• Show Date: 05/02/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janine Armstrong Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland English Setter Society

Breed: Breed Championship Show



Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at their show, I had a very enjoyable day awarding CCs for the first time and I think it an honour and a privilege to be asked to judge our lovely breed. I would like to thank the Club for their outstanding hospitality and my two stewards for looking after both John and I and their efficient running of the ring. Finally, I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me a lovely entry, both in numbers and quality. The overall quality of bitches was excellent however, one area of concern for me is the increasing occurrence of light, round eyes. This spoils the lovely gentle setter expression which is called for in the standard. Depth of chest was lacking in some exhibits. It was disappointing that some bitches who looked the part when stacked disappointed on the move. Finally, I was in complete agreement with my co-judge that the dog went BIS.


MPB (3,2) 1. Gardner’s Mariglen Midnight Muse of Danwish, Pretty 8 mth light tri, still very raw. She has a sweet, feminine head with lovely low set ears. Excellent reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Well sprung ribs and good level topline. Moved well and held topline on the move.

PB (6,1) 1. Buckley’s Fishwick Fortune Cookie, Really liked this 9 mth dark tri bitch attending her first show and giving her handler a bit of a hard time. She presents such a balanced outline when standing, with good body proportions and oozes quality and substance. Good head of correct proportions with low set ears. Excellent front angulation and good reach of upper arm. Well off for bone and with cat light feet. Good sweep of stifle, well let down hocks and short tail. Moved well. BPB & in agreement with my co-judge BPIS. 2. Deville’s Fishwick Play it Cool, litter sister to my winner here. Another lovely dark tri with good head and dark eye. Long lean neck into well laid shoulders. Well angulated front and rear. Moved well. 3. Stephenson’s Mariglen Wave Dancer for Bondgate

VB (4,1) 1. McCabe’s Sh Ch Rachdale Elegance JW, Lovely substantial orange belton shown in hard condition and a worthy title holder. She has a lovely feminine head and low set ears. Well ribbed up and level topline which she held on the moved. Moved well. BVB & in agreement with my co judge BVIS. 2. Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar at Sharnyx, a short coupled, sweet headed orange with gentle expression and good reach of neck She has good body proportions, excellent stifle, hocks well let down and with short tail. Moved ok when settled. 3. Kerr’s Ravensett Golden Charm

JB (3,1) Liked different things about both these bitches 1. McDowell’s Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Byedales, well balanced dbb with a lovely feminine head of correct proportions, dark eye and low set ears. Well sprung ribs and good rear angulation with well let down hocks and short tail. Sound, happy mover which won her the class. 2. Howarth’s Moorbrook Owdid Thatappen, substantial dbb bitch shown in good coat. Short coupled, well sprung ribs and level topline. Needs to settle on the move.

YB (5,3) Two nice bitches in this class. 1. Dykes’ Caleydene Comet, Very elegant, feminine ob bitch shown in good coat. She has a lovely head with low set ears and excellent reach of neck. Short coupled with good front and rear angulation and well ribbed up. Level topline held on the move. Moved with style. 2. Beasley’s Wansleydale Mayflower, pretty, short coupled bb bitch with good head, low set ears and dark eye giving gentle setter expression. Lean arched neck into well placed shoulders. Plenty of substance and good spring of rib. Moved well.

MB (6,2) 1. Buckley’s Fishwick Fortune Cookie, 2. Deville’s Fishwick Play it Cool, 3. McDowell’s Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Byedales

NB (3,0) ) 1. McDowell’s Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Byedales 2. Howarth’s Moorbrook Owdid Thatappen, 3. Stephenson’s Mariglen Wave Dancer for Bondgate

TB (4,0) 1. Jennings-Sharman and Sharman’s Wansleydale Mayfly, Gorgeous headed dark tri bitch presenting a balanced outline with long lean neck into good shoulders. Well angulated front and rear, well sprung ribs, good bone and level topline. Stylish mover. 2. Dykes’ Caleydene Comet, 3. Howarth’s Moorbrook Owdid Thatappen

GB (6,0) 1. Jennings-Sharman and Sharman’s Wansleydale Mayfly. 2. Dennis, Harris & Morgan’s Mariglen Unwrapped JW taf, Pale tri bitch who has to be gone over to be fully appreciated. Shown in such hard condition with excellent muscle tone. Head of correct proportions, with correct depth of muzzle. Long lean neck which flows into well laid back shoulders and level topline. Just needs time to mature. 3. Bishop’s Dyrham Deja Vue

PGB (3,1) 1. Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose, Beautifully balanced glamorous ob bitch shown in full coat. Gorgeous head with correct proportions, well bodied with good spring of rib and well off for bone. Straight front with good bone and tight, cat feet. Moved well. 2. Tompsett’s Leilasett Northern Lights over Radbrooks, Another nice orange bitch just lacking in finish today. She is balanced, short coupled with well placed shoulders. Good head with low set ears. Moved nicely.

MLB (7,2) 1. Watkin’s Valsett Starlite Night Sky, Very elegant, eye catching, light bb bitch shown in good coat and condition. She has feminine head, lovely front and rear angulation, long reach of neck into well placed shoulders and is well off for bone. Moved well. 2. Dykes’ Wansleydale Bedazzled of Caleydene, Feminine, substantial tri bitch and dam of my Yearling winner. Presents a very balanced picture with good topline and well off for bone. In good coat and condition. Moved well. 3. Deville’s Kanietter Delphina

LB (12,4) 1, Taylor’s Wansleydale Bizzie Bee, Loved this dark tri bitch. She has all the elements I look for with elegance, a beautiful feminine head and dark eye, giving that gorgeous gentle setter expression. Beautifully balanced with excellent angulation front and rear. She has a long reach of neck, well placed shoulders and is well ribbed up. Moved with style with slashing tail movement. CC & RBIS. 2. Paton’s Bournehouse Secret Destiny for Meadowfoot, gorgeous headed ob bitch with lovely dark eye. Shown in full coat and in gleaming condition. She has good substance, is short coupled and beautifully balanced . Well angulated front and rear with good body proportions and well sprung rib. Moved well. 3. Williams’ Bournehouse Night Sky

OB (8,2) I have to say this class gave me a bit of a headache wish I had more red cards.

1. Buckley’s Sh Ch Tattersett Cool Roxy at Fishwick, Beautifully balanced, compact ob bitch full of quality and substance. Typical gentle setter expression with that dark eye. Excellent body proportions. Level topline and correct tailset and well let down hocks. Not surprised to discover she is the dam of my PB winner they have many similar qualities. Won the class with her driving movement covering the ground with ease . RCC. 2. Dennis’ Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Cold In Alex JW, another lovely ob bitch and worthy champion. Different type to my winner. Beautifully balanced with no exaggerations, elegant in outline, well off for bone. 3. Rumble’s Jotunheim Ooh La La.

SBB (4,1) 1. Welburn’s Oshowa Dream Come True, Feminine dark bb compact, short coupled bitch with feminine head and lovely dark eye. Moved well. 2. Welburn’s Culverwell Sea Breeze at Oshowa, Lighter bb balanced bitch, plenty of substance and well ribbed up.

Janine Armstrong, Judge