• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer


German Short-Haired Pointer

I thought the overall quality was quite good and was able to find plenty the right shape. Most were in v hard muscle. A few mouth issues which breeders need to watch.

Veteran D (1)

1st Place 160 - Borderoak Dill Cowslip (Mrs V Long)

Really hard and fit dog, he is maybe a little heavy in body now. He has a v good head, lovely eye and expression. Strong neck. V moderate but balanced in his angulation. Level topline. Goes with medium stride.

Minor puppy d (1)

1st Place 177 - Barkersdream Trick or Treat (Mr A Sellars)

V much a baby at 7 mths. Liked his proportions. Head planes could be better. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest should fill. Well ribbed back. Slightly too much hind angulation, which he could grow into. Very accurate moving towards.

Puppy d (4)

1st Place 151 - Keigame Chilli Chocolate (Mr A & Miss S Bull & Roberts)

Liked his proportions. He had the best head in the class, which is well balanced, not too heavy in cheek and with a good expression. Lengthy neck. Has good angulation with is well balanced and goes with a lengthy stride once he gets going. Deep feet. Topline is ok. Deep chest. Super coat texture.

2nd Place 163 - Thorscrag Hades (Mr F & Mrs J Mccafferty)

Older and taller d. His proportions are better than 3. Masc head, just a bit heavy in cheek. Strong and lengthy neck. Chest almost to his elbow. Well laid shoulders, but too upright in pastern. Firm topline. Moderate rear.

3rd Place 176 - Orchidstar Themisto by Balvenie (Mrs Schoneville)

Junior d (4)

1st Place 165 - Tomanipoint Confide in Me (Mr T & Mrs A M Mervyn)

Well muscled d of good proportions. He has a super head. Slightly stop, v good expression. Lengthy neck. Could have more slope to upper arm and is slightly wide in chest. However forechest is well filled. Well sprung ribs. Firm and level in topline. Correct hind angulation. Accurate move, although he can be a little exuberant in front at times. V good coat texture.

2nd Place 173 - Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt (Mrs L & Miss H Russell)

Liked his proportions, short in back. He too has a very good head. Lengthy neck. Quite a good shoulder, shorter upper arm. Can fill in chest as he matures. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear, which he uses well.

3rd Place 176 - Orchidstar Themisto by Balvenie (Mrs Schoneville)

Yearling d(2)

1st Place 185 - Pelenrise All Guns Blazing (Mrs P & Mrs H Taylor & Taylor-Morris)

Won class on being the better balanced ot hese, and therefore went with an even stride. Pleasing head. I would prefer a slightly darker eye. Lengthy neck. Deep chest of correct width, well sprung ribs that go back to a firm and short loin. Super muscle. Could use rear better. Liked his coat texture.

2nd Place 173 - Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt (Mrs L & Miss H Russell)

Novice d(1)

1st Place 163 - Thorscrag Hades (Mr F & Mrs J Mccafferty)

Graduate d (2)

1st Place 185 - Pelenrise All Guns Blazing (Mrs P & Mrs H Taylor & Taylor-Morris)

2nd Place 173 - Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt (Mrs L & Miss H Russell)

Post grad d. Ne

Limit d (1)

1st Place 161 - Kilnrae Berliner (Mrs K M Marsh)

V good d approaching maturity. Just a fraction long compared to the open winner. V good head. Good expression. Slightly stop. Lengthy and crested neck well laid shoulder. Deep and well filled front. Slightly upright in pastern, deep feet. Well ribbed back. Good rear. Hocks his topline. Accurate mover with a good stride. Coat texture could be harder. RCC

Open d (8,1))

V impressed with the conditioning of the dogs in this class.

1st Place 180 - Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone (Mr D E & Mr G Smith & Reardon)

Stood his outline is excellent, short in back and covers plenty of ground.. Has a masc head, slight stop. Lengthy neck. His angulation is moderate and balanced. Would like better feet and pasterns. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Short loin. Liked his coat texture. Carries tail high. Could have just a bit more stride, but accurate out and back. Such a typy GSP. CC & BOB

2nd Place 155 - Sh Ch Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW (Mr B Dymond)

Liked the outline and proportions of this d, who is very impressive in his side gait. Could be more accurate out and back, which is where the winner beat him. He has a lovely head with v good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Good chest. Good legs and feet. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Balanced angulation, which is moderate. Low hocks.

