• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Mastiff



I do understand how hard it can be to rear the giant breeds, they face many challenges. I was concerned about eyes in this entry. Many were too slack in pastern and had poor feet, something that often gets worse with age. Please consider these points in breeding and rearing.

Puppy D (1)

Sadly the only entry wasn’t sound

Junior d (3,1)

1st Place 2073 - Elljayart The Great Master (Mrs J Chambers)

Promising youngster who is a good mover he is of good size and well boned. Good head proportions. Eyes are ok. Could have a wider chest. Topline is ok. Decent rear.

2nd Place 2080 - Craiglestone Sir Eli Sabeth (Mr C Hazlewood)

Raw and a lot to do. Liked his body proportions. Head is ok, eyes could be better. Medium neck, deep chest. Can firm in topline. Needs to strengthen in rear,

Post grad d (3)

1st Place 2090 - Suncamo Naughty Boy (Mr G Zadeh)

Well made d of good proportions. Fairly sound but not the most confident dog moving. He has a well proportioned head with tight eyes. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Needs to fill in topline. Enough bend of stifle.

2nd Place 2084 - Hallberd Dennis The Menace of Brindaree (Mrs V S Miller)

Liked his outline and a better mover than 3. Eyes are too loose. He has a medium length neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Topline firm, moderate rear.

3rd Place 2081 - Craiglestone Sir Ruckass (Mr C Hazlewood)

Limit d (2)

1st Place 2075 - Incanto del Fracasso for Womlu (Imp Ita) Jun Ch Lux/ire/swiss

(Mr S & Mrs T Coulman-Hole)

V free mover but could be more accurate out and back. Longer than tall. Good balance of muzzle to skull. Eyes could be tighter and has too much lip. Ok shoulder. Slack in pastern. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Topline could be firmer. V moderate turn of stifle but low, well angulated hocks.

2nd Place 2072 - Hallberd Finbar (Mrs S J Burgoine)

Solid body to him. Good head proportions but would prefer a better eye. Medium neck. He is slightly narrow in chest. Good legs and feet, deep chest. Long in loin. Tail set could be better. Lacks hind angulation, which shows up on the move.

Open d (4,2)

1st Place 2074 - Ch/ir/lux/swiss Ch Cyberus Its All About Bertie for Womlu

An Ch 22 Cw22 Cen W (Mr S & Mrs T Coulman-Hole)

Whilst there could be more of him, he was outstanding amongst the males. Correct body proportions. Head is well balanced with good eyes and v good expression. High set ears. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Ok in pastern and feet. Deep chest. Well ribbed back.

Topline is ok. Correct hind angulation. Ok out and back and v good mover in profile. CC & BOB

2nd Place 2068 - Ch Cyberus Diesel (Mr S D & Mrs T B Andrews)

Liked his size and certainly well bodied. Well proportioned head, eyes could be cleaner. Enough neck. Ok front. Deep chest of good width. Slightly long in loin. Good topline. V moderate rear and could use rear more moving.

S beginners d/b (1)

1st Place 2086 - Brianna Marie Dream of Beauty at Morrioghain (Imp Cze) (Ms C Symonds)

Fem b of 18 mths. Could be more of her, but fairly good mover. Would like more stop. Moderate angulation. Well sprung ribs.

Veteran d/b. Ne

Puppy b (2)

1st Place 2070 - Morganlefay Sentinelese (Miss J M Bowdery)

Just 6 months and a lot to do. She has a delightful temperament. Best proportioned head of these. Enough neck. Needs to come up in pastern, deep chest. At the bum high stage. Moderate rear. Floppy mover but sound enough. BP

2nd Place 2079 - Craiglestone Miz Damson Jam (Mr C Hazlewood)

Much older and obviously more developed. Too long in muzzle. Good neck. Her angulation is ok and balanced. Could have moved better.

Junior b ne

Post grad b (2)

1st Place 2078 - Cwmtysswg Camille Rose avec Mulaloo (Mrs D E & Mr G A Harding)

Quite a typy b. Liked her head. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Topline rises too much. Needs more hind angulation. Would prefer less curl in her tail. Moved ok.

2nd Place 2086 - Brianna Marie Dream of Beauty at Morrioghain (Imp Cze) (Ms C Symonds)

Limit b (1)

1st Place 2076 - Jolene of Seven Oaks at Cwmtysswg (Imp Deu) (Mrs P Gittins)

Liked her size. Head could have a little more stop, but v good eyes. Strong neck. Deep chest, of good width. Well spring ribs. Quite moderate in her hind angulation. Could be more accurate on the move and help her handler,

Open b. (3)

1st Place 2083 - Askuwheteau Cholena (Mr Iliffe)

Typy and fem b who won the CC with a bit to spare. She is a good mover and there is plenty of her. Well proportioned head. Eyes are ok. Strong neck. Good width and fill of chest. She could be firmer in topline. Moderate rear.

2nd Place 2071 - Morganlefay's Iron Maiden (Miss J M Bowdery)

Liked her proportions. Liked her head, however eyes could be cleaner. Neck is ok. Well bodied. Went quite well. Not as balanced in angulation as 1. RCC

3rd Place 2069 - Cyberus Una (Mr S D & Mrs T B Andrews)

Jeff Horswell