• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

CRUFTS. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

I think this breed is in good shape, with plenty of good examples and no faults running right through the entry. I did pay a lot of attention to coats, and some otherwise pleasing examples lost out because of this. Delighted to see the BOB winner get recognized in the group with a shortlisting – well done.

Veteran D (2)

Both very good dogs with different virtues.

1ST 1596 - Sh Ch Next Generations Chesepi Range Rider (Imp Usa) (Mrs M A Barker)

 Liked his outline. Has a masc head. Correct proportions. Well set eyes and ears. Medium neck. Could have a better lay of shoulder. Deep chest. Well filled front good spring of ribs. He is moderate in the rear. Level topline. In better coat than 2. BV

2ND 1620 - Sh Ch Arnac Weatherdeck Buoy (Mrs C S Mayhew)

Liked his proportions. Well placed eye. Well set ears. Enough neck. As with winner he could also have a better shoulder. Well ribbed. Could have more tuck up. Well bent stifle. Short of coat on his sides today..

Puppy d (4,1))

1ST 1599 - Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos (Mr G & Mrs T Boyles)

Promising pup of good proportions. Liked his head, better ear set than 2. He has just enough neck. Well laid shoulder with a long upper arm. Good depth and fill of chest. Well spring ribs. Dense coat. Topline is ok. Well made rear. Needs to muscle up as he develops and could be a bit tidier up and back, but has an easy even stride. His sister just pipped him to BP, but a v good prospect.

1ST 1599 - Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos (Mr G & Mrs T Boyles)

Strong d who is v well muscled. Liked his head, good width between eyes. Medium neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Good width in front ,but needs to improve in front action. Well ribbed to short loin. Super coat texture. Moderate rear.

3RD 1597 - Pixiesrock Aslan (Mrs N F Barrow)

Junior d (4)

1ST 1599 - Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos (Mr G & Mrs T Boyles)

2ND 1603 - Muireatai Life Journey at Dkai (Miss C Chapman)

Liked his outline and proportions. Head still needs to finish. Good eye and expression and well set ears. Correct neck. Front is ok. Well sprung ribs to a short loin. Moderate rear a bit proud of his tail on the move. Nice deep feet. Just not in the coat of 1.

3RD 1609 - Run in The Woods (Mr P Gregory)

Post grad d (5,1)

1ST 1645 - Battsrock Are You Ready (Mrs V Royle)

Not the most masculine but he is fairly well put together and went well, shame he is so proud of his tail. Head is well proportioned. Good eye and expression. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed. Could have more tuck up. In good coat. Rear matches his front.

2ND 1594 - Pixiesrock Maestro Cadenza (Mrs F C Bament)

He is just a bit longer than 1. Liked his head, eye and expression. Medium neck. A bit deep in chest for his leg length, has a fairly well sprung ribcage, just a bit longer in loin than 1. V moderate rear. Decent stride but tail spoils the picture.

3RD 1643 - Chesepi Ulysses (Mr D N Rigby)

Limit d (5)

First 2 were quite close up, if rather different. Winner just had a slightly better coat.

1ST 1608 - Arnac Bay Invincible for Dunakitts (Mrs K Duncanson)

Would like a broader skull, but head is in proportion, correct length of neck. Well filled front, could have a fraction more width. Better in shoulder than 2. Well ribbed back. Holds a firm topline. Correct turn of stifle and hock. Good out and back mover.

2ND 1600 - Glaneils Count On Me (Mr S A & Mrs C L Broomfield)

Could have a little more bone. Liked his head with a broad skull. Well set eyes. Medium but strong neck. Chest reaches to elbow. Well spring ribs to a short loin. Topline is correct. Well made rear. Just a bit close going away but decent stride.

3RD 1644 - Chesepi Waco (Mr D N Rigby)

Open d (4)

1ST 1618 - Sh Ch Arnac Bay Huron at Bergelle JW (Mrs M V, Mr J & Mr J Mahon-Hunns, Hunns & Newton)

Really super d, correct proportions and a v strong and powerful mover. Correct head, well set eyes good ears. Medium neck. Liked his front. Well filled chest. Deep feet. Well sprung ribs with a short loin. Coat is thick and well textured. Super rear. Good out and back. CC

2ND 1626 - Next Generations Arnac Arctic Storm (Imp Usa) (Miss L & Mrs C Murch & Mayhew)

NoT quite as much of him as the winner. Liked him v much. Has a v well proportioned head. Better neck than 1. Turns his front feet slightly, decent front. Well ribbed to a short loin. Correct topline. Well made rear. In v good coat like 1 in good hard condition. RCC

3RD 1610 - Sh Ch Migwell Soloman's Puzzle (ai) (Mrs C J Griffin-Woods)

Field trial d ne

Special working d ne

Good citizen d (1)

1ST 1645 - Battsrock Are You Ready (Mrs V Royle)

Veteran b (8,2)

1ST 1619 - Sh Ch Arnac Bay Flax (Mrs C S Mayhew)

Feminine with strength. Liked her head, slight stop, good width between eyes. Well set ears. She has a strong neck. Ok shoulder with a long and well sloping upper arm. Topline could be slightly firmer. V good rear. In excellent coat. Could have a bit more stride but accurate out and back.

