• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jean Wallhead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)


It is some time since I judged the breed and overall I was pleased with the standard. Generally today I found the bitches stronger than the dogs. One thing that delighted me was the correct tails. Some time ago rat like tails seemed to be creeping in, the majority today conformed to the standard.

SBD/B (2:0) 1. Alexanders Moltobello Once in a Blu Moon at Alderxena. Compact b/f white, well shaped skull, good ear placement and mouth. 2. Wrights Angique Spirit of the Moon. Elegant light red, a little longer cast than winner, level topline.

VD (2:0) 1. Watts Biankai Best Kept Secret. I remarked how similar these two are and was told they are half brothers. Both have well shaped heads, lovely dark eyes and moved with drive BV 2. Crowleys Nikitos Namethatdog. Same comments apply, splitting hairs on the day.

MPD (2:0) 1. Slavinecs Charonchi Ignatius Small cheeky cream, just 6 mths. Attractive head, darkest of eyes, well placed ears, moved gaily. 2. Humphreys Amarantos Theo. Gorgeous cream boy, loved everything about him from his beautiful head to his flat furry tail. Sadly flatly refused to move. His day will surely come.

PD (4:0) 1. Holmes, & Entwistles, Cazants The Gaffer Luvs Dorenty 8 months. Small compact red. Correct head and cheeky expression. Level topline and nice reach of neck. Straight front, well angulated rear and moved beautifully. RCC 2. Poyners, Anadeia Ovation For Mikichi 9 mth old cream, correct skull, dark eyes and nice length of muzzle. Moved and showed well. 3. Smiths, Chibull Micky Mouse At Lozek

JD (6:0) 1. Halls Jorazan Quincy Quirky Sox JW Smart showy cream. Appealing head, dark pigment and eyes, moved soundly .2. Fothergills Diamonchi Mr Moonstone. Another smart dog of very nice type, well shaped skull, moved well. 3. Entwistles, Cazants Krampus Dorenty

PGD (8:3) 1. Halls Jorazan Roody Red Sox. Eyecatching red and white. Lovely outline and head, moved soundly and showed himself off to advantage. 2. Hicks Pablo Del Rey De Petit Roi Mojito At Casiatodo (IMP) Fawn boy, compact and sound, dark eyes and pigment. 3: Dalys Lozmarchi Class Act.

LD (8:1) 1. Blacks Reynoldco Sweet Solo at Roovena Extrovert cream. Very sound dog who moved beautifully. Lovely eyes and ears. 2. Dalys Lozmarchi Sweetest Taboo Pale cream, stylish mover who showed to advantage. 3. Halls Jorazan Top Gun Flyer JW

OD (8:0) 1. Rooney & Greens Ch Anadeia Tokala with Jaschin. Cream dog, well shaped skull good reach of neck leading to level topline. Well shaped muzzle and nice ear placement. Moved soundly and showed to perfection. DCC & BOB. 2. Miltons The Golden Boy De Casa Del Hermitano Gestavo (Imp) Attractive fawn & white dog, ideal size. Moved soundly and showed beautifully. 3. Hunts Diamonchi Button Moon For Moltobello

VB (2:1) 1st: 442 Smith, Miss Wendy Valenchino Catching Fire at Diamonchi VW Sweet old lady who at 8 years old still has a good set of teeth! Really enjoying her day out she moved and showed very well.

MPB (6:0) 1. Silversteins Silverchi Moani Lisa. Very pretty little parti who took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Small and compact she did not disappoint on closer inspection. 6 mths she moved and showed beautifully. 2. Crowley & Slavinecs Copymear Flash Dance NAF Striking Tri girl, another very promising puppy, pretty well shaped head, good front and level topine she also moved and showed well. 3rd: Dalys Anadeia Hearts and Flowers For Lozmarchi.

PB (4:0) 1. Rooneys Yorone We've Got The Moves. Gorgeous little r/w, sassy and showy and so attentive to her handler. She moved beautifully and showed to perfection. Well shaped head, cheeky expression, well balanced throughout. BP in a hard decision. 2. Suttons Nikitos Nowwillieseeme Very pretty pale cream who did all her handler asked of her. Lovely head, well placed ears and darkest pigment. Sound and typical. Unlucky to meet winner. 3. Entwistles Cazants The Geisha Luvs Dorenty

 JB (2:0) 1. Fothergills Diamonchi Miss Moondust Vey feminine pale cream. Sturdy, compact and showing happily. Darkest of eyes and pigment she moved and showed beautifully. 2. Alexanders Moltobello Once in a Blu Moon at Alderxena.

 PGB (5:0) 1. Hollisters Hollichi Ren's Legacy Sweet little b/f, well shaped skull, well set ears and large eyes. Moved soundly showing off her level topline and well set tail. 2. Suttons No Stringsattached To Nikitos Another very nice bitch, and same remarks apply. Two lovely girls, I was splitting hairs between these two but just preferred the overall balance of winner. 3. Miltons Gestavo Party Lines.

LB (6:0) 1. Dodds Mikichi Diamond Marquise. Pale cream, appealing head, lovely dark eyes. Well balanced outline she moved and showed herself to advantage. 2. Blacks Chinzaes She's Ripper Very striking choc/tan. Well shaped skull and cheeky expression. Elegant and showy she moved well. 3. Crowleys Christalchi Parti Pris’

OB (8:0) A really lovely class. 1. Taylors Arkoschi Diamond in the Ruff JW B/f girl who caught my eye the moment she entered the ring and did not disappoint. Most lovely head and expression, expressive eyes and well placed flaring ears. Well balanced throughout she moved soundly and showed beautifully. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC which I discovered was her third. 2. Stangoes Stanghurst Time To Shine. Sound and typical cream who also moved soundly and showed off her many attributes. 3. Fothergills I'm A Dream Violetta In Love for Diamonchi (IMP IT)