• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janet Doherty Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/09/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Whippet

Bournemouth Championship dog show 2023

Thank you so much for such a great entry of 141 whippets entered and only 13 absentees. The weather wasn’t too kind for whippets to start with but they all handled it pretty well. Given the large entry my aim was to keep the ring running and to give both Dogs and Bitches an equal amount of my time. With the help of my 2 very able stewards I hope that we achieved that. There are some super young whippets coming on and I had some very tough decisions to make. There was a lot of good profile movement but some of the coming and going was quite disappointing. I didn’t come across any dirty coats but one or two had brown tartar on the canines. The length of some dogs nails bemused me. Only a couple of dogs needed to have shorter nails but where has the fashion for super short nails come from? They looked like the stub of a pencil. It also made some of the dogs feet almost cat like and not oval as per the standard.

MPD (6,2)

1. HIGGINBOTTOM’s Ranveli Royal Duke Of Dawnsafon, Attractive young cream dog presented in lovely condition, He is a little raw just as he should be at 8 months, Masculine head and lovely reach of neck. Overall well put together without exaggeration. He moved out well coming and going and had good profile movement, Will watch his progress with interest

2. ELLIS’s Citycroft Jules Rimet for Railfield – attractive 8 month old brindle. He has a handsome head and lovely eye, long neck into correct shoulders and a good front. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly enough. Shown in good condition, He is a very promising puppy.

3. CHAPPELL’s Blueflight Brewin up a Storm

PD (1,0)

1.YACOBY WRIGHT’S, Cobyco Catch Your Eye. He may be only 10 months but he really does catch your eye. He stood alone but he is a quality well-made young whippet. Masculine head with a strong muzzle, good length of neck which flows into a correct topline. He moves so soundly coming, going and excelled in profile, a real showman. Strong behind and shown in great condition. Nothing about him is overdone. BPD, BPIB and so pleased to see him take Hound Puppy Group 2

JD (9,1)

1.MORRIS,WADDELL & MYCROFT’s Springfern Wild Thing at Crosscop Just into Junior he held his own to win this Class. Beautiful clear fawn with white trim, he is very attractive and built on clean lines. Handsome head, decent length of neck into clean shoulders. Good length of ribcage and decent top line, not overdone in any way he moves out soundly enough with good extension in profile. One to watch

2. WEBBER,s Lolani Ride a Wild Trail JW - A well-made masculine Brindle dog, starting to mature and leaving his puppy days behind. Good reach of neck, straight front and good length of topline, he is not overdone at the rear. He is correct for size and presented in fit condition with good muscle tone without being overdone.

3. SMITH,s Florancy War Hawk

YD (8, 0)

1. WHEELER.Ch Ranveli Diki Diki This dog really stood out to me and it was a pleasure to go over him. Attractive brindle presented in lovely condition. Attractive masculine head, lovely elegant neck, Well filled front and deep in brisket. Correct top line and a clearly defined underline, well let down but not overdone in hindquarters. His movement was sound coming and going but he really excelled in profile. He was a picture when stood and stylish on the move so could not be denied the DCC and BOB and so pleased to see him go onto finish with a Hound group 4

2. MANNERs MCDONALD & CHANT Florancy Dark And Stormy, really loved this boy. Quality black dog with white trim with the best of coat, Handsome masculine head, good length of neck into a good shoulder, Good top line and depth of brisket. Not overdone behind and he movement is sound rather than flashy and he covers the ground.

3. PRICE’s Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance

ND (3,0)

1. CAHILL & TIMBERLAKE, Shine On Harvey Moon At Chipperlake. Fawn young dog, masculine pleasing head, nice expression, good length of neck with a good topline and decent underline. Well-made hindquarters which helped him move with drive, Well presented.

2. CHAPPELL Blueflight Brewin up a Storm. A very attractive Blue with white trim. A lot to like. He is nice for size, adequate length of neck, good top and underline, very curvy and moved soundly.

