• Show Date: 17/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/08/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Boston Terrier

WKC. Boston Terriers

I freaky enjoyed awarding CCs in this wonderful breed for the first time. Temperaments were excellent ad all were well presented. A mix of types and the full size range. Great sportsmanship in this breed with every placing applauded.

Veteran D. (2)

1st: 2101 SAMBROOK, Miss D Talkaccutur Hurrit

Best mover of these. Topline is better on the move than stood, where he seems to square up. Liked his head. Good width and depth of muzzle. Well placed ears. Medium neck. Liked his width of chest. Well sprung ribs. Enough hind angulation. BV

2nd: 2096 REES, Mr M C & SCOTT, Mr S Talkaccatur Gonzales

Full of fun, he is fairly square with a level topline. Not as good an expression as 1. Good width and depth muzzle, square skull. Medium neck. Moderate and balanced in his angulation. Bit close going away.

Minor puppy d (2)

1st: 2085 MAIR, Misses L&S Glenauld American Sniper

So v well schooled. Quite raw and up in the air at the moment, which is no bad thing. Masc head. V good expression. good width and depth muzzle, flat skull, just a bit cheeky. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulder. Chest hopefully can drop. Level topline, with a v good rear. Accurate on the move with a good stride.

2nd: 2076 GRANGE, Ms C Boston House Mafia Eddie At Bosties (Cze Imp)

V different type. Has a wide and deep muzzle, skull is rounded at the moment. Lengthy neck. Deep and well filled chest. Well made rear. Topline can settle. Needs to come together moving.

Puppy d (1)

1st: 2082 KENNEDY, Mrs Anne Sonduriya Return of the Mack

Square d. He has a v lovely head. Square skull. Deep and wide muzzle. V good eyes. Ears well set. Long neck into a well laid shoulder. V good feet. Deep chest. Topline slopes with a slight arch. Well sprung ribs. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Liked his tail. Quite a good mover.

Junior d (5,1)

1st: 2098 ROULSTON, Miss H Ivyjewel dare to dream

Smart and showy d who excels in profile action. Liked his head. Deep and wide in muzzle of enough length. Square skull. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Could be better in feet and pastern and a little wide coming towards. Well sprung ribs that go well back. Level topline. V good rear. Thought hos outline was so smart. CC & BOB

2nd: 2075 GRANGE, Ms C Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties (Imp)

He is square in outline and holds a level topline. Could be a bit more together moving. Liked his head proportions. Square in skull, flat between ears. Good eye and expression. Moderate in his angulation. Deep and wide chest. Full of fun.

3rd: 2066 CONNOR, Mr W J & CONNOR, Mrs A Ringablok Diamond Star

Post grad d ne

Limit d (4,1)


Square in his outline. Holds a level topline. Liked his masc head. Deep muzzle with width, and maybe just enough length. Medium neck. 1 would like more fill of chest. Shoulders could be better laid and have a longer stride. Super body. Well sprung ribs that go back to a short loin. Moderate hind angulation. Good going away. RCC

2nd: 2104 SNELL, Mrs K Sonduriya Dewi Sant

Bigger d, he has a bit too much width of chest. Liked his head, just enough length muzzle. Square in skull. V good eye and expression. Strong neck. Medium lay of shoulder. Pasterns a bit slack. Well sprung ribs with a level topline. Moderate rear.

3rd: 2100 SABRI, Ms Z Hilltop's Skepta Boy Knows (IMP USA) (Imp USA)

Open d. (4)

Interesting class where they all had different virtues.

1st: 2092 RANKIN, Miss E Ch Wildax The Real Thing

He is square in outline. Really liked his head. Strong and crested neck. Quite a good front. Well sprung ribs. Whilst topline is straight it tended to slope. Moderate rear. Good profile action. Could be tidier in front. So v well muscled.

2nd: 2083 MAIR, Misses L&S Glenauld Broadway Joe

He is v slightly off square but better front action than 3. Square muzzle. Wide and deep muzzle, but a little short. V good neck. Well filled chest. Decent bend of stifle. Could be slightly firmer in topline.


Think his mind was elsewhere today.

Veteran b (3,1)

1st: 2063 BUNDY, Mrs M Mary Queen Of Scots

Best mover of these. Was tucking rear under her on the table, but moving topline leveled out and used rear well. Fem in head. Square skull. Nose could be better placed. Medium neck. Fair front, could be tidier coming towards. Deep chest. Well ribbed. V good hind action.

