• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/01/2024

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Driffield Championship Dog Show Society

German Shepherd Dog

Many thanks to the society for this invitation and their kind hospitality. It has been over 3 years since I last judged the breed and it was interesting to have plenty of new dogs to assess. Many thanks to my 3 very efficient stewards who kept the ring running like clockwork and to the exhibitors for their exceptionally sporting manner throughout judging. Also very relieved we managed to finish judging before the heavens opened!

Veteran Dog (0,0)

Puppy Dog (1,0)

Brown, Ardenburg Bix. Black & gold, medium size, dry male of good overall proportions. Very age-appropriate needing to mature all through. Typical head and expression with firm ears and dark eyes. Good forehand with plenty of leg. Needing to develop his middle piece which should come with maturity. High withers, firm back. Croup is a touch steep with good angulation behind. Firm enough on his hocks for age, needing to tighten on his elbows coming towards. Maintains his wither on the move showing good co-ordination when viewed from the side. BPIB, congratulations!

Junior Dog (3,0)

Foreman, Reyakosa Denzo for Suzdans. Sable, excellent size and overall proportions. Well proportioned head with dark eyes and firm ears, needs to develop more strength through his muzzle. Normal wither, decent upper arm. Good feet & pasterns. Excellent length of leg, firm back and long croup. Very good rear angulation with firm hocks. Correct going/coming, covers the ground well from the side but loses his wither slightly when going a bit too fast.

Cave, Absela River at Casiann. A much stronger male all through than 1 of stretched proportions. Excellent head, very expressive with dark eyes and firm ears. Good forehand with high wither, firm back. Very good bone with neat feet. Very good rear angulation, a touch steeper in croup. Sound at all speeds while maintaining his shape. Preferred the drive of 1.

Rula’s, Reyakosa De Niro.

Special Beginners Dog (1,0)

Macmillan & Macmillan’s, Ebeshb Battle Of Hogwarts. Upper medium size, sable long coat. Excellent proportions and overall shape. Masculine head with firm ears, eyes dark enough. Excellent lay of shoulder with high wither, prefer a better return of upper arm. Excellent length of leg with a firm back, good spring of ribs. Moderately angled in the rear with firm hocks and a short but fairly well-moulded croup. Sound and easy on the move from all angles while retaining his wither height. Would benefit from more confidence.

Post Graduate Dog (4,2)

Cave’s, Casiann Atlas. Upper medium size, very striking black/gold long coat. Impressive for overall proportions and type. Loved his masculine head with dark eyes, correct pigment and firm ears. Well made forehand with strongly boned limbs and good feet. Very good spring of rib with a strong topline. Croup is long but a shade steep. Symmetrical rear angulation with firm hocks. Sound from all angles and covered the ground well at all speeds. Presented in hard condition. RBD, congratulations!

Macmillan & Macmillan’s, Ebeshb Battle Of Hogwarts.

Open Dog (2,0)

Scott’s, Iolanda Phoenix. Upper medium size, rich black/gold. Immediately filled the eye for his correct proportions and obvious strength throughout. Very self-assured and calm temperament upon assessment. Excellent strength of head through skull and muzzle with dark eyes, correct pigment and firm ears. Excellent forehand with correct length of bones. Well boned limbs with firm pasterns and neat feet. Good spring of rib with a firm back. Croup is a touch short but well moulded. Excellent rear angulation. Soundest of movers going/coming today with a ground-covering side gait. Would prefer a little more enthusiasm which cost him in BOB. A very comfortable BD today, congratulations!

Towning’s, Zandamor Dax. Middle size, rich black/gold long coat. Good proportions, makes a very pleasing shape on first appearance. Liked his head very much with dark eyes and firm ears. Well made forehand with a high wither and firm back. Good depth of brisket with symmetrical hind angulation. Croup is a touch short but well moulded. Would prefer more width through his front & rear quarters. Once settled, he gave a good account of himself on the move at all speeds.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (0,0)

Veteran Bitch (1,1)

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

Walden’s, Anchaz Missiemas. Pale black/gold of slightly stretched proportions. Excellent temperament and proportionate bone for her size. Feminine head with dark eyes and excellent pigment. Correct bite and dentition. Good layback of shoulder with a normal wither. Firm backline with good width all through for age. Correct rear angulation. Sound going/coming with an easy side gait.