3. PARKER Winterfellin is a Free Elf at Ziradash

GD (7,0)

1. MANNERS & MCDONALDs Penbriar Jet Setter To Solentwaves, Black dog in great condition, lovely to go over, Nice head and expression. Good length of neck and very curvy throughout. Well-muscled he moves soundly and that is what won him this class.

2. LIVSEYs Palmik Ace Of Spades attractive masculine head, Good well filled front, and depth of brisket good overall proportions without being overdone. A pleasing dog that is correct in size, moved soundly enough in profile. Could just do with losing a touch of weight

3. WILLEY & HOFSTETTER Hergehill Just Hug

PGD (8,0)

1. SOFFE, Miss Carly Zoraden Macchiato JW, Fawn with white trim, attractive head, kind expression, Good front and adequate depth of brisket, Overall good topline. Presented in good condition, He is well-muscled and strong in loin without being overdone He really moved out well coming and going and covered the ground in profile. An honest little dog.

2. FORD & FORD, Danluke Lord Sugar P Beg.Ex RL1Ex Fawn dog presented in super condition. Pleasing head and expression, adequate length of neck, straight front but quite strong in bone. He stands over a lot of ground but moved out with drive

3. WAYMAN, Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair JW

MdLD (4 ,0)

1. WEBBER, Ms D Denimblue Willdo JW Blue dog up to size but that does not detract from his quality, Strong masculine but pleasing head, adequate length of neck, deep chest and good overall length of ribcage and over the loin. Rear end well-muscled but not overly so, Moved true coming and going and kept his topline in profile, certainly covered the ground. Presented in super condition,

2. SHEPHERD, Kidaruka It's Showtime At Oxana JW Fawn/white dog, A pleasing head with a pleasing expression, a lovely dark eye and good ear carriage, good length of neck, good depth of brisket and a good underline, moved out soundly enough behind but would have liked to have seen a bit more motivation on the move and more extension in profile.

3. BARKAS, Citycroft Fred Astaire

LD (13, 0)

1.BYRON’s Jasarat Gucci, Fawn parti colour. Up to size, He is totally masculine but nothing is overdone. Strong neck but not overly so, slightly longer all over but in keeping with his size and still balanced. Good brisket and underline. Well-muscled hindquarters. Where he excels is in movement. He really is a very sound mover which won him this class today.

2. WAYMAN Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair Quality Fawn brindle dog, and like the 1st dog he is totally masculine but nothing is overdone Lovely head and expression, good length of neck, overall balanced with a pleasing top line and hind angulation. Moved soundly when settled and excelled in hind movement and in profile pushed hard for 1st place

3. WOODCROFT & YACOBY – WRIGHT Cobyco City Limits

OD (4, 0)

What a super class and some hard decisions to make

1. PERKINS, & VAN DER SCHAAF, Creme Anglaise's Just Julian With Silkridge Still a young dog he is correct for size and he is a little power house of a dog. He has a lovely masculine head with a kind expression. Good length of neck leading into clean shoulders and a straight front. Good length of ribcage and strong over the loin he has a good depth of brisket and a clean underline. He excels in movement, covering the ground with ease. Close up to the CC winner, they could change places any day RDCC

2. WINTER & YEATES & MORLAND Ch Lolani Cafe Amore, a quality fawn dog who is correct for size and well balanced throughout. Everything in proportion and with no exaggerations. Handsome in head and with a lovely expression. Good length of neck and well placed shoulders, a good depth of chest and correct underline. top line was proportionate and hocks Moved out soundly and with drive and kept his topline

3. GIBBINS, Mrs S M Ch Osterfen Janus

VD (7, 1)

1. 1172 BARKAS, Jimanica Just Dreaming Attractive fawn particolour dog 7 years old, presented in lovely condition and with good muscle tone, Masculine head with a good scissor bite and dentition, a bit unsettled on the stand he was better on the move. He moved with soundness and drive. Very pleased to give him Best Veteran in breed BVIB

2. 1276 SHEPHERD,s Ch Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW Sh.CM ShCEx. another 7 year old again presented in good condition, Masculine head and nice expression with dark eyes. Dentition was good with a scissor bite. Pleasing outline with no exaggerations, pushed hard for first place.

