• Show Date: 19/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Boxer

SKC. Boxers

Always a fun breed to judge. I think movement was better than previously. A few mouth concerns, wry of gums going over teeth.

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 3968 KUECH, Mrs S Boese L'Amore

Just a baby of 6 mths. He has a v good outline with the correct proportions. Just needs to get himself more together on the move but for a baby it’s ok. Well proportioned head. Dark eyes with v good expression. Long neck. Shoulder could be better laid back. Firm topline. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

Puppy d (4,1)

3 promising pups at different savages and different areas to improve with age.

1st: 3943 BROUGH, Mrs L & BROUGH, Mr G & CAIRNS, Mrs J Galicar Innahurry at Limubox

Liked his general proportions and had the best shoulders in this class. Masc head, could have a better muzzle. Tight eye rims. Strong neck. Chest can fill and deepen. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Well made rear. Super profile action.

2nd: 3978 MAIR, Misses L&S Sulez Scorcher at Glenauld

He is quite up in the air at the moment. Masc head, eyes can tighten. Could be cleaner in throat. Lovely feet. Well ribbed. His angulations are v well balanced and so goes with an even an easy stride.

3rd: 3985 MCDONALD, Mrs E M & MCDONALD, Miss K L Yeteb Totally Charming

Junior d (4)

When taking notes I said first 2 top quality and potential title holders – and now I find they already are.

1st: 3975 MAIR, Misses L&S Macbarra Kickin Up A Storm at Glenauld

He has a super outline. V good head. Lovely eye and expression. Long and strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Can still fill in forechest. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed. Correct slope to his croup. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Slightly better front action than 2. Star quality. CC & BOB

2nd: 3981 MCCARTHY, Mr D & GETHING, MR S Boxania Romanoff to Jeddhi

Masc d with a super outline. V good head. Dark eyes with super expression. Strong neck. He too needs to develop in chest. Well ribbed. Strong topline. Enough hind angulation. Just a bit playful in front. RCC

3rd: 3987 MCVAY, Mr K & Mrs V A Seacrest Dr Devious at Lochsunart

Yearling d (3,1)

1st: 3967 KUECH, Mrs S Boese Jiggerlardo JW

Liked his proportions. Masc d. Just a bit too much loose skin. Medium length neck. Can fill in front. Chest to his elbow. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Moderate rear to match his front. Just a bit untidy out and back.

2nd: 3989 NEILSON, Mrs Fiona & NEILSON, Mr David & CONNELL, Borestone Secretariat

Masc d full of fun, dark eyes. Could have slightly better muzzle. Crested neck. More angulation at rear than front. Can fill in chest. Well ribbed back. Arches his topline moving,

Post grad d (3,1)

1st: 3999 TAYLOR, Mrs PAULINE Newlaithe Absolute Bug

Quite good proportions and a nicely balanced d. Well-proportioned head. V good expression. Enough neck. Well filled front. Deep chest. Slight slope to his topline. Feet could be better and needs to firm in front action. Well ribbed. Correct rear.

2nd: 3941 BEE, Mrs M Beeann Cover Story JW

He is a fraction long and could be a happier show dog. Would prefer a longer muzzle and better eye shape. Strong and crested neck. Deep chest. Tight feet but too upright in pastern. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

Limit d 9,2)

This class was hard work, a few mouth issues and some not giving their best.

1st: 3970 LAFFERTY, Mrs Laura Elizabeth & LAFFERTY, Mr Peter Geenawell Lorenzo

He has v good proportions and throws out a v good outline. Hard, slightly sloping topline. Well balanced head. Crested neck. Good front. Well ribbed back. Would like a better hind action.

2nd: 3954 GIANNTTI, Mr J & KRISHAN, Mrs Rose Bouncyparade last song

In the most super muscle. Very happy and making his handler work hard. He has slightly too much skin on head. Medium neck. Super fill of chest. Well ribbed. Hard topline. Rear matches his front. Feet could be tighter.

3rd: 3973 LOWERY, Mr & Mrs JA & P Danlow Chance to Dream

Open d (3)

Very closely contested posted class of 3 cc quality boxers.

1st: 3963 JONES, Mr Jason & CHARLES, miss Emma Charlons Perseus

The more he moved the better he went. He is a v well made d, balanced in his angulation. Masc head. Just enough muzzle. Good eye and expression. Strong neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Firm, sloping topline. V good rear. Could be cleaner coming towards. Just not the look at me attitude of the juniors.

2nd: 3976 MAIR, Misses L&S Ch Glenauld Stormzy

Liked his outline stacked v much. He has a v good head. Cou,d be cleaner in throat. Moderate front angulation, and slightly upright in pastern. Good chest, hard topline. Moderate rear. He too could be slightly tidier in front.

3rd: 3960 HUCKERBY & DOWELL, Mrs & Mr S & G Ch Lottalove For Norwilbeck Bellchime

Veteran d (3,1)

1st: 3962 JARVIE, Mrs L Jasrumjarvie Rising Star VW

V good type of d, better mover of these, just a little heavy now. He has a well proportioned head. Strong neck. Moderate in his angulation. Holds a firm topline. BV

2nd: 3971 LITTLEWOOD, Miss Megan Alice & BOWLER, Mrs Susan Olleyville Stanley Man At Whirlobox

Liked his shape and proportions, not too enthusiastic about moving. Has a masc head. Long neck. Deep chest. Firm in topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

S beginners d (1 and)

Good citizen d (1)

1st: 3969 LAFFERTY, Mrs Laura Elizabeth & LAFFERTY, Mr Peter Jackintabox Harlequin

In super condition and is a sound mover with lengthy stride. Ears could be carried better. Strong neck. He is moderate in his angulation. Too upright in pastern and could be cleaner coming towards. Well ribbed. Deep chest.

