• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Whippet

CRUFTS. Whippet females

This must rank as one of the very best breed appointments anyone can have, many thanks to Crufts Committee for inviting me and the exhibitors who entered. My ring stewards were the very best and ensured the ring ran smoothly with no wasted time. The standard was really high and I needed to shortlst in almost every class, bringing forward Whippets that I really liked. The breed is fortunate in that it is so international and there are good Whippets in so many countries and breeders use each others’ dogs. It is a sad fact that in an entry of this size the majority will go home cardless – but that doesn’t mean they are not very good dogs. This is a very competitive breed and some of those without a place are easily of CC quality. I was looking for quality, feminine Whippets who could move out with a long easy stride, feet hardly off the floor and holding their outlines, happily I found a lot of them. Coat presentation was excellent, but a few had dirty teeth, some carried a bit too much weight and others could have been in better muscle.

Veteran B. (26,1)

Good class to start, all in good condition and a credit to their owners.

1st Place 13725 - Ger Ch Shiny Sensations Spirit of Love for Supeta (Imp Nld) ShCM (Mrs S M & Miss F S Mycroft)

Shapely b who is a slightly better size than 2. She has a fem head. Lovely eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. She has a well filled front. Good underline. Curve to loin. Plenty of hind angulation. V good profile gait. Slightly close going away.

2nd Place 13859 - Multi Ch Shiny Sensation's Fantastic Smooth (Mrs M & Mr E Veenstra & Valkenburg)

Liked her shape. She has a v good head. Strong neck. Well filled front. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed to a strong loin. Liked her rear. Could be tidier out and back and not quite the low front stride of 1.

3rd Place 13679 - Zoraden Carrera at Abbeyhurst (Mrs A & Miss A Longhurst)

 Minor puppy b (1)

1st Place 13579 - Zigouse Don’t Stop Believin (Mrs S & Mr C Downing-Christie & Christie)

Promising baby who needs to gain confidence as she progresses. She has a v fem head. Expressive eyes. Long neck. Curvy in outline. Picks up in front as yet but is v accurate out and back and has quality.

Puppy b (10)

1st Place 13676 - Jothryn Beyond Blonde avec Penwincoed (Ms J M Lloyd)

Very typy b who is so unexaggerated. Fem head, could have a little more underjaw. Well filled front. Lengthy neck. She has a well laid shoulder, lengthy upper arm. Good underline. Liked her topline for her age. V easy side gait.

2nd Place 13513 - Zoraden You Are My Universe (Miss A Morland)

Liked her size and she too moves v well, just needs to grow into her hind angulation. Fem head, flat skull, but also could have a tad more underjaw. Medium neck. Liked her front. Well ribbed topline coming.

3rd Place 13637 - Danluke Don't I Know It (Mrs H, Mr L & Mr J Johnston & Wilson)

Junior b (21,2)

1st Place 13629 - Palmik Truth About Love (Mr M & Ms Y Howgate & Hull)

Fem b who won on her easy profile action. Has a v good head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. She is slightly long and can flatten slightly on the move, but this may improve as she is still young. Super rear with low hocks.

2nd Place 13556 - Chiendetom Fanfare (Ms C A & Mr T Carlton & Olney)

Thought her a lovely type b who also moved v well. Little heavy in cheek. Long neck. Deep chest correct length back. Moderate rear. Just doesn’t need to get any more heavy.

3rd Place 13626 - Bodlon Kind of Magic at Shelsue (S A Hoskins)

Yearling (27,4)

Really super class with lots of top quality bitches.

1st Place 13796 - Impul's Garden Secret Crush (Allard Sarah)

She is a v moderate type b full of quality. Really accurate out and back and enough stride in profile. V fem and a great size. Fem in head. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest, well filled. Could have slightly more arch to topline. Well made rear. Was a real contender for the CC, just didn’t go as well when it mattered later.

2nd Place 13655 - Emandoria Apokalipsa (Mr Kamil Koziol)

Another super b who excels in side gait. Just a little close going away and slightly heavier in front than 1, but so close up. She is well ribbed back. Strong loin. Plenty of hind angulation. Holds a good topline.

3rd Place 13600 - Enolacans Elisabeth Queen, Jr Ch (Mr J F Garcia Gay)

Undergraduate b (26,5)

1st Place 13627 - Palmik A Million Dreams (Mr M & Ms Y Howgate & Hull)

Easy moving b, maybe a little longer than ideal. She has a lovely head. Long neck, well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Can still develop in topline. Liked her hind assembly.

2nd Place 13622 - Jasarat Caramel Calypso (Mrs J M & Mrs C J Home & Fisher-Home)

V nice type liked her length. She has just a little too much bend of stifle. Fem head. Long neck. Could have more fill in front. Liked her topline.

