• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Hamiltonstovare



Puppy D ne

Junior D (2,1)

1st Place 5263 - Game Changer for Sufayre (Mr R Graham)

Promising puppy with a thick double coat. He has a lovely head. Lengthy neck. Deep chest, and well ribbed. Firm in topline. Well bent stifle. Just needs to firm in his hind action.

Post grad d ne

Limit d (1)

1st Place 5255 - Abon Sfora Nordowskiej Knieji at Rubeusbay (Imp Pol) (Miss Z Adey)

Good moving d, just off square. Would prefer a darker eye. Medium length of neck. Front is ok. Deep chest. Level topline. Well made rear. Easy mover. Correct coat. RBD

Open d (1)

1st Place 5261 - Sufayre Larsson (Mrs S & Miss E Briant & Ellwood)

His proportions are ok. Coat texture is good, could maybe be thicker. V good head. Lengthy neck. Shoulder is ok. Deep chest. Slightly slack in his feet. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. V easy mover. BOB

S beginners d/b ne,1)

Veteran d/b (3,2)

1st Place 5266 - Caldecacre The Curious (Mrs S M Trinick)

Grand old lady of correct proportions. Fem in head. Enough neck. Deep chest well ribbed v good rear. Just a little sloppy in pastern now. BV & RBB

Puppy b (3)

1st Place 5265 - Sweet Hope for Sufayre TAF (Ms R Surman)

Best mover of this trio. She has a well proportioned fem head, eyes could be darker. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Lovely feet. Her topline can firm. V good rear. BP

2nd Place 5257 - The Huntress from Sufayre (Miss Z Adey)

Liked her shape, colours could improve as she develops and would like a darker eye. Fem in head. Moderate length of neck. Better out and back mover than 3. Moderate and balanced in angulation.

3rd Place 5262 - Wish Maker for Sufayre (Miss E & Mr D A Ellwood & Reilly)

Junior b (2)

1st Place 5257 - The Huntress from Sufayre (Miss Z Adey)

2nd Place 5260 - Star Catcher from Sufayre (Mr J & Mrs S M Briant)

Another pup. She is closer to square than ideal and a bit floppy in front at this stage. Fem head, eyes can darken. Crested neck. Deep chest. Can firm in topline. V good rear. Liked her coat texture.

Post grad b ne

Limit b ne

Open b (2)

1st Place 5264 - Sufayre Lizzie (ai) (Mr R & Mrs S M Graham & Briant)

Typy b. She has a super head, eyes could be darker. Lengthy neck. Little heavy over the shoulder and could be more precise in front. Deep chest. Could be better in topline moving. Super rear, well bent stifle and low hocks. Lovely coat. BB

Jeff Horswell