SBD/B (13, 1)

Two very very nice bitches

1. OWEN, Ms Rebecca Mollytop Fancy Lady, A beautiful elegant feminine girl. Built on smooth lines that you don’t see very often these days. Beautiful head with dark eye and lovely expression, elegant neck, good depth of brisket, correct topline and hindquarters she moved out so soundly. So pleased to award her Best Special Beginner and so see her get Hound Specbeg Group 

2. NICHOLAS, Crosscop walk with me, Attractive fawn curvy bitch with a feminine head and a large dark eye, Lovely length of neck and strong topline which she held on the move, moved soundly throughout, a really honest bitch

3. SHARPE, Tigsisle Sun And Ice

MPB (4 ,0)

1. WHITEHEAD & SMITH, Creme Anglaise's Lady Bridgerton of Citycroft (IMP) A very pretty eye catching young bitch of 7 months old. Nice for size and not at all overdone in any way.Attractive head and eye, ears just need to settle a bit, good length of neck, Overall body shape, topline and underline just as they should be at this age. Strong hindquarters without being overdone allowed her to move out soundly and with good drive I will watch her progress with interest. Pleased to award her Best puppy bitch and she just lost out on BPIB to the more mature puppy dog. BPB

2. WALKER, SILKRIDGE JEAN GENIE FOR PETWALK – Again an attractive young brindle parti bitch with lots of potential. Very eye catching pretty head, lovely long neck good shoulder, nice overall with lots of scope and still just a baby, Close up to 1 but just not quite the movement at this time.

3. LAWSON, Kipipiriking Magic de Noel

PB (6 ,0)

1. PERKINS & VAN DER SCHAAF, Creme Anglaise's Cassablanca With Silkridge (Imp Netherlands) Crème bitch, very eye catching, feminine head with a lovely dark eye. Excellent reach of neck, Straight well filled front and good hind angulation, well balanced throughout and elegant all over, still needs to mature. Moves soundly with drive, she moved better in the class than in the challenge.

2. BARNES Doddridge Strictly Cha Cha. Striking brindle bitch, nice head and expression, good length of neck, front but still needs to drop into herself which will come with age, good topline well let down hocks, moved soundly enough, presented in good order


JB (8, 1)

1. SAMPSON & SAMPSON, Dapperdiva Milk And Honey JW. A very classic fawn bitch of good size and type. Very feminine head, good length of neck, Correct straight front with good in fill and depth of brisket Overall well balanced and moved out soundly front and back, well-muscled without being overdone. Presented in lovely condition and was well handled. Easy winner of this class today

2. HOWGATE, Mr M & HULL, Ms Y Palmik Truth About Love JW Another classic fawn from this kennel. Lovely head and sweeping neck into good shoulders and a decent front. Stands over enough ground but she is very balanced, and nothing is overdone. She moves out well with good drive from behind. Presented in lovely condition.

3. JOHNSTON, JOHNSTON & WILSON, Danluke Don't I Know It

YB (8 ,1)

1. HOSKINS, BODLON KIND OF MAGIC, attractive young bitch built on classic lines and nice for size. Presented in excellent condition. Feminine head, good neck, decent front with good infill. Nothing is overdone, good topline, Moved with drive in profile and moved well coming back, just a bit untidy going away.

2. WHEELER, Ranveli Glowtini – eyecatching feminine silver brindle bitch, elegant reach of neck, well balanced front and rear, Looked a picture standing, She is sound enough and moves well in profile but she was a bit unsettled on the up and down today. Presented in super condition and good muscle tone.

