• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jan MacDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Great Dane

I would firstly like to thank the Officers and Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge my first set of CC’s in my Breed Great Danes. Special thanks must go to my helpful stewards on the day and of course to the exhibitors for your entries.

I felt the bitches were far superior in quality which was a bit lacking in some of the males but there are some really exciting youngsters coming through in both sexes, which is only a good thing for the betterment of the breed.


1st Nikami in His Image for Teeseedane (Mrs T M & Mr R Teese) – 8 month old fawn who was really enjoying himself at his 1st champ show. Super happy temperament. Typical head with good drop of lip and strength of jaw. Good ear set. Strong arched neck with well laid back shoulders and good spring of rib. Deep chest and firm level top line. Look forward to see how he matures in the future as he could be one to watch.

2nd Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib (Mrs E P & Mr M V Bartley) – Litter brother to 1st. This brindle boy is also well made with a nice headpiece and dentition. Dark eye with square jaw. Good legs with straight flat bone and tight feet. A bit less substance than 1st but overall a very pleasing outline and should come together nicely when he matures.

PUPPY DOG (2, 2)


1st Allours Amore Mio (Mr J & Mrs Y McGlynn) – 12 month old nicely marked harlequin boy. Strong boy with pleasing outline. Correct head with strong jaw, good dentition, dark eyes and nose pigment. Good ear set and firm strong neck following into withers. Good forechest and deep brisket reaching elbows. Needs time to develop more and to firm up in pasterns and feet to help with his movement.

2nd Busdan Ziva's Terzo (Dr D M L Birch) – 14 month old blue boy with pleasing head and expression. Foreface long and well filled in below the eyes. Clean neck held well up. Needs time to mature into his frame. Moved ok.


1st Kinnegans I Walk The Line at Penmarlam (Mr G Mcgowan) – 2 year old fawn with dark mask, good breed type, lovely head with level planes, dark eye and good dentition. Good lay of shoulder and level topline. Adequate angulation and nice tight feet. Moved well.

2nd Shlarra Blast from The Past (Mrs W A Marriott) – 12 month old fawn who is still very much a baby and needs time to mature into his frame. Stunning head of right proportions. Triangular ears with nice neck flowing into withers. A bit long cast which spoils his topline. Moved ok.

3rd Ozzi Osborne De Stella Ardens (Mrs S C J Kelleway)


A class of quality boys. All 3 could easily change places on another day.

1st Novavida Hellboy by Ravendane (Miss J R Walton) – 18 month beautifully marked harlequin. Lovely soft expression with dark eyes. Head of good length with strong jaw. Broad muzzle with square drop of lip and correct dentition. Arched clean neck, well set into shoulders. Well sprung ribs with strong back and loins. Good turn of stifle. Moved out well. Strongly considered for Res CC.

2nd Zefather’s Ralph Lauren JW (Miss Cranfield) – 18 month old fawn boy with dark mask. Not the biggest of dogs but very well balanced all over. Good head planes with square drop of lip. Correct dentition and dark eyes. Good neck which flows into withers with correct shoulder placement. Well filled out forechest and good spring of rib. Moved very well.

3rd Allours Bonito (Mrs S F Dunn)

LIMIT DOG (2, 0)

1st Jacqukir No Regrets JW (Mr M & Mr P Jacques & Kirby) – 2 year old substantial fawn with a stunning outline on the stand. Beautiful masculine headpiece with correct earset. Has a look of dash & dare. Long well arched neck, well set in shoulders. Good level topline and strong back and loins. Tight cat like feet.

2nd Roshanun Volare (S L & R B Nunn) – 3 year old nicely marked harlequin. Strong head with correct earset. Dark eye and pigmentation with good dentition. Well filled chest and deep ribcage. Moved ok.

OPEN DOG (5, 0)

1st Ch Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI) (Ms L & Mr A Chappell) – Super quality rich brindle boy, with gleaming coat. He really stands out from the crowd. Head of good length and strength of jaw with equal breadth throughout. Correct earset and dentition. Deepset dark eyes. Long well arched clean neck, well set into well muscled slopped back shoulders. Well sprung ribs reaching elbow. Strong back and lion. Long second thigh with good turn of stifle. Super tight cat-like feet. Moved with strong majestic action round the ring. Happy to award him DCC.

2nd Lux Ch Tamzdane Empower Mint JW (Miss T & Mrs L Pocock) – 18 month old perfectly marked mantle. Oozes dash and dare with his ‘look at me’ attitude. Super head with good length of foreface and lips hanging squarely. Well filled in below his dark eyes. Correct ear set with flat skull. Arched strong neck set well into sloped back shoulders. Deep brisket with level topline and strong lions. Coved the ground with free driving action. RDCC

3rd Carsan Vincent (Mrs C Mackenzie)



1st Roshanun Show Business (S L & R B Nunn) – 8 year old well marked harlequin bitch. Good head and pigmentation. Good ear set and strong head. Well muscled body with deep ribcage. Good topline and strong legs with tight feet. She moved round the ring like two year old with powerful driving action. BVIB.




