• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Japanese Chin

East of England

Japanese Chin

Always wonderful to spend time with the Chins. I do think some are getting too big, and some are getting long in back, dainty but cobby isn’t easy but is the aim. The warm applause for the main winners was good to hear.

Minor Puppy D (3)

1st Place 6199 - Cranvarl The Red King of Jakconas (Miss Tong)

V much a baby who still needs to develop in chest. Liked his head, large eyes and a v typical expression. Well rounded skull. Lengthy neck. Liked his length back. Moved well. BP

2nd Place 6197 - Spindulys Zephyr at Threadgold (Imp Ltu) (Mrs S E Steele)

Hope he has stopped growing. He is compact in body. Liked his head, lots of gentle curves. Dark eyes. Super nose. Well bodied. Level topline. Can firm in front.

3rd Place 6178 - Sangria Ps I Love You (Miss S M Kannangara)

Puppy d (3,1)

1st Place 6197 - Spindulys Zephyr at Threadgold (Imp Ltu) (Mrs S E Steele)

2nd Place 6169 - Cranvarl The Student Prince (Mrs L Crane)

Delightful character. Top size. In v full, silky coat. Masc head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Stylish profile action and lifts his front legs, could be tidier coming towards.

Junior d (2)

1st Place 6194 - Jaschin Hold That Thought JW (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green)

Really super youngster. Right size, dainty , but masc and well bodied. He has a v good head. Well placed dark eyes. Super series of curves to head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Firm in topline. Super rear. Can still firm in front but he is top quality. CC, congratulations on his title

2nd Place 6175 - Sangria Rocket Man (Mr G W Farmer)

Lovely dainty dog, v good type, short in back, just not v happy today and tail not up. He has a v good head. Well placed nose. Still needs to develop in chest. Level topline. V good mover.

Yearling d (1 abs )

Graduate d ne

Post grad d. (2,1)

1st Place 6186 - Rakuchin Rumour Revealed (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

Dainty d of good proportions, needs to develop in chest to make him cobby. Has a v good head, well placed nose. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Level in topline. Could have a little more turn of stifle. Moves v well.

Limit d (5,1)

1st Place 6172 - Sangria De Ja Vous (Mr G W Farmer)

Very typical d of a good size. Masc head, good size. Well cushioned muzzle. Like his skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. V good rear. Could have a little more body. V good mover.

2nd Place 6162 - Sharlarna Imperial Comanda (Mr S Cayton)

Bigger than 1 and slightly too much wrinkle to muzzle. Super eye and expression. Medium neck. Level topline. Could be a little shorter in back. V full coat. Sound mover.

3rd Place 6171 - Salvador Dali by Sangria (Mr G W Farmer)

Open d (4,2)

1st Place 6180 - Ch Anjuli Trevor ShCEx (Miss L Lindsay)

Real showman in full coat and grand body. He has a good head, lots of gentle curves, well placed nose. Dark eyes with typical expression. Enough neck. Turns his feet out stood and could have more width of chest. Level topline. Well bent stifle. Accurate mover, holding his topline. RCC

2nd Place 6170 - Evansly Emoji (Miss M J D Evans)

Liked him for size and he is well made. Doesn’t really try very hard. Liked his head. V good eyes. Enough neck. Cobby in type. Level topline. Tends to short step in front.

Veteran d (5,1)

1st Place 6161 - Sangria War Lord (Mr I G & Mrs L E S Burden)

Liked his size and he is a sound mover. Masc head. Well placed nose, v good muzzle and chin. Dark eyes. Liked his width of skull and gentle curves. Medium neck. Level topline. Has a good rear. Liked his compactness of body BV

2nd Place 6185 - Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

Slightly larger dog who is a super shape and v good on the move. Masc head. Well placed eyes and nose. Enough neck. Found him a bit ribby today. Level topline. Well set tail in super coat.

3rd Place 6184 - Myojo Morgan at Glendyke ShCM VW (Miss J L Mcfarlane)

Sb d. Ne

Minor puppy b (2)

1st Place 6168 - Cranvarl The Gypsy Princess (Mrs L Crane)

Promising fem puppy of good size and showed v well. Liked her head. Good eye and expression. Enough neck. Good front with hare feet, firm in body. Well set and carried tail. Can just firm in front action.

