• Show Date: 17/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/08/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Manchester Terrier

WKC. Manchester Terriers

Veteran D ne

Minor Puppy D (1)

1st: 4243 COLE, mrs Jeanette Rattustrap Soulmate

Well proportioned promising pup. He has a lovely head, super eyes. Ears can settle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Rather steep in upper arm. Nice feet. Well filled chest. Moderate rear. Just needs to develop in topline. Moves well.

Puppy d (2)

1st: 4243 COLE, mrs Jeanette Rattustrap Soulmate

2nd: 4251 OBOYLE, Mrs S Ruffagga I'm the man

Ultra short in back. Needs more confidence on the table. Ears could be carried better. Medium neck. Needs to firm in front and deepen in chest. Well ribbed back. Well muscled rear. Could carry tail lower.

Junior d ne

Post grad d (1)

1st: 4242 BROWN, Mr Gareth & DAVIES, Ms Mandy Wystry Dempsey's Tipple JW

Liked his proportions. Masc head. Ears could be better. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Could have a better shoulder. V good top and underline. Well muscled rear, could have a bit more angulation. V good tail. Super coat texture.

Limit d (1)

1st: 4246 GOODWIN, Mrs Jane & GOODWIN, Mr Andrew X-pected Dine Mites Doc Holiday at Holtaire (Imp N

Liked his proportions. He has a long and strong head. Super muzzle. Ears are quite good. Enough neck. Well laid in shoulder, but steep in upper arm. Deep chest. Some arch in loin. Would have more angulation in rear but uses what he has v well. Rather high tail carriage.

Open d (7)

V good class all with much to like.

1st: 4247 KNIGHT, Mrs Gillian & KNIGHT, Mr Clive Ch Talanors Typically Elite

He has super proportions and is a v good mover. Lengthy head, planes could be slightly better. Super eyes and ears. Strong neck. Nice straight front, well filled. Liked his topline. V easy mover. CC

2nd: 4249 O'NEILL, Mrs Beverly Megellan Artemis Argentis

He is av well made dog. Long head of strength with v good ears. Not the neck of 1. Deep chest. V good topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. Went v well.

3rd: 4252 OXLEY, Mr M & OXLEY, Mrs G M & OXLEY, Miss S R Ch Digelsa Double Agent

Veteran b (1)

3rd: 4252 OXLEY, Mr M & OXLEY, Mrs G M & OXLEY, Miss S R Ch Digelsa Double Agent

Grand older lady of almost 12 in great condition. Very typy with a good outline. Fem head with strength. Good ears. Enough neck. Super body and topline. Moderate rear. Steady. Over. Faded tan the only sign of her age.

Minor puppy b ne

Puppy b (1)


V promising pup of almost a year. Liked her outline and has quite a good topline. Fem head. Ears could be better, enough neck which has a nice crest. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Quite a good rear. Moved well.

Junior b ne

Post grad b (1)

1st: 4258 SPAIN, Mrs A & SPAIN, Mr L Nespoli You Are My Sunshine

Really liked this fem b just out of junior. She has a v good head, parallel planes with a slight stop. Good ears. Medium neck. Front is ok., just turns her feet out slightly. Topline is ok. V good rear. Moves well when she concentrates.

Limit b (2)

Both very good young b.

1st: 4250 O'NEILL, Mrs Beverly Magicus Silvestris Sweet Bonnie

Liked her outline and proportions. Fem head, flat skull, well carried ears. Medium neck, although set could be better. Well laid shoulder. Good depth chest. Well ribbed back. V good topline. Enough hind angulation. Could be firmer in front action and carry tail lower, accurate going away. RCC

2nd: 4256 SHARPE, Mrs V & SHARPE, Miss Laura Rosettia Keepsake

She is a v good profile mover. Could be a better colour. Lengthy and fem in head. V good ears. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Deep chest. Topline is ok. Could like more hind angulation and slightly firmer action.

Open b (3)

1st: 4248 KNIGHT, Mrs Gillian & KNIGHT, Mr Clive Ch Talanors Typically Special

Really lovely b. Liked her outline and she is a v good mover. Fem in head, super ears. Dark eyes. Crested neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Liked her topline. Well made rear. Carries tail so v well. CC & BOB

1st: 4248 KNIGHT, Mrs Gillian & KNIGHT, Mr Clive Ch Talanors Typically Special

She is a v shapely v. Super head, ears could be better. Good neck. Could deepen in chest. Liked her topline. Could just be a little better in hind action.


Jeff Horswell