3. CHAPPELL’sBlueflight Sun Warrior

NB (10,1)

1. NICHOLAS, Crosscop save it for me, Fawn bitch, a really classic type. Feminine Head and nice expression and a strong under jaw which is lacking in some whippets these days Pleasing to the eye on the stand with a deep chest and good topline, she did not disappoint on the move, honest as the day is long

2. WILLIAMS, Tigsisle Frost And Flame, fawn parti bitch with attractive head and expression, Everything about her is moderate and not overdone. Flowing neck into a correct topline, good front, well filled and a good underline. Well angulated behind. Correct for size she stands over enough ground allowing to move out well

3. CARLTON & OLNEY, Chiendetom Fanfare

GB (13, 1)

1. HOOPER’s, Veredon Veuve Cliquot Avec Torbers Attractive cream bitch, feminine head with sweet expression, good length of neck, straight front with good infill, Sweeping topline into well angulated hind quarters. Moved our well around the ring, well-handled and well presented

2. NICHOLAS’s Crosscop Walk with Me (Special BEGINNERS 2ND)

3. WILLIAMS, Mrs K H Tigsisle Frost And Flame (2nd Novice)

PGB (9,1)

1. OWEN, Mollytop Fancy Lady (Winner Special beginners)

2. JONES, & JONES Mac Bells Purple Patch over Chelynnah (Swed Imp) Really liked this lovely feminine brindle bitch and she knocked her for 1st in this class. She has a kind expression, a good length of neck and good overall topline and underline. On the move she was sound enough but lacked a bit of presence. Handler just needs to work out a suitable speed for both them and the bitch

3. WILKINSON, Silkridge Saffron of Fletchgate

MdLB (7,0)

1. PERKINS & PERKINS, Silkridge Jasminel, Brindle parti bitch of correct size. Nothing about her is overdone. She is shapely, has a feminine head and a dark eye. An elegant neck, good overall length of top line, well angulated hind quarters. She moved out smartly with drive and style, a very sound mover all round.

2. JOHNSTON, JOHNSTON & WILSON, Danluke Drag On A Dime JW, brindle bitch,

Ultra-feminine girl of correct size and overall very shapely and well put together. Very pretty head, nice expression and a kind eye, Nice length of neck and good front, Standing she is a very curvy but just tended to flatten slightly on the move today which just lost her the class

3. GIBBINS, Mrs S M Osterfen Lakota At Stonefox

LB (9,1)

1. WILKINSON, Miss Janine Citycroft Starfall JW, fawn bitch built on classic lines and of good size, feminine head and nice eye, well filled front, arched neck which flowed into an overall pleasing topline and underline making her well balanced throughout. Shown in good condition. She is sound coming and going and moved out well and with ease. An easy winner of this class

2. WHITEHEAD & SMITH, Citycroft Seattle, pale fawn bitch, another who is built on classic lines, attractive head and nice eye, adequate length of neck, well filled front, overall good top line and underline with enough hind angulation to allow her to move out soundly and with drive but not quite the movement of 1.

3. SMITH, & COULTER, Collooney At Last

OB (8,2)

1. PERKINS & PERKINS, Citycroft Americano With Silkridge Black with white trim, a real eye catcher. Beautiful head and elegant neck, good front balanced with good hindquarters. She held her top line on the move. Sound coming and going but it was in profile she really excelled, covering the ground with ease. Shown in peak condition without being over muscled, Extremely pleased to give her her 3rd CC and crown BCC and RBOB

2. HOWGATE & HULL, Palmik Chasing Rainbows JW, fawn bitch very different in type to the winner of this class but nonetheless a quality classic type of bitch of correct size, pretty head, long neck, good in front, well filled and good depth of brisket. Good hind angulation. She is a bit long in length overall . She was a bit unsettled on the move in the class but stepped up in the challenge to gain the RBCC

3. JOHNSTON, JOHNSTON & WILSON, Ch Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea of Danluke JW

Class 567 VB (7, 0)

1. HAMBLING’s Mossbawnhill You Got The Look From Chaseover Brindle parti bitch, 7 years old, not a small girl but a lot to like. Nice head and neck, balanced all over she moved out with drive and covered the ring, presented in good condition. Pleased to award her BVIB

2. GALLIE, Mrs K A Gwendariff Thanks A Latte, Fawn bitch, just short of 8 years old. Very Classic of correct size, Lovely head and eye, elegant neck, well balanced she moved out well enough

3. WILLIAMS, Mrs K H Tigsisle Fan The Flames

Judge Miss Jan Doherty (Littlebriton)