• Show Date: 12/02/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janis Ward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Golden Retriever Club Of Wales

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

The Golden Retriever Club of Wales

50th Championship Show

Sunday 12th February 2023

I would like to thank the exhibitors for affording me the honour and privilege of judging their dogs. Also thanks must go to the kind and considerate local exhibitor who shared information and directions to this new venue. I thought it was almost perfect with a hall large enough for two adequate rings, a kitchen and conference room, an enclosed exercise field next to the hall, a lake for a swim after showing and a much larger enclosed exercise field beyond. All designed just for dogs, training and events. A marquee and flat field for summer shows - I can only imagine how lovely the farm and area are in the summer. Many thanks also to the golden community who take the time and trouble to share results and videos on Facebook, much appreciated by those at home. Also thank you to the committee for inviting me and last but not least my two fabulous stewards who gave up their weekend and conscientiously ensured the efficient running of the ring including keeping me on the straight and narrow with run-ons, and created a happy atmosphere.

I thought that the depth of quality, temperament, athleticism of all the dogs was a joy to see. There were one or two with rib cages not extending far enough back, one or two with little forechest and one or two with second thighs twice the length of their upper thigh, so lacking drive, not all in the same dog, I hasten to add! None were too short on the leg. Going over the dogs is very different from viewing from outside the ring. If the dogs give the illusion of too much length in the body but have a good reach of neck in symmetry, with straight, strong topline, ribcage extending well back, short-couplings and correct leg-length, then they are balanced. Nine years on Breed Watch, no proportions of the body in the Standard, unlike many others, therefore it is obvious that all judges will have their own interpretation. Also ‘significantly overweight’ should be pretty obvious to all. I looked for the centre of gravity completely over the withers which all my placed dogs had. 

My CC and RCC winners were exemplary, both the epitome of what short-coupled actually means. My Best Dog was my favourite dog of the day. I tussled with the idea that the tad extra weight he was carrying over his loin should be penalised but knew that it did not reflect on his outstanding conformation producing his physical fitness and positive, strong, motion.


Fhairmhor Haud Yer Wheesht at Rigerin

Thankfully I don't have to pronounce his name! Loved everything about him - his attitude, willingness to please, balanced at all times in any position. A mature, five-year old masculine boy with a dark golden, healthy coat on strong bones and well-developed muscles. He had an intelligent, soft, keen expression and a flatter skull than is usual today, reminiscent of dogs of the past, with balanced breadth and depth of muzzle. Oozing character, he moved out with free and easy strides, driving purposely from his strong quarters. Good ribcage with correct length, depth of brisket, forechest and breadth behind his withers with table-top topline ending in quarters with excellent width and angles to match perfectly with shoulder construction, into which his strong neck flowed with ease. 


Putjade Push the Button

A three year old with all the attributes of 1st in a more compact frame. Beautifully balanced, masculine boy, without any coarseness. I especially liked his chiselled head with balanced proportions of good breadth and depth of muzzle and dark, expressive eye. He had correct layback of long shoulder blade with his strong neck in symmetry with his length of back. Width and strength across his back and loin, strong quarters with well-let down hocks, driving him forward into positive action. Attractive, gleaming, wavy, mid-gold coat, strength in bone and fabulous tight, knuckled, round feet. Keen and willing to please, happy attitude.

VD (5 1)

1 Trinder Sh Ch Thornywait San Valentino JW ShCM

Seven years young, absolutely loving his time in the ring. Quality throughout, he moved with ease and drive from his superb construction. Masculine and soft, attractive expression, great muscling and strength, no coarseness, handled to perfection. 

2 Joy Shardanell Just Like That

Teddy bear type of boy with thick cream coat, beautiful eye and gentle expression. Excellent reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders and balanced stifles. Happy disposition, moved out evenly at one with handler.

3 Halliday Miss Purbarn Zo The Sunshines On

Dark golden boy with a lovely eye, excellent feet and correct bone. Straight topline with croup set-on a little high. Moved well with ease.


MPD (1 0 )

1st Liggins & Hodges Mr Swanavly Popsy's Legacy (Imp Srb)

Really lovely 6 month old, alone but very worthy of his first place. Very sweet expression but obviously a boy. Excelled in correct angulation, not overdone or over angulated in any way. Moved well, needs to tighten on front pasterns. So right for age.


PD (9 0 )

1 Reid Sybiton Ginger Nut BP &BPIS

Super young boy who covered the ground easily with panache. Everything flowing into everything else. A tad long in length of back but may come together more with maturity. Just right for his age, he had a wonderful, joyful disposition, just like his excellent handler. Son of my RCC winner. 

2 Phillips Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

Good depth of chest and construction of ribcage on this cream boy with correct bone and feet. Excellent, balanced angles of shoulders and quarters. Happy boy, moved with ease.

3 Clarke-Gear Ousevale Grand Slam

Loved this boy’s eye and cheeky expression, such a happy character. Balanced angles, just right for age, straight, strong topline, freely and evenly.


JD (5 0)

1 Liggins & Hodges Silver Passion Glam Fashion (Imp Deu)

Superbly balanced cream, wavy coated boy who had no exaggerations. Good depth of brisket and straight front. Lovely dark eye and expression. Moved out with drive and purpose from correct, well-muscled stifles

2 Reid Sybiton Ginger Nut

3 Moore Purbarn Friends Together

Dark gold confident boy with lovely cream undercoat, he had good, even movement, tight feet and an attractive expression.      

