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Would like a little more hind angulation, and can stand straight at the rear, but movement is just so easy and typical. Super coat and skin. Never thought she would end up as the best female but outmoved the rest. CC, BP and well done PG3

2nd Place 2134 - Affilato We Will Rock You at Dawbourne (Mr T Moore)

Naughty girl but very well made and typy. She has correct proportions and correct topline giving a very typical shape. Lliked her head. Correct length neck. Angulation is v well balanced. Well bodied. Really appealed on going over and when she got her moving together.

3rd Place 2132 - Quebaikei Heather 'n' Honey for Oaklaw (Mr P & Mrs E Lawton)

Junior b (4,1)

1st Place 2109 - Annilann Temptress del Michiamo (Mrs J & Miss L Anderson & Mayne)

Very typy b, strong yet still fem. Looks her age. Liked her proportions. Super head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep enough chest that can still fill. Well ribbed back. Just a bit moderate in rear but uses what she has v well.

2nd Place 2113 - Ilsolo River Island (Mrs K J & Mr G Bovio)

Fem b, with a typical topline. More width through than 3. Fem head, underjaw needs to grow on. Correct neck. She has quite a good front. Deep chest. Needs more angulation in stifle and hock, but moves well. In v good coat.

3rd Place 2110 - Dalebourne Kore (Mrs H M W & Mr M R Banks)

Yearling b (2)

1st Place 2118 - Annilann Miss Big Girl Spanx JW (Mr M Challands)

Not the most enthusiastic showgirl, she was better for type of these 2. Fem head. Planes diverge. Medium neck. Her angulations are balanced and moderate. She carries plenty of body. Coat could be harsher. Easy mover.

2nd Place 2140 - Lyndyck Honeybee (Mr P Slade)

She is very raw and at a leggy stage. Head planes could be better. Correct neck. Topline is ok. Can firm in rear. Needs a lot of time.

Graduate b (2)

1st Place 2123 - Diggmere Struffoli at Larhuly (Mrs S Duncan)

Liked her outline and proportions. She is in super coat. Well balanced and fem head. Correct planes. Lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Has enough hind angulation. Slightly close going away but a lengthy stride,

2nd Place 2112 - Delacruse Keeping Faith at Barold (Mrs S A & Miss E Barrett)

She is just a bit long, but topline is ok. Fem head, needs a. Strong underjaw. Lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and steep in upper arm. Chest to elbow. Liked her slope to croup and a well made rear.

Post grad b (3,1)

Evenly matched if rather different.

1st Place 2119 - Delacruse Cadence (Mrs D Cruse)

She has the better proportions of this pair. Fem head with a super expression. Correct neck. I liked her width of chest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Could be tidier up and back. Has a lengthy stride. Presented a very good outline and held her shape moving. RCC

2nd Place 2131 - Quebaikei Accossato for Oaklaw (Mr P & Mrs E Lawton)

She is just a bit too long in loin, but liked her topline. Fem in head. Plenty of neck. Shoulders are well set. Can still fill in front. Moderate rear. Has an even stride.

Limit b (3,2)

1st Place 2135 - Montecani My Precious (Mrs M & Mr M Munday & Spalding)

Liked her proportions. Planes are just diverging, lots of beard and v little other coat on her head, and body lacks coat. Liked her neck. Shoulders set apart. Deep chest. Correct topline. Enough hind angulation. She could have more muscle and just a bit more drive in the rear. A nice typical Spinone.

Open b (2,1)

1st Place 2128 - Inostricani Fianna (Mrs K A James)

Slightly heavy in body, liked her proportions. She has a fem head. Planes could be better. Correct neck. Shoulders set apart. Short in rib and long in loin. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Could have more power moving away. Coat could be better.

Veteran b ((1)

1st Place 2108 - Sh Ch Inostricani Palmina del Macarica JW ShCM (Mrs R & Ms S Allum & Dewar)

Very good type. Correct planes, lovely expression. Muzzle could be a fraction longer. Correct neck. Shoulders set well apart. Deep chest. Liked her topline. Moderate rear. Just a bit close up and back, but went well in profile. BV

Sb b (4,1)

1st Place 2123 - Diggmere Struffoli at Larhuly (Mrs S Duncan)

2nd Place 2141 - Ilsolo Work from Home (Ms G Turner)

Plenty of body and a good outline. Needs a stronger underjaw. Planes could be better. Fairly short neck. Shoulders are ok. Deep chest. Topline is perhaps a bit exaggerated. Moderate rear. Very easy mover.

3rd Place 2139 - Inostricani Show Me Off (Mr P Slade)

Jeff Horswell