Junior Bitch (4,2)

Marshall & Ingham’s, Suddick Brooke. A very typy, strong and expressive black/gold of upper medium size. Slightly stretched proportions with good strength of bone and body. Excellent head with dark eyes and firm ears. Excellent forehand with high wither, good length of leg with strong limbs and neat feet. Firm back that flows into a well moulded croup. Corresponding rear angulation with strong hocks. Excellent mover at all speeds, retaining her shape at all times. Really liked her and feel she could go all the way with time. RBB, congratulations!

Fletcher-Mills, Yilsanta Fina. Very middle-sized, ultra feminine black/gold long coat. Very extrovert character which did not go in her favour today. Beautiful head and eye with correct layback of shoulder, would prefer the upper arm to be longer. High wither, firm back. Good rear angulation, needing to firm up on her hocks and elbows with age. Long-striding when viewed from the side while retaining her wither.

Special Beginners Bitch (4,2)

Ranshaw & Askham’s, Reyakosa Calia. Medium sized, correctly proportioned black/gold. Liked her head and expression with firm ears and correct pigment. Her angulation both fore/aft was balanced without exaggeration. High wither that flows into a fairly long croup but would prefer it a little less flat. Retains her shape on the move at all speeds.

Cave’s, Casiann Ate. Upper medium size, strong black/gold of slightly more stretched proportions. Dark eyes with good strength through skull & muzzle. Normal wither with good layback of shoulder. Decent length of leg with firm back. Croup is a little too steep with correct rear angulation. Balanced when viewed from the side and held herself together well on the move. Would prefer her in slightly firmer body condition.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,0)

Brown’s, Swnynant Hera. Medium sized, strong rich black/gold of excellent type and quality. Correctly proportioned without exaggeration. Feminine head, very expressive with dark eyes and firm ears. Excellent forehand, high wither and strong limbs with correct pasterns & feet. Well bodied up with a firm back. Croup could be slightly more moulded with correct rear angulation. Retains an excellent shape at all speeds, presented in top condition. BB & BOB, congratulations!

O’Neill’s, Kidaforce Corin at Dunningwell. Upper medium sized, rich black/gold of stretched proportions. Loved her head and expression. Very good forehand with a normal wither, strongly boned limbs. Excellent spring of rib with firm back line. Croup is steeper than preferred with very good rear angulation. Tends to lose her wither when viewed from the side on the move but is sound going/coming.

Ranshaw & Askham’s, Reyakosa Calia.

Open Bitch (6,1)

Forman & Forman’s, Kintaro Grace Kelly with Suzdans. Upper medium sized, very typy black/gold of medium strength. Pretty head and eye with firm ears and correct pigment. Very good forehand with straight limbs, would prefer slightly tidier pasterns and feet. Decent wither into firm backline, croup is of excellent length but a touch steep. Excellent rear angulation with very good width all through. Ultra-sound going/coming with a far-reaching side gait. In excellent coat and condition. Just tended to slightly lose her wither in the challenge compared to my Post Graduate & Junior winners.

Brown’s, Swnynant Guiliana. Upper medium size black/gold of stretched proportions built on clean lines. Feminine head with required strength and firm ears, very good forehand with excellent wither height. Good limbs and feet. Firm backline into long but slightly steep croup. Excellent rear angulation. Really good mover all round and retained her wither height the best. Not the coat or body condition of 1.

Scott’s, Mistique vom Silkenwood.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (4,0)

Ranshaw & Askham’s, Reyakosa Calia.

Fisher’s, Swiss/Rom/Lux/Int Ch. Kintaro Lady Sansa of Sannah. Top sized black/gold of stretched proportions. Have judged this one before as a youngster, she has continued to mature well. Ultra feminine head with dark eyes and correct pigment. Good forehand and length of leg. Normal wither, firm back line, well bodied up with plenty of rear angulation. Croup is long but a shade steeper than preferred. Sound going/coming with an easy side gait, very well schooled and conditioned. Preferred the overall proportions of 1.

Walden’s, Anchaz Kizziemas.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)