YD (10 1) 

An excellent class

1 Haines Leighsham Tullamore JW

Quality personified, he flowed around the ring with ease and attitude, saying look at me. 

Masculine without coarseness, his proportions were all in symmetry, with a solid topline and a ribcage very well laid back, complimenting his correct length of leg. Presented in superb body and coat condition.

2 Kipps Wheatcroft Rainbow

Cream boy, so well balanced. Great muscling and firm, straight topline, resulting in flowing, positive action, moving with joy. Wonderfully tight feet, a gentle eye and expression.

3 Wheeldon & Hurry Catnnels Greatest Dancer

A dark gold boy who stood four square at all times. He excelled in his attractive, chiselled head and melting expression. A little on the small side, however such great balance and character

MD (7 0)

1 Sybiton Ginger Nut

2 Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

3 Ousevale Grand Slam


ND (9 1)

1 Sybiton Ginger Nut

2 Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

3 Ousevale Grand Slam


UGD (8 0)

1 Loverock & Waldron-Smith Thornywait Save My Space At Lovissa

Outstanding, happy, quality boy with correct leg length for his proportions of excellent front and back angulation, not exaggerated in any way. Smooth movement with great reach and drive. Not in the best of coats, however, perfect body condition 

2 Silver Passion Glam Fashion (Imp Deu)

3 Sybiton Ginger Nut


GD (7 0)

1 Thomas Santandore Blonde Over Blue

Oh wow, the movement of this dog was a joy to behold, light, balanced and effortless, reminding me of Aus Uk Ch Stanroph Shogun. Correspondingly balanced construction, wavy mid-gold coat in super condition. Gentle expression, deep muzzle. Followed on into Limit where his immaturity stood out.      

2 Maynards Chinnordale Grand Finale 

Two year old confident quality boy with a gleaming dark gold coat in the best of condition. So well balanced with a straight, strong topline, with positive, driving gait. The right maturity for age.

3 Baxter & Riley Bermary Captain Hastings JW

Super layback of shoulder and great depth of chest on this quality boy with such an intelligent expression. Great feet and condition. Moved out with even movement, preferred overall balance of


PGD (2 1)

1 Loach & Zubair Putjade Push The Button RCC


MLD (9 2)

1 Quill Hosarvar Ninito

What a balanced boy in every way, with free and easy movement. So well conditioned with gleaming, double cream coat, athletic and so responsive to handler, almost smiling in his joy at being in the ring. Amazingly attractive, balanced head with equal planes. So short-coupled in loin with super angles. Good feet and well let-down hocks. Just a tad smaller than the boys in the final line-up     

2 Towers & Henderson Alibren Baker's Boy

Another lovely boy with nothing overdone. Table-top topline, deep brisket and tight elbows. Standing well over withers, balanced to quarters. Movement free and even. Confident and responsive.     

3 Trinder Thornywait Ruffino

Compact boy, wonderful front construction with neck flowing into long shoulder blades, could be a little tighter in elbow. Really happy disposition, having a great time with handler, moving with spirit and purpose. Hard condition with dark, attractive, double coat.

LD (9 0)

1 Laidlaw-Good & Mcshane Fhairmhor Haud Yer Wheesht At Rigerin CC RBIS

2 Simms-Stelling Penbridge Play Fast and Loose For St Vincent  

Scopey boy with balanced proportions and positive, extended gait on good leg-length, everything flowing into everything else. Excellent body condition, slim and fit. Would prefer a darker eye, however still had a lovely expression. 

3 Keene Shinehill Snow Patrol

Gorgeously balanced head on this quality boy with a deep muzzle and good bone and tight feet, good breadth and depth of chest. Driving, even movement. Such happy, sunny, dispositions - dog and handler!


OD (3 0)

Two wonderful Champions

1 Grainger Sh Ch Amilone Flintstone

Light-gold masculine cheeky character at one with handler. Great expression and balanced with fabulous, double, gleaming coat for which a little more trimming would further enhance his great outline. Matching front and hindquarters with well-let down hocks. Good muscling resulting in the most positive, even, strides in the class. So very responsive to handler.

2 Kipps Sh Ch Cadwst Flash Flame To Wheatcroft

Happy, pale-cream, quality boy excelling in sparkling, deep brown eyes, inviting me to look into his soul. Everything flowing into everything else, such symmetry, leg length, reach of neck, topline as straight as they come. Class act.

3 Riley & Bufton Lamancha Night Sky Illusion by Wylloh JW

Smaller framed, mid-gold with an appealing expression. Well balanced, happy character, at one with handler in confident, driving movement  

SO D (2 1)

Two lovely boys, first pale gold, second deep gold with attractive cream undercoat. Both moved with drive and purpose as befits the class

Preferred overall picture of first.       

1 Towers & Henderson Alibren Galileo to Westervane JW SGWC 

Stood so well over correct bone and feet and excelled in strength of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Lovely head with deep muzzle. Covered the ground evenly and with ease. 

2 Maynards Ch Chinnordale Cue Card JW SGWC

Gorgeous head and expression, balanced well-muscled construction. So responsive to handler, covered the ground with drive.


1 These two 18 month old sisters were simply lovely, like two peas in a pod. In such super condition, with mid-gold gleaming coats. So well behaved and responsive to handler, they moved across the ring with style and presence.

Janis Ward

Laurenley Golden Retrievers