• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Scottish Terrier

SKC. Scottish Terriers

Puppy D (3,2)


V free moving d in v good coat. Lengthy head with strength of jaw. Ears could be smaller. Dark eye and super expression. Would like a little more neck. He has a straight front, good forechest. Short back. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Well set tail. Strong and moderate rear.

Junior d. Ne

Post grad d (3,1)

1st: 3934 FORSYTH, Mrs Karen & FORSYTH, Mr C R Queens Legacy at Kierview

Good moving d, topline is bettter moving than stood. Has a masc head with good strength to muzzle, slight stop, fairly flat skull. Enough neck. Could be slightly shorter in back and loin. Well set tail. Strong rear. Thick coat.

2nd: 3955 PENDLEBURY, Miss Kathryn Pamaswater Bold Begonia at Kamondale

He is slightly bigger all over than 1. Masc head that is a little broad in cheek. Strong muzzle of good length. Ears lower set and larger than ideal. Strong neck. Good forechest. Big ribs. Moderate rear. Just a bit close in front moving towards.

Limit d (1)

1st: 3927 ASHWORTH, Miss Emily Jane Russalan Crimson Coburn for Naviba

Thick set sturdy d. Masc head, could have a bit more width to his muzzle. Slight stop. Dark eyes, flat skull and clean in cheek. Enough neck. Good forechest. Fairly short in back. Well set tail. Strong rear. Could be slightly straighter in front. V well presented coat.

Open d (7)

Very competitive class.

1st: 3942 LEONARD, Mr Myles & SMIT-KAMERBEEK, Mrs Betty NL Ch Lucia's Dream Solar Pretty

Liked his proportions and he has the right amount of substance to be thick set without too much weight. He has a long and clean head. Slight stop. Flat skull. Ears are ok. Enough neck. Fairly short loin. Good front with forechest. V good rear. Moved v well and has an excellent coat texture, but culd carry less hair in places to advantage. Very sound and typical mover. CC & BOB

2nd: 3931 CHAPMAN, Miss Clair & TYLER, Mrs Elizabeth Berrybreeze Spirit Master

So v well handled and presented and I liked his proportions. Slightly better size than 3. Masc head of length and strength, lengthy neck. Could be shorter in loin. Has a strong rear. Just a little loose in front action. Carries himself so v well.

3rd: 3936 KELLY, Mrs Maureen & KELLY, Mr Willie Ch Carseview Mr Goodfella

Veteran d (3)

1st: 3958 RUTHERFORD, Mrs C A Ch Carisco Follow Your Dreams

Sturdy d of v good proportions. Liked his head, long and with strength. Clean cheeks, slight stop, flat skull. Well set ears. Enough neck. Could just have a fraction more width between front legs. Big ribs. Firm in topline. He used his tail better when moving individually than when whole class went round. V good rear, which he uses so well. Super jacket. RCC, BV

2nd: 3962 WILLIS, Mrs Christine Anne & WILLIS, Dr Richard Carisco Kings Crusader at Rikirakki

He is slightly longer than ideal. Strong and masc in head. Liked his neck. Topline is firm, with a well set tail. Big ribs. Not the rear of 1.

3rd: 3947 MCCRACKEN, mrs Amanda Elizabeth Our Black Jack For Amawyn

S beginner d (2)

1st: 3950 MCNIVEN, Mrs Jane Frazandmitch Top Of The Game

Lots to like about him, he is a good size, with substance and in super coat. Liked his length of head. Strong jaw, clean cheeks. Dark eyes. Ears are well set. Enough neck. He has quite a good front. Firm topline. Tail could be slightly higher set. Moderate rear. Accurate mover, although inclined to put brakes on.BSB

2nd: 3947 MCCRACKEN, mrs Amanda Elizabeth Our Black Jack For Amawyn

He is a sturdy d. Long head, slightly rounded skull. Lovely eye and expression. Enough forechest. Just a bit too long in back. Well muscled tear. Steady showman.

G citizen d (1)

1st: 3947 MCCRACKEN, mrs Amanda Elizabeth Our Black Jack For Amawyn

Puppy b (1)

1st: 3926 AIKEN, Mrs Eileen & AIKEN, Mr Christopher Slievecroob MacLili

Fem pup of strength. Liked her head, long, clean cheeks. Well set ears. Slight stop with a flat skull. Could have a little more neck. Well laid shoulders. Enough forechest. Big ribs. Rather moderate in the rear. V good mover. Most promising. BP

Junior b (2)

1st: 3929 CHAPMAN, Miss Clair Brueik Olivia's Star Chaser With Berrybreeze

V active moving b with right amount of substance. She is well made. Liked her fem head with strength of jaw. Super eye and expression. Decent front. Would prefer more neck. Firm in topline. Well made rear. Carries tail well.

2nd: 3948 MCCRACKEN, mrs Amanda Elizabeth Carisco Myrtle Beach to Amawyn

Solid b, almost as wide as she is long. She has a clean head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Medium neck. She is well made and balanced in her angulation. Thick coat. Went well.

Post grad b (4)

1st: 3944 MACKAY, Mr R & KIRK-GELLATLY, Mrs L Whitwitch No Mercy

Good mover and is super jacket. She has a long and fem head, clean in cheek. Better ears than 2. Lengthy neck . Quite a good front. Big ribs. Topline is ok. Well made rear. Would like a thicker tail.

2nd: 3949 MCGLENNON, Ms D & NORTON, Mrs V. R. Divadell Who's That Girl TAF

Sturdy and typy b. Long and fem in head. Could have more neck. Not topline of 1. She went well and is v well balanced in angulation. Well sprung ribs.

3rd: 3951 MCNIVEN, Mrs Jane Frazandmitch All Eyes on Me

Limit b (5,2)

1st: 3960 RUTHERFORD, Mrs C A Carisco Equinox

She has a better outline moving than stood, where her topline firms and she shortens up. Liked her head the best in class, she has length and strength. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Good forechest. Big ribs, but slightly long in loin. Well made in rear. Moved v well.

2nd: 3928 CHAPMAN, Miss Clair Berrybreeze Spirit Seeker

Liked her proportions, she has a lengthy fem head of strength. Lengthy neck. Not shoulder of 1. Big ribs. A little soft in topline. Well set tail. Strong rear. V good mover.


Open b (8,1)

Competitive class with much to like in them all.

1st: 3940 KIRK-GELLATLY, Mrs L Millingford Stargazer

She has super proportions and I thought has a better head than 2, slightly longer and cleaner in skull. Lengthy neck. Good forechest. Well ribbed firm in topline. Well set tail . Super rear. Could be lazy at times but went well when it mattered in class, so accurate out and back. Thought her a really good Scottie. CC

2nd: 3956 PLANE, Mr S Ch Surprise Von Tinsdal Stuane

She is so good for size and really liked her proportions. Would just like a little less width on skull for perfect balance. She has super eyes and ears. Medium neck. Moderate and balanced in her angulation. In super jacket, with first class presentation. Shows so well. RCC

3rd: 3954 MURPHY, Miss Karen Slievecroob Gretna Green

Veteran B. ne

S Beginner B (2,1)

3rd: 3954 MURPHY, Miss Karen Slievecroob Gretna Green

G cItizen B ne2

Jeff Horswell