3rd Place 13626 - Bodlon Kind of Magic at Shelsue (S A Hoskins)

Graduate b (31,4)

1st Place 13799 - Dibs On Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Klbjch Dkjuch (Miss R Seest)

Easy moving b. She has a super head. Long neck. Well filled in front. V good underline. Moderate rear. Very typy and has quality.

2nd Place 13687 - Falconcrag Rockin This Look (Miss S Marston-Pollock)

She could have a stronger underjaw. Strong neck, if slightly upright. Deep chest. Well laid shoulder. Strong loin. Rear is moderate, as it should be. V good type b.

3rd Place 13569 - Collooney Queen Aslaug (Miss L A Dickinson)

Post grad b (15,3)

1st Place 13804 - Whipsperrin Glitzy Mitzy (Mr C & Mrs S Sharkey)

Quality b, liked her outline and proportions. She now needs to muscle up, which could tighten her out and back movement. Fem head. Well set eyes of a lovely shape. Neat ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Would prefer just a little more fill in front. Curvy topline. Moderate rear

2nd Place 13534 - Silkridge in A Moment at Mazargo (Miss E J Blake)

V typy b, not quite the scope of 1 on the move. Liked her head, flat skull, super eye and expression. Long and strong neck. Well filled front, but just a fraction wide standing as she is upright in upper arm. Deep chest. Liked her topline and underline. Moderate rear.

3rd Place 13635 - Crosscop Lets Dance with Sweetaurora (Miss M Hutchinson)

Mid limit b (17,2)

1st Place 13514 - Hergehill with Bells On (Mrs E Allisstone)

Fem b with lovely graceful lines to her. She has a v good stride on the move and is accurate out and back. She has a fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest, v good underline. Could be slightly shorter in second thigh. Liked her a lot.

2nd Place 13628 - Palmik Chasing Rainbows JW (Mr M & Ms Y Howgate & Hull)

She is slightly long but has a curvy topline, is a nice size and moved v well. Lengthy and fem head with a flat skull. Long neck. Well filled front. Chest to elbow. Liked her hind angulation.

3rd Place 13613 - Demerlay Strawberry Ice JW (Mrs M Head)

Limit b (21, 2)

Quite an even class.

1st Place 13692 - Definition`s A Million Dollarbaby (M Mayer)

She won on holding her topline the best on the move. She is a correct size, curvy and feminine. She has a good head. Flat skull. Could have a little more fill in chest. Well laid shoulders. Long neck. Well ribbed. Super underline. Strong rear with low hocks.

2nd Place 13900 - Cobyco City Lights (Mrs L Yacoby Wright)

She is a very shapely and typy b, just flattened out going around. She has a super head, flat skull. Lovely eye and expression. Long neck could also have a little more fill in chest. V good underline. Strong rear with low hocks. Not much between these top 2 bitches and she should be a very worth title holder.

3rd Place 13758 - Aarminias She Is A Belter (Mrs M L & Mrs A L Place & Halliday)

Open b (26,4)

Can’t think I will ever judge a better class of Whippets. I made a few cuts, and could happily award a CC to plenty that didn’t get a card today. Profile action played a big part in sorting these lovely females out.

1st Place 13654 - Int/lux/hu/lt/pl/cro Ch Brilliant Pearl's Easy Breezy Ew'21 (Mr Kamil Koziol)

She is such a good profile mover, covers the ground with great ease. Super head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep and well filled front. Super underline. Holds her topline on the move. Slightly too much hind angulation but uses it so very well. CC

2nd Place 13645 - Multi Ch Courtborne Leia-Organa Nv 22 Dk Jv 18 (Lord J C L & Mrs K H Jørgen Courtborne Lien & Kristin Hoff)

Very shapely b, slightly more moderate than 1 which is a plus but not quite her scope on the move. She has a v good head. Long and strong neck. Liked her front. V good underline. Accurate enough on move. RCC, pulling out all stops when needed to.

3rd Place 13739 - Ch. Spyanfly She's A Swinger (Pauline Oliver)

Such a typy balanced Whippet.

Special racing/lure coursing b (6)

1st Place 13796 - Impul's Garden Secret Crush (Allard Sarah)

2nd Place 13872 - Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker JW (Ms D Webber)

Lovely type and so full of muscle. She has a fem head with a flat skull. Long and strong neck. Deep chest. Liked her proportions and topline. Well made rear, low hocks. Moves v well.

3rd Place 13795 - Shiny Sensations for Your Eyes Only to Dapperdiva (Imp Nld) (Mrs A M & Mr L Sampson)

Good citizen b (19,4)

1st Place 13872 - Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker JW (Ms D Webber)

2nd Place 13845 - Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel JW (Mrs B E C Trouton)

She is a very typy honest sort of whippet and went well. Fem in head. Lengthy neck. She has a deep chest. Has nice topline. Well balanced.

3rd Place 13573 - Selinko Florentina (Miss T Dimmock)

Jeff Horswell