1st Primus Diamonds Are Forever Samdice (Mr J C, Mrs H & Miss C Dyson) – 8 month old stunning rich brindle girl. Lovely head of good length and strong jaw. Broad muzzle with correct scissor bite. Long well arched neck flowing into well layed back shoulder placement. Well sprung ribs and deep chest. Good forechest. Good top and underline. Moved well. Certainly, one to watch in the future. BPIB


1st Primus Bond Girl with Samdice (Mr J C, Mrs H & Miss C Dyson) – Litter sister to MPB who has the same qualities. Very little between these two super young girls. Another I will watch with interest in the future.

2nd Stagbatch Hi De Hi (Mrs A Bliss) – 11 month harlequin. Good markings with clear white background, although she was a bit out of coat today. Good head with flat skull and good pigmentation. Strong neck with good forechest and well muscled body. Tight feet on strong legs. Moved well.

3rd Taysca Stele Mici with Stevarah (Mrs S C J Kelleway)


Super class of some quality young bitches who again could change places on another day. I was spoiled for choice.

1st Zefather’s Kind of Magic (Miss Cranfield) – 12 month fawn girl with a stunning head and dark mask. Lovely dark eyes and correct dentition. Good length of foreface and square jaw. Well arched neck. Good shoulder set and forechest. Firm topline and straight legs on good feet. Nice angles. Moved with purpose and drive. BJIB

2nd Garsak On Fire at Mintrex (Mr E & Mrs D Clark) – 17 month fawn with super head. Long well chisselled face with dark mask. Lips hang squarely in front. Dark soulfull eyes. Flat skull. Good neck and shoulders. Deep ribs and firm strong topline with good tailset. Moved well.

3rd Taradanes Shining Star over Preveli (Mrs H J & Miss L Baker)


1st Zefather’s Kind of Magic (Miss Cranfield) – 1st Junior Bitch

2nd Gracia vom Dwergter Sand of Dainmajik (Imp Deu) (Lady J Ingram) – 2 year old nicely marked harlequin with pure white background. This girl has really come on since I last saw her. Lovely head with square drop of lip. Good ear set and flat skull. Clean strong well arched neck and correct shoulder placement. Well muscled body and firm topline. Good straight legs and nice cat like feet. Moved very well.

3rd Carsan Agustina (Miss J H Middleton)


Another super class where again places could very well change in the furture

1st Rioco My One and Only to Jasnettdanes JW (Mrs A Harrison) – 18 month fawn. Lovely well chisselled head with flat skull and correct earset. Good strong jaw and broad muzzle. Strong neck set well into withers. Good forechest. Straight legs and tight feet. Well muscled rear with good angles. Moved with drive.

2nd Rimor Boadixiya (Mr N Morgan) – 18 month dark brindle. Long foreface with dark eyes. Correct dentition. Long arched neck. Good forechest and shoulders. Well angled. Straight legs and tight feet. Moved freely.

3rd Foaldown Dark Secret (Mrs L M Collett)


Lovely class of stunning bitches. It was a hard decision as there was not much separating some of them.

1st Vanmore Golden Nugget (Mr L Morgan-Evans) – Light brindle with a beautiful head with dark mask and ears. Broad muzzle with strong jaw. Flat skull with rise over brow. Bridge of nose wide with large wide nostrils. Strong well arched neck with good shoulders. Strong forechest. Deep brisket and ribs. Firm strong topline and correct tailset. Moved with drive.

2nd Novavida Purple Calla Lily JW (Ms L & Mrs T Page & Concannon) – Black with gleaming coat. Dark eyes with good earset. Broad muzzle with narrow skull. Good length of foreface. Correct dentition. Strong well arched neck. Good shoulders and forechest. Well sprung ribs and straight topline. Good angles. Moved with purpose and drive.

3rd Rimor Athena's Kyss (Mr N Morgan)


1st Ch Garsak Summer Days at Mintrex (Mr E & Mrs D Clark) – Such a stunning girl who oozes breed type. Alert expression with friendly outgoing personality. Head of good length and strength of jaw. Broad muzzle with narrow flat skull. Well filled in below her dark eyes. Correct dentition with lips hanging squarely in front. Long well arched neck. Muscular shoulders well slopped back. Deep brisket with well sprung ribs. Muscular hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Covered the ground well with lithe springy action. BCC & BOB

2nd Ch Selmalda Oh Lori (AI) (Ms L & Mr A Chappell) – Fawn who is litter sister to DCC winner who has similar qualities. Stunning head with dark mask. Correct dentition. Strong jaw with broad muzzle. Dark deep set eyes. Triangular ears set high on flat skull. Strong well arched neck. Correct shoulders and good forechest. Firm topline and well sprung ribs. Moved with ease. RBCC