2nd: 2067 CONWAY & CHAPMAN, Messrs P & I Ch Norcairn Done N'Dusted

She is square. Liked her head, which is well proportioned. Medium neck. Could have better feet and pasterns. Well sprung ribs. Needs more hind angulation, reflected when she moved.

Minor puppy b (6,2)

1st: 2094 RANKIN, Miss E & SPENSER, Miss A Wildax Shut That Door NAF TAF

Slightly off square. She has a super head. Good proportions. Good depth and width muzzle with enough length. Square skull, flat between her well set ears. Medium neck. Could have a better front. Deep chest, well ribbed. Topline is ok. Enough turn of stifle and hock.

2nd: 2069 CUND, Mr Dean & CUND, Miss Abbie Chelmbull Double Trouble

She is square and also has a v good head. Medium neck. Would like a better ribcage. Well angulated rear with a low hock. Can firm up in out and back movement.

3rd: 2086 MAIR, Misses L&S Glenauld Indiana

Puppy b (3)

1st: 2099 ROULSTON, Miss H Ivyjewel put a spell on you

Square in outline.. She has a fem head. Square in skull. Good width of skull. Medium neck. Moderate in her angulation. She can firm in topline, good profile mover.

2nd: 2065 CAMPBELL, Mrs Victoria Olleyville hidden gem

She is a good moving b. Can still develop in body well proportioned head. Balanced in her angulation.

3rd: 2073 GALLAGHER, Miss P Wynele Wishful with Izralight

Junior b (5,1)

1st: 2080 JEFFERSON, Miss Karen & SMITH, Mrs Pat Lovewell No Regrets

V promising puppy. She is square in her outline. Liked her head. Fem with square skull. Deep and wide muzzle. V good eye and expression with well set ears. She has a lengthy neck. Balanced but moderate in her angulation. Can firm in topline. V good ribcage. Better hind action than 2. Really liked her. RCC & BP

2nd: 2084 MAIR, Misses L&S Glenauld Call Me Bubbles

Just slightly off square. She has a v good head, liked her balance of muzzle to skull. Wide muzzle, square skull, super mouth. Lengthy neck. She is moderate in her angulation. Ok topline with a good tail. Could be more accurate out and back but v good profile action.

3rd: 2093 RANKIN, Miss E Wildax You To Me

Post grad b (5,2)

1st: 2097 REES, Mr M C & SCOTT, Mr S Talkaccatur Kiowa

She is square in outline, v good head. Square skull. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Her chest reaches to elbow. Level topline. Needs more angulation front and rear as short steps, but she is accurate out and back. V attentive showgirl.

2nd: 2074 GRANGE, Miss Kasey Chinaskys Ronnie

Would look better with less weight. Lovely brindle colour. She has a square skull, flat between ears. Strong neck. Quite a good front. Arch to her loin and needs more hind angulation. Square.

3rd: 2064 BUNDY, Mrs M Murrayclan Edinburgh Lass

Limit b (7,2

V competitive class.

1st: 2090 MCCALLUM, Mr G Burlesk Viva La Diva

Liked her square outline, good topline and balanced profile action. He has a good head. Liked her length, depth and width of muzzle. Enough neck. Deep chest. Carrying a bit too much weight and rather short in rib and long in loin. Moderate rear. Quite good out and back. V nice feet.

2nd: 2109 WILDMAN, Miss Ann & DAVIS, Miss Sonia Summergate Brenda Wildax Rowendale

She has a v well balanced head, minimal markings there so need to really look. Deep muzzle. Flat between her ears. Deep chest. Could be better in front but has a lower stride than 3. Better underline than 1 but not as good in topline. Enough bend of stifle with low hocks.


Open b (4,1)

1st: 2081 KENNEDY, Mrs Anne Ch Ch. Esangee My Shining Star Over Antrix

Really fem b. She is square with a super body and excellent profile action. Liked her head, she is square in skull. Dark eyes. Deep muzzle with v good width of jaw. Deep chest. Quite a good front bit could a bit tidier coming towards. Ribs go well back to a short loin. Well bent stifle with a moderate turn of hock. CC

2nd: 2068 CONWAY & CHAPMAN, Messrs P & I Ch Norcairn Years N'Years JW

She too is square, just lifts her front legs slightly high on the move. Square skull, flat between ears. Wide muzzle. Medium length neck. She is moderate but balanced in her angulation. Better topline than 1 but not as smooth in profile action.

3rd: 2106 SPENSER, Miss Anna & HUNTER, Mr Paul Ch Wildax Little Mix

Jeff Horswell