Minor puppy b (2)

1st: 3945 BROUGH, Mrs L & BROUGH, Mr Gavin Willow reach for the Moon at Limubox(IKC

The older and much more together of this pair. Fem head. Good eye and expression. Long neck. Quite a good front. Well filled chest for her age. Better feet than 2. Well ribbed. V good topline. Moderate rear.

2nd: 4001 VAN-BECK, Mrs V Diddle On Newlaithe

Just 6 mths and very floppy just as she should be. She has a v good head. Long neck. More hind angulation than in front. Deep chest. V good topline. Liked her shape.

Puppy b (7)

Some v promising pups at different stages.

1st: 3965 JONES, Mr Jason & CHARLES, miss Emma Charlons Viva La Diva

Liked the outline on this b who was also the best mover in class. Fem head of v good proportions. Lengthy, crested neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest with good fill. Liked her top and underlines. Strong rear. BP PG3

2nd: 4004 WILSON, Miss C Thorpaige What A Kerfuffle

Liked the proportions of this feminine b. She is well angulated front and rear and has a lengthy stride. A bit short in muzzle. Long neck. Deep chest. Firm, sloping topline. Feet could tighten. V promising.

3rd: 3949 BROWN & HUTCHINGS, Miss & Mr J & T Winuwuk Walking on Sunshine ( AI )

Junior b (4,1)

3 really super bitches.

1st: 3947 BROWN & HUTCHINGS, Miss & Mr J & T Winuwuk Silent Witness

She has a very easy stride. Super outline and proportions. Fem head with strength. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Deep and well filled chest and she is firmer in front than 2. Well ribbed to a short loin. Short and firm sloping topline. V good rear. RCC

2nd: 3964 JONES, Mr Jason & CHARLES, miss Emma Charlons Nostalgic

Still a puppy and JUst a bit loose on the move. She has a super shape. Could have a slightly longer and deeper muzzle. V good neck. Deep chest. A bit too much slope in topline at times. V good rear. Quality pup.


Yearling b (4,1)

1st: 3944 BROUGH, Mrs L & BROUGH, Mr Gavin Winuwuk New Tricks at Limubox

Good moving b who has v good proportions. Well balanced head. Good eye and expression. Medium length neck. Liked her legs and feet, moderate but balanced in angulation. Firm topline,

2nd: 3998 THOMSON, Miss Catherine & THOMSON, Mrs Cathie Ashronsha Dream Away at Latchkey JW

She has correct proportions.head is ok. Crested neck. Well laid shoulder but forward in upper arm

She could be tidier moving. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Liked her topline.

3rd: 3940 ANTONOVA, Mrs Aleksandra NEW GOLD BOX ELLUNA

Post grad b (5,2)

1st: 3984 MCDONALD, Mrs E M & MCDONALD, Miss K L Yeteb Little Miss Sunshine

Good honest sort of b she has a good shape and proportions. Would prefer a longer muzzle. Strong neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Grand body. V good rear. Went well.

2nd: 3939 ANDERSON, Mr A W & Mrs A Bessbox Bombay at Wilflo (IKC)

Handler tends to overstretch her. She is full of fun and a lovely expression. Lengthy neck. Fair front, plenty of hind angulation. Could be more together moving,

3rd: 3937 ADAM, Mrs E J Carkennar Black Star

Limit b (8,1)

1st: 3946 BROWN & HUTCHINGS, Miss & Mr J & T Winuwuk Aphrodite

Very competitive class. She is just that little bit shorter in loin than 2 and more accurate coming towards. Well proportioned head with good eye and expression. Medium neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder and slope of upper arm. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Moderate rear and so very parallel going away. Lengthy and balanced stride. Pulled out all the stops in challenge to take CC.

2nd: 3982 MCCARTHY, Mr D & GETHING, MR S & BANKS, MR & MRS E Sunhawk Norwatch Lovelace at Jeddhi

Fem b she too has super hind action. Well proportioned head, but has a little too much loose skin to throat. Lengthy crested neck. Deep chest. Hold a firm topline. V good feet.

3rd: 4000 VAN-BECK, Mrs V Nashville at Newlaithe

Open b (4,2)

1st: 3980 MARTIN, mr Steven & PARKER, mr David olleyville lady otherston

Strong and fem b who is v well made. Good head proportions. Super neck. Better front assembly than 2. Deep and well filled chest. Hard topline. Super rear with low hocks. Went v well.

2nd: 3974 MAIR, Misses L&S Ch CH Vandenrob Vanessa Via Glenauld

Liked her proportions, just a little too much hind andgulation and not enough in front. She has a v good head. Dark, expressive eyes. Strong neck. Deep chest well ribbed. Deep front feet, hind could be better.

Veteran b (1)

1st: 3953 DOBBIE, Miss Sheli & WHARTON, Mr Quinton Multi Int Ch Jun Ch Bouncyparade La Nostra Vita

V good moving b. Could have a longer muzzle and smaller ears. Crested neck. She is.moderate and balanced in angulation. Deep chest. Well ribbed holds her topline.

S beginners b (2,1)

1st: 3958 HARRINGTON, Mrs Kate & HARRINGTON, Miss Kitty Surfstone miss Dior

Very good junior b. Liked her proportions and she is a v good mover. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder deep chest. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Enough hind angulation. Well done on winning SB group

Good Citizen B. ne

Jeff Horswell