• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Bloodhound



Reports of the demise of the Bloodhound as a show dog are much exaggerated. Not only was this entry numerically good I thought the quality was excellent. Temperaments were good, eyes and soundness ok. No question about making all awards, with plenty to spare. To top it all I thought the BOB winner exceptional and delighted to watch her win Group 2. Breeders have done a great job in recent years based on this entry.

Puppy D (3)

All v raw and movement needs to come together.

1st Place 4834 - Marksbury Rockerfella at Karames (Mrs K J Bates)

He had the best hind action in this class. Stands over plenty of found. Lengthy head. Eyes are ok. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder deep chest. Well sprung ribs. Can firm in topline. Needs a bit more hind angulation. Feet are ok. BP

2nd Place 4849 - Marksbury Railway of Quikotic (Miss L S Priestley)

Liked his outline, he is not quite as good in hind action as 1, but slightly better in front.. Long head. Slightl stop. Well laid shoulder with long and sloping upper arm. Deep chest. Can firm in topline. Moderate rear.

3rd Place 4850 - Houndseeker Dauntless (Mr J Prior)

Junior d(1 abs)

Post grad d ne

Limit d (2,1)

1st Place 4852 - Harvidene Lamborghini (Ms C Rowland)

Liked his proportions and he has a super head, long, balanced, not too wide and a really typical expression. Enough neck. Could be better in shoulder. Deep and well filled chest. Well ribbed back to a firm loin. He is a bit steep in croup. Could be better going away. Has a long and easy stride.

Open d (3)

1st Place 4847 - Moorlander Guy Laroche (Miss H Pennington)

Such a good moving dog and has beautiful feet. Long head. Good eyes. Best expression in class. Lengthy neck, well laid shoulder. Could have more fill of chest and he was the lightest built of these. Well ribbed. Enough turn of stifle. He is accurate out and back and super elastic stride. CC

2nd Place 4843 - Ch Marksbury Malfoy (Mrs T J & Mrs S Howie & Emrys-Jones)

Standing he has a super outline. He has a long and elastic stride. Could be better in his hind action. Long head. Eye could be slightly tighter. Enough neck. Well filled front. Plenty of hind angulation. Not the feet of winner. RCC

3rd Place 4848 - Ch Maplemead Malazar of Quikotic (Miss L S Priestley)

S beginners d/b ne

Veteran d/b ne

Puppy b (2)

Both promising, v floppy moving as yet.

1st Place 4846 - Marksbury Regina at Millvery (Mr K & Mrs P & Mr C & Mrs T & Mrs S Miller & Miller & Avery & Howie & Emrys-Jones)

Like her outline. Stands over a lot of ground. Fem head. Head planes slightly diverging. Eyes are ok. Lengthy, crested neck. Well made front. Good feet. Level topline. V good rear, just needs to come together.

2nd Place 4838 - Houndseeker Dragonfly (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley)

Not as settled as a1. Slightly better in head, although eyes could be tighter. Enough neck. Good frontFeet could be better. Moderate rear. Just needs time.

Junior b (1)

1st Place 4833 - Maplemead Mable (Mrs J Alford)

Needs a little more confidence but a v promising youngster. Could be slightly more refined in head. Eyes are ok. Lengthy neck. Her angulations are moderate and in balance. Deep chest. Well ribbed.

Post grad b (2)

1st Place 4841 - Farlap Qui Martha (ai) (Miss S & Mrs L Clark & Hayden)

Really super young b.she has a long and fem head. Good eye and expression. Planes ok, prominent occiput. Lengthy neck. She could have a better lay of shoulder and be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Stands over plenty of ground. Moderate rear. V good moving away and has a super electric stride. Really taken with this high quality hound. CC & BOB, G2

2nd Place 4835 - Blistatelnaya Xenia Iz Doma Markovyh at Houndseeker (Imp Rus) (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley)

Very typy b. Lengthy head, broader in skull than 1. She has a strong neck. Well made front. Deep chest. Topline slopes away slightly. Moderate rear, could be better going away, but a nice stride.

Limit b (3,2)

1st Place 4839 - Boru's Element of Surprise at Farlap (Imp Can) (Miss S Clark)

Fem b. Liked her outline standing over plenty of ground. Long head. Eyes are ok. Would like a little less lip. She has a lengthy neck. Shoulder is ok. Can still fill in chest. Good feet. Well ribbed. Level in topline. Moderate rear. V good mover.

Open b(3,1)

1st Place 4836 - Houndseeker Amber (ai) (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley)

Fem b of v good type who went well. Lengthy head, eyes could be cleaner and she has a little too. muh lip. She has enough neck. Deep chest. Stands a little wide in front. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Fairly accurate and a lengthy stride. RCC

2nd Place 4837 - Houndseeker Bewitched (ai) (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley)

Fabulous temperament. Could stand over a little more ground. Lengthy head. Eyes ok. Enough neck. Deep chest. Well made front. Topline could be firmer v good rear.

Jeff Horswell