2ND 1648 - Arnac Bay Gamble (Mr D & Mrs T Thompson)

Another v good b. Not quite the head of 1. She has a more medium neck. Strong swimmers front. Well ribbed. Short loin. In v good coat. Better topline than 1. Moderate rear with well set hocks. Went v well.

3RD 1623 - Cib/cie/drc/vdh/bel Ch Crosswind's Did It Again Djuma (Mrs H Meuser)

Puppy b (2)

1ST 1627 - Pixiesrock Green Kirkle (Miss L Murch)

Promising fem pup in v good coat. She has a well proportioned head with v little stop. Good width to skull. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest just below elbow. She has a well filled front. Firm topline. Better rear and hind action than 2. BP

2ND 1628 - Baymoss Tweed of Penrose TAF NAF (Mrs J Morris)

She is v well proportioned. Fem head with the width and strength required. Enough neck. Has a fairly food front with well filled chest. Thick coat. Firm topline, wouldn’t want any more hind angulation.

Junior b (4)

1ST 1602 - Glaneils Don’t Worry Be Happy (Mrs C & Mr S & Mrs M & Mr J Broomfield & Broomfield & Mahon-Hunns & Newton)

Put on a v settled and polished performance here. She is well proportioned and fem. Liked her head, slight stop with good width of skull. Medium neck. Could have a longer upper arm and better pasterns. Super body, loin and topline.. Is v good coat. Well bent stifle. Collected mover.

2ND 1607 - Penrose Realta Eriu Ir Jun Ch, Cen Jw, Cen W, Cen Ch (Mrs M Cummins)

Liked her shape and proportions stood. She has a good head although a bit too much lip. Enough neck. In good coat. Just tended to sink a little moving.

3RD 1624 - Ducktracker´s Break The Limit (Mrs H Meuser)

Post grad b (7)

1ST 1655 - Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker for Cravessa (Mr C R & Mrs V M Searles)

Won this class with a bit to spare. Fem b of strength, although could have a broader head. Enough neck. Could have a better shoulder. Deep and well filled chest. V good topline. In good enough coat. Strong rear used well.

2ND 1613 - Melseed Skys The Limit (Mr C Hewitson)

She is in the most super muscle. Would prefer a little more bone and substance. She is fem in head. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Her angulations are moderate and well balanced. Topline is ok.

3RD 1622 - Arnac Bay Inca (Mrs C & Miss S Mayhew & Worrall)

Limit b (5)

1ST 1605 - Pixiesrock Queen of Hearts at Elwistone (Miss J & Mr D Coppin & Davies-Jones)

Liked her for proportion and outline. She is in full and dense coat. Head is fem, slight stop with good width between eyes. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Well filled chest. She was a well sprung ribcage to a short loin. Moderate rear. Decent mover.

2ND 1612 - Sharbae Rebel Rebel Wgc (Mrs D & Mr T Herring)

V good b who is in better coat than 3. Would like a stronger head and better ears. She has a lengthy neck. Deep chest, could be slightly wider in front. Fairly well sprung ribs. Topline is ok. Liked her rear. Could prefer deeper feet.

3RD 1601 - Glaneils Cut Your Groove (Mr S A & Mrs C L Broomfield)

Open b (7,2)

1ST 1649 - Arnac Bay Harvest (Mr D & Mrs T Thompson)

V typy b who was in better coat than 2. She has a fem head, but too deep in stop, although she has good width of skull. High set ears. Enough neck. Quite a well laid shoulder with long and sloping upper arm. Deep feet. Well sprung ribs. Good topline and underline. Enough hind angulation. Accurate mover with a balanced stride.

2ND 1604 - Dallandor Jocasta (Miss J & Mr D Coppin & Davies-Jones)

She is a v easy mover with long stride. She is slightly longer in back than 1. Prefered her head to 1. She has a slightly shorter neck and not as good in shoulder. Well filled front. Chest to elbow. Good topline. Plenty of hind angulation. Lacked undercoat on the day.

3RD 1615 - Rhea of Potomac River (Mrs Mf Mathiot-Mathon)

Field trial b. Ne

Special working b (6,1)

1ST 1621 - Sh Ch Arnac Bay Hebe Wgc ShCEx Ew22 (Mrs C & J Mayhew & Middleton)

Really super b, very typy and moved so well. She has a fem head. Slight stop. Good width between eyes. Lengthy neck. Better shoulder than 2. Well sprung ribs. Firm in topline. Could be slightly shorter in loin. Ok underline excellent rear. In good coat. Really liked her, CC & BOB

2ND 1616 - Dream Daisy Od Hošťálky (Mrs Jana Kuchařová)

Very typy b with a thick, dense coat. V good head just a bit too heavy in front. Well sprung ribs. Firm topline. Uses her well made rear so v well. Feet ok. RCC on her profile action

3RD 1612 - Sharbae Rebel Rebel Wgc (Mrs D & Mr T Herring)

Good citizen b (3)

1ST 1619 - Sh Ch Arnac Bay Flax (Mrs C S Mayhew)

 2ND 1651 - Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (Imp Deu) JW (Miss K Watts)

In super coat, just a fraction long compared to 1, but has more substance than 3. She has a well proportioned head. Lengthy neck. Front is ok but feet could be tighter. Holds her topline. Moderate rear. Easy stride.

3RD 1613 - Melseed Skys The Limit (Mr C Hewitson)

Jeff Horswell