• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla


Hungarian Wire Viszla

Overall I thought construction and movement were pretty good. Coats were rather mixed and played a part in my decisions.

Minor Puppy D. ne

Puppy D (1)

1st: 3669 WEST, Mrs A Junetta Erno

Really good pup of excellent proportions. V good head, muzzle slightly shorter than skull. Enough neck with a well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Firm topline, enough hind angulation. Level topline. Coat is harsh. Just a bit loose in front, easy stride. BP

Junior d (1)

1st: 3663 MOSS, Mrs A E Ewtor Barking at the Moon

V good outline and he was more accurate than 2 on the move. Has a super head. Enough neck. Shoulder is ok. Would like tighter elbows. Chest to elbow. Level topline. Enough hind angulation.

In full coat. CC

2nd: 3666 SPILLANE, Mrs Jennifer Susan & SPILLANE, Mr David Belatarr Kodiak

Close up has is a v good outline. Slightly long in muzzle. Medium neck. Moderate in his angulation. Deep chest, well ribbed. In very good coat.

Post grad d (1)

1st: 3664 PUGH, Mrs Karen Zoldmali-Hunter Erme

Quite compact in his proportions. Coat starting to come through. Accurate out and back. Has a v typical head. Medium neck. Moderate in his angulation. Chest to elbow, topline is ok. Coat starting to come through.

Limit d (1)

1st: 3658 COLLIER, Ms I E Belatarr America

Strong d, rather short of coat. Liked his head. Medium neck. Could have a slightly better front. Deep chest. Short back. Slope to croup. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Accurate on move.

Open d (1)

1st: 3667 WEST, Mrs A Junetta Dorjan

Masc d, would like more coat. He has a well proportioned head, lengthy neck. Could have a better shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Rather moderate in rear, which he uses v well.

Veteran d ne

S beginners d/b ne

Minor puppy b. Ne

Puppy b (1)

1st: 3668 WEST, Mrs A Junetta Emilia

She is a promising pup, just needs a bit more confidence on the move. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Topline ok. Moderate rear. Coat coming through.

Junior b (1)

1st: 3660 LEWIS, Mr L Enryb Lily The Pink

Really good young b, just a little bit, raw as she should be. Fem head. Lovely eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Super rear. In v good coat. Hold a firm topline moving. Showed and moved so v well to take CC & BOB

Post grad b (2)


Really good junior b. Liked her head, she is v slightly shorter in muzzle than skull. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Could be tidier in elbow stood and moving as yet. V good body and is the correct length to height. Firm topline. Enough hind angulation. In v good coat RCC.

2nd: 3659 GIBBS, Mr S & Mrs J Venator Dream Illinois Avec Benonton

She lacked a bit of animation. Liked her head. Medium neck very moderate but balanced in angulation. Quite a good coat.

Limit b (1)

1st: 3656 BRANNEY, Mr T M E Belatarr Asia

Fem b who carries enough coat, liked her head. Could have more neck. Angulations are well balanced and moderate. Deep chest. Well spring ribs. Firm topline. Could be tidier in front but goes with an even stride.

Open b (3)

This was a class for dealing with compromises.

1st: 3665 RICHARDSON, Mr Stephen Sh Ch Tragus Flirty Fox

She was easily the best mover, would like her to carry more coat, which cost her a higher award. Liked her head balance with slightly stop. Medium neck. Forward in shoulder. Chest to elbow. Holds a firm topline. Well made rear.

2nd: 3662 MOSS, Mrs A E Enryb Scarlett O'hara At Ewtor

She carries a v good coat. Liked her head. Long neck. Stands with elbows too far from her chest and is soft in pastern. Long back which could be firmer. Lots of hind angulation. Better mover than 3 on the day.

3rd: 3657 BYRNE, Mrs Jean Aldozovolgyi - Drotos Csermely At Enryb JW

Veteran B. ne

Jeff Horswell