3rd Place 154 - Jhebron's Jeno via Elfrindew (Mrs M & T Dodd & Hayes)

S beginners d/b. ne

Veteran b (1)

1st Place 147 - Kavacanne Pina Colada of Patterscourt (Mrs & Miss Attwood & Turner)

Short in back. In super condition. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Moderate in angulation. Could be better in pastern. Well ribbed back. Moved with an easy stride. BV

Minor puppy b(1)

1st Place 169 - Newtonbriar Pure Biss (Mr N & Ms W Powell & Tarrant)

V promising fem pup. She has a v good head, well balanced, slight stop. Medium length neck. Quite a good shoulder, but could have more slope to her upper arm. Chest should fill as she develops. Well ribbed. Short back. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks, accurate mover with an easy stride. BP

Puppy b (1)

1st Place 145 - Keigame Hearts Desire of Sparkenhoe (ai) (Mrs L Angus)

Promising pup with a super coat. She has a lengthy head of v good balance. Slight stop.would like better eyes. Ok neck. Shoulders set slightly far apart, but v good return of upper arm. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Can firm in topline. Super rear. Accurate mover.

Junior b (6)

1st Place 166 - Tomanipoint Wild Rose (Mr T & Mrs A M Mervyn)

Really good young b. She has a super head, enough width of skull. V good eye and expression. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulder. Ok in upper arm. Super feet. Chest to her elbow. Can still mature in body. Holds her topline. Correct rear. Accurate mover with a lengthy stride.

2nd Place 184 - Jomeel Olivia’s Choice (Ms C Staley)

Another with super outline and proportions. Just not as good on the move as 1, but better than 3. She has a good head, slight stop. Neck is ok. Her angulation is moderate and v well balanced. Chest reaches elbow. Level topline.

3rd Place 179 - Orchidstar Missing Link JW (Mrs Z M Sielski)

Yearling b (4)

1st Place 187 - Fayemm Treacle Tart with Winterwell JW (ai) (Mrs L S Trow)

Very typy b, easy winner of this class. She is fem in head. Enough drop of lip. Slight stop. Medium length neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Just a little close going away, ok in front and a balanced stride holding outline. Liked her outline and pulled out all the stops to win CC

2nd Place 157 - Yockletts Hambledon (Mrs J Izard)

She is slightly longer in back than 1. Lengthy head with slight stop, she has.slightly too much lip. Lengthy neck, she has v good angulation. Deep chest. Holds a firm topline.

3rd Place 152 - Winterwell Little Itch (Miss K Bunker)

Novice b (2)

1st Place 164 - Aytee Nualla (Mr A & Mrs K Mcculloch)

Fem b who could carry more muscle. She has a fem head. Lovely eyes. Could have a better neck and shoulder. Her chest reaches elbow. Well ribbed back. Slightly slope in her topline. Low hocks.

2nd Place 172 - Fraulynzway Hayley’s Comet (Mrs L & Miss H Russell)

She is still raw. Her head is pleasing. Long neck. Deep feet. Well ribbed. Hind action lets her down.

Graduate b (1)

1st Place 184 - Jomeel Olivia’s Choice (Ms C Staley)

Post grad b (3)

This was a fairly even class.

1st Place 188 - Pingarypoint Milk Shake (Mr A C & Mrs L A Whittaker)

She was the best mover here, accurate with an easy stride. Fem in head with slight stop. Crested neck. She is rather moderate in her angulation, but v well balanced. Chest to elbow. Firm in topline. Can still mature in body.

2nd Place 170 - Keigame Signe (Mr S C & Mrs L A Read)

Liked her outline and proportions. Fem in head. Enough neck. Well made front, deep chest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Fairly accurate on the move, a lovely type.

3rd Place 148 - Taftazini Laura Byding of Patterscourt (Mrs & Miss Attwood & Turner)

Limit b (5)

1st Place 171 - Barleyarch Shindig with Kavacanne (Mr A P Rose)

Liked her outline and proportions, short in back and stands over enough ground. Could be in harder muscle and coat. She has a super head. Lengthy neck.Well laid shoulders. Good return of upper arm, putting elbows well under her. Deep chest. Topline is ok. Lots of hind angulation. Fairly accurate out and back, could just have a little more power in rear, where the yearling b had the edge. RCC

2nd Place 183 - Jomeel Now I'm Here (Ms C Staley)

Preferred her proportions to 32. She has a super head. Medium neck, well made in front. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Short loin. Could be stronger in hind action.

3rd Place 175 - Balvenie Eye Candy JW (Mrs Schoneville)

Open b (5)

1st Place 159 - Fayemm Forever Together (Mr E & Mrs L Lockett)

Sound honest type of b, could just put a little more effort in. She has a v good outline. Has a fem head of lengthy with slight stop. Crested neck. Well laid shoulder with good slope upper arm. Chest to elbow. Form topline. Well sprung ribs, good rear. Well muscled, So well made but threw towel in when it came to challenge.

2nd Place 150 - Sh Ch Barleyarch Skye at Longbarrow ShCM (Mr M & Mrs B Blay)

She has a short back giving a typical outline. Super head with v slight stop. Slightly more moderate in her angulation than 1, but v well balanced. Deep chest, although could have more fill. Well ribbed. Firm in topline.

3rd Place 153 - Archerpoint Sea The Stars at Redmires (Mr K Delaney)

Jeff Horswell