• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/09/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Saluki



The rather cold wind did nothing to help the Salukis look their best.

Veteran D (1)

1st: 3069 BLOOMFIELD, Mrs Jacki & BLOOMFIELD, Mr Alan Glenoak Laquan ShCEx

Rather heavy now, but of good proportions. Masc head, good balance. Flat skull. Lengthy neck. Moderate front angulation and picks his feet up a bit high. Chest to elbow. Feeling the cold in his topline. V good, moderate rear.

Puppy d ne

Junior d (3,1)

1st: 3070 BLOOMFIELD, Mrs Jacki & BLOOMFIELD, Mr Alan Caryna Hyperion

Very good type with a super head eye and expression, handler needs to get to grips with him. He was the best mover of these 2. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Needs to drop in chest but well filled. Well ribbed. Liked his hind angulation, stand a bit steep in croup. RCC

2nd: 3081 LITTLECHILD, Mrs Sharon & DANKS-KEMISH, Miss Olivi Ravensett Musarra

Slightly longer and at a teenage stage. Masc and lengthy head. Good eye and expression. Long neck. Quite a good front but can firm up in action. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed back to correct loin. Also rather steep in croup but good stifle and hock.

Post grad d (1)

1st: 3072 CAMPLING, Mrs Christina Classicus Faizan

Looks better moving than standing. Liked his head. Well placed eyes with typical expression. Enough neck. Shoulders could be better set. Chest almost to his elbow. Good topline. Liked his rear. Rather untidy out and back.

Limit d (1)

1st: 3085 WARD, Mrs Lynda Caryna Manantena at Backtor

In v hard condition. Long head. Enough neck. Moderate front. Chest could be deeper. Almost too short in back. Steep in croup and tucks rear under. V good going away but untidy in front.

Open d (1)

1st: 3071 CAMPLING, Mrs Christina Ch Classicus Octavius

Mature d who is a v good mover, accurate and a fairly light stride. He has a good head. Enough neck. Quite a good front with a well filled chest. V good topline. Wouldn’t want any more hind angulation.

Veteran b (1)

1st: 3082 PHILLIPS, Miss L Ch Vidana Amira S Berega Turi Sh.CM ShCEx (Imp Rus

V shapely b, just carrying a little extra weight. Long head, slightly down faced. Medium length neck. Well laid shoulder. Liked her fill of chest. Flowing topline. V good rear. Accurate and easy mover. BV

Puppy b ne

Junior b (2)

Littermates and both v raw and quite similar.

1st: 3080 LITTLECHILD, Mrs Sharon Ravensett Mehrasa

2nd: 3077 HODGE, Miss J Ravensett Estera

Both fem in head with good expressions. 1 is slightly more developed in chest and a slightly better shoulder. Both are quite scopey in outline . Good in rears. Can firm in front action.

Post grad b (1)

1st: 3083 PHILLIPS, Miss L Luachmhar Jamilah

V shapely b. Fem head, could be stronger in underjaw. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Shoulder is fairly well laid. Steep in upper arm and so slightly untidy coming towards. V good topline. Moderate rear, which she uses v well.

Limit b (4)

1st: 3068 AYRTON, Ms Judith Susan & FORTE, Mr Pasquale Chisobee Faa Ig Farraar of Allievo

Liked her proportions and has a better topline than 2. Lengthy head with a typical eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front, could just have a lighter action. Well filled chest, reaching elbow. Well ribbed. Firm loin. Steep in croup but a moderate rear and parallel going away.

2nd: 3078 HUDSON, Mr A & Mrs M Velourias Ultra Violette Glencathra

She looks good on the go round. V good head. Shoulders are ok but steep in upper arm. Deep in chest. Slightly long and topline was too curvy today. V good rear. Accurate out and back.


Open b (4)

Best class for quality.

1st: 3075 GARRATT, Mrs Denise & OAKEY, Miss Sharon Caryna Esperanza

She is well conditioned and so v good to go over. Thought she was just a bit more moderate in the rear than 2. She has a long head, slightly heavy in cheek. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Would like her slightly better in front, flexes her pasterns a bit much moving. Deep and well filled chest. V good underline. Graceful topline. A lovely b. CC

2nd: 3084 SANDERS PARKER, Mrs M E Ch Classicus Felicitas JW

Liked her proportions. More hind angulation than ideal and so over reaches v slightly. She has a v fem head, could have a slightly stronger under jaw. Liked her length of neck. Deep chest. Well filled. V good topline. Good underline. Not always cooperating. RCC

3rd: 3076 HAMILTON, Ms N Lux Ch Alishamar Roxane (Imp Bel) JW

Jeff Horswell