• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Graham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB 1ST OCTOBER 2023 GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS My first appointment awarding CC's in a breed that is close to my heart. I would like to thank the exhibitors for bringing such a quality entry and accepting my decisions so sportingly. I really enjoyed my day and a big thanks to my stewards especially Anna & Delphine who kept everything running smoothly. PD (4,1) 1 Brown’s Montalba Mustrum Ridcully just 6 months and a raw baby, everything as it should be at this age, has ample bone and correct angulation fore and aft. Handled to advantage to win the class. 2 Warr’s Navigareamor Credo In Te lovely head and expression, liked him for breed type. Good coat and overall condition, moved out well once settled. 3 Mcmurdo & Tierney’s Ceilloch Express JD (3,0) 1 Mccafferty’s Thorscrag Hades masculine all through, pleasing head and expression, excellent front and feet, well ribbed with ample depth and short strong loin. In super coat with well muscled rear, moved out true. 2 Fraser’sKenzduo Pistachio Cookie a finer built dog but balanced throughout, moved okay but not the drive of winner. PGD (0) LD (2,1) 1 Hill’s Ceilloch Russian 3 year old with correct head shape and kind expression, straight front, feet okay. strong neck, well placed shoulders, lovely body with harsh coat. Short and strong in loin. Moved out steady and true. OD (7,3) 1 Smith & Reardon’s Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone looked a picture stacked and didnt disappoint when I went over him, classic head with soft expression, strong, muscular neck, well placed shoulders, stands on good legs and feet. ample depth and spring of rib. Short back and well muscled throughout. Tight, harsh coat He covered the ground with ease, CC & BOB delighted to see him shortlisted in the group 2 Mann’s Sh Ch Elfrindew Endrick to Valger loved his head and expression, shows balance throughout, well muscled rear, moved out soundly and true. 3 Dodd & Hayes Jhebron Jeno Via Elfrindew VD (2,0) 1 Thurm’s Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus JW Sh.CM ShCEx at 7 ½ years he isnt showing his age, lovely head and eye, good length of neck, ample depth of body, short and strong in loin, well angled fore and aft, in good coat and condition, moved out well no hesitation in awarding him the RCC & BV pleased to hear he was later awarded Vet G3 2 Wilkinson’s Zarozinia Beinn An Oir Sh.CM 9 ½ years and in super condition, strongly made with ample depth and ribbing, not as positive in rear movement as winner today. SBD (0) GCD (1,1) PB (6,1) Elrington’s Tequesta Happy Valley this young girl headed a class of promising puppies, clean cut head with good eye colour, correct length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, best of legs and feet, ample body for age, good rear angulation which she used to advantage on the move BP 2 Ellis’s Feral Beryl liked her for breed type, pleasing head and expression, ample bone and body, moved out well. 3 Brown’s Montalba Miss Aching JB (2,0) 1 Tait’s Benboee Beelieve presents a lovely outline when stacked, most appealing head, clean neck, true front with tight feet, nicely bodied for age with harsh coat, excellent free mover and keeps a firm topline, i'm sure she has a bright future. 2 Barnett’s Magregor Howl to the Moon over Tibertich lovely breed type, with excellent body and coat, well muscled but felt she was unsettled on the move today and her rear was drifting sideways sadly. PGB (3,0) 1 Tait’sBenboee Beelieve (rpt) 2 Morrison’s Brozak Rise of the Phoenix pleasing head shape, presents a good outline when stacked, adequate angulation and moved out ok just not as positive as winner. 3 Wilkinson’s Brozak Little Brown Bird at Zarozinia LB (6,0) 1 Pearson’s Winterwell Lulu Moppet to Ladyhawke JW headed a quality class, lovely head with gentle expression, strong neck, well placed shoulders, true front and neat feet, ample ribbing with short back and coarse coat. Well muscled rear with correct angulation. She moved out soundly with drive. 2 Nixon’s Quintana Lunar Eclipse lovely breed type, pleasing head shape, shown in hard condition, moved out soundly fore and aft. 3 Stewart & Boyles Magregor Amourette avec Levagrad OB (8,2) 1 Filby & Brown’s Winterwell Thatlldo for Desjiem JW one I admired as a puppy and today felt she had really come into her own, loved her head and soft dark eye, straight front with good feet, well ribbed with short muscular loin. In good overall coat and condition. She moved out with purpose covering the ground freely. CC 2 Thurm’s Sh Ch Dappledele First Date at Bryburn slightly stronger made than winner but retains her femininity. Pleasing head with lovely dark eye, stands on good legs and feet and is so honest throughout, moved out soundly and true RCC 3 Cox’s Cushatlaw Athena JW VB (1) 1 Gibbon’s Kavacanne Cheeky Vimto at Faubourg 7yr old with lovely head and eye, ample bone with good feet, presents a good outline when stacked, moved ok in profile just found her a little wide going away. SBB (2,0) 1 Morrison’s Brozak Rise of the Phoenix (rpt) BSB 2 Monie’s Myles Blue Drimmie At Stanehus pleasing head and expression, well off for bone and good feet, a little longer in body than winner and would prefer a harsher coat. Moved ok once settled. GCB (2,0) 1 Monie’s Myles Blue Drimmie At Stanehus (rpt) 2 Gibbon’s Faubourg Truly Scrumptious, nice breed type, good depth and ribbing, stands a little wide in front and would prefer more length in muzzle. JUDGE – JANE GRAHAM (NYLIRAM)