2nd Place 6188 - Adreem Highland Chincess (Mr R & Mrs J Potts)

Shows promise just needs to be a bit more settled. Lengthy neck. V good body. Well bent stifle. Just needs time.

Puppy b (3)

1st Place 6164 - Tismechi Bee Orchid (Ms Clarke)

Delightful temperament. She has a fem head, could have more cushioning as she develops. Enough neck. Well made front. Correct length of body, well made rear. Just needs to firm up.

2nd Place 6179 - Sharlarna Conchita for Meglind (Mrs S E Lindley)

She is a well made b, head is feminine. Well placed eyes and nose. Good skull. Enough neck. Well spring ribs. Just needs to firm in her hind action.

3rd Place 6177 - Stepheter Miss Phoebe (Mrs T L Hindley)

Junior b (4)

This was a good class and I’m sure these will have many good days.

1st Place 6181 - Jaschin Who’d Have Thought at Anjuli (Miss L Lindsay)

She is very showy and thought she was just that bit shorter in back than 2. She is stylish on the move. Fem in head, a series of gentle curves. Lovely eye and expression. Good rear. Well covered body giving a cobby appearance. Can firm in front, v good hind action and good in profile.

2nd Place 6173 - Sangria Moon Dance (Mr G W Farmer)

Really liked her head. V good rise of skull. Dark eyes. Well placed nose. Good muzzle. Liked her front. Well bodied with good width of chest. Just a bit too moderate in hind angulation.

3rd Place 6192 - Yakedo Starry Starry Night at Jaroma (az2) (Mr & Mrs J A & P J Robins)

Yearling b (1)

1st Place 6189 - Sharlarna Eye Candy JW (Mrs T & Mr A Quinn)

Not yet fully mature but a v good b. Liked her proportions. She has a v good head. Well placed nose, lovely eye and expression. Enough neck. Level topline. Can just firm in hind action. She is a lovely type b.

Graduate b. (1, abs)

Post grad b (4,1

Fairly even class of v good Chins.

1st Place 6159 - Sharlarna Vivacious (Miss L Bradley)

Liked her outline, She is the correct shape with a short back. She is fem in head, v good eyes. Would like a slightly larger nose. Lengthy neck. Balanced in her angulation. Level topline. She is a v good mover. RCC

2nd Place 6183 - Sleepyhollow Cover Girl TAF (Miss S E Martin)

Close up, she has a good head, lovely series of curves. Well placed nose, good eyes and expression. Moderate in rear.

3rd Place 6166 - Tismechi's Yumi (Ms Clarke)

Limit b (5,2)

1st Place 6163 - Sharlarna Temptress (Mr S Cayton)

Found her slightly cobbler than 2. Fem head, gentle curves. Big eyes, dark and a v good expression. Well placed nose. She has a medium neck. Broad chest. Well made front. Firm in topline. Moderate rear. Stylish profile action.

2nd Place 6167 - Anjuli Margo for Cranvarl (Mrs L Crane)

Another v good b. She is very showy. Fem head. Lovely eye and expression. Super eyes. Long neck. Good front. Well bent stifle. Could just be a little firmer in action. Holds her outline in profile.

3rd Place 6200 - Cranvarl Maude (Miss J & Mrs L Tong & Crane)

Open b (3)

3 v good bitches, one decided to play rather than be a show girl, fun for the ringside.

1st Place 6193 - Ch Jaschin First Edition (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green)

She was the best mover here in profile. Lovely size and a cobby type b. Liked her head. Gentle curves to her skull. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Maybe a bit wide in chest, but much better than being narrow. Level topline. Well ribbed. Good rear. Super coat. She is all quality and perfect size. CC & BOB, congratulations of taking the bitch CC record.

2nd Place 6187 - Rakuchin Well Hello (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann)

She is also a lovely type.dainty . Correct proportions and carries enough coat. Fem in head. Well placed nose and eyes. Good rise of skull. Enough neck. Liked her width of chest. Level topline. Not quite the rear of 1.

3rd Place 6195 - Jaschin Paws for Applause (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green)

Veteran B. ne

SB B. ne

Jeff Horswell