• Show Date: 07/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: James Mortham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/12/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Bulldog

LKA held their annual Championship show for the first time at Staffordshire County show grounds and for four days show. The Utility Group was on Thursday the 7th December 2023 with entry of 67 dogs making 67 entries.

Minor puppy dog 5 –(2ab)

1- Miss A George “Avaword Boio” strong red and white dog, good head and expression, dark eyes, wide nostrils, straight forearms, good top line with strong hindquarters, moved well.

2- Mr & Mrs Lister “Adornangels Raging Bull” Larger in size to 1st, good size head with dark eyes and flat skull, large broad nose, good width of chest, adequate bone, moved well. I would like to see better tail.

3- Mr S & Mrs C Parker “Albionpride Somebody New”

Puppy dog 2

     1-Mrs L Wilson “Braeaaron Macallan Vintage” Red &White male of quality good head and conformation, rose ears, dark clear eyes, wide jaw, good placement of shoulders with good bone, round and compact feet, moved very well Best Puppy Dog.

      2- Mr S Vosper “Busterieigh Kinda Magic” Red & White male of a different type to 1st , pleasing head with lovely set of ears, open nostrils, in good condition, moved soundly.

Junior dog 3-(1ab)

1- Mrs S Macdonald “Frederick Of The Hollybullz At Winenbru (imp)” Red & White dog of quality, head is large but in proportion to the body, rose ears, large teeth, wide up sweep of jaw, good width of chest and well let down Brisket, good top line, presented and handled very well, moved well.

2- Mr & Mrs Bradshaw “Brarabus Billy Kimber” dark red and white of standard size, attractive head, dark round eyes, muscled forequarters. I would like to see better set of tail and hindquarters.

       Graduate dog 3-(1ab)

1- Ms M Cradock “Kinlockbulls Cartier” Red & White male of standard size, an eye catcher, outstanding dog, well proportioned head, flat skull, wide nostrils, eyes dark and very clear from any problems, wide jaw with good turn up, round cheeks, forequarters are straight, compact feet, large ribcage with correct top line leading to a good set of tail and a strong hindquarters . Moved and handled very well Reserve Best Dog (Res.CC) credit to his owner and breeder.

2- Ms D Bennett “Buddy Too Ticky For Blaketopp” Red &White male, alert, good size head with correct high set ears, dark eyes with good bone, wide front, moved ok.

        Post Graduate dog 1

1- Mrs L Anscombe “Blenhiemstar’s Lancelot Of Jraygon” stood alone, Red &White male with dark round black eyes which they are clear from any problem, good distance between the ears nice front and top line , walked ok

Limit dog 9-(3ab)

1-Mr S Davies “Baalzebul Cupids’ Beau” Red & White well balanced dog of high quality, finely wrinkled, flat skull with defined furrow, dark eyes, wide under jaw, rose ears, good wide front and turn of shoulders, well boned, moved and handed very well, in top condition.

2-Mrs S Macdonald “The Bone Collector At Winenbru” another high quality male from this small kennel. Red &White, a light weight standard size with a very pleasing head and conformation, dark well pigmented round eyes clear from any problems, good set of tail. The coat is short and fine texture, moved extremely well, handled very well . (I always loved him since he was a minor puppy)

2- Mrs v Paul “ Blodellos Doctor Strange”

Open dog 8-(1ab)

1-Mr S Lowthian “Ch.Haddaway Hey Bulldog” Brindle and white. I have seen him in the show ring before but never had my hand on him to assess him. I could not fault him, well balanced over all, large head, but in proportion to his body ,very dark round eyes, which are cleared from any problems, round cheeks and wide jaw with good dentition, light well apart rose ears, strong arched neck, good width front, large ribcage and strong forearms. In tip top condition, moved and handled very well, a worthy Champion Dog CC and Best Breed.

2-Mr & Mrs D Lees “Ch.Starbornbullies Love Struck For Mellowmood IKC” Red & White of very high quality bulldog close to 1st but of a different type, head is very pleasing , up swept wide deep jaw, large dark round eyes, rose ears, good ribcage and brisket, straight forearms, very good top line and strong hindquarters, good mover, tip top condition, credit to his owners, worthy Champion.

3-Miss C Reynolds “ D’Or Wood San Valero At Gratiabull imp Fra”.

Veteran dog or bitch 1

1- Miss A George “ Ch.Avaword Connie JW” Red & White of quality, stood alone, but worthy Champion and JW. all in proportion from front to back, such a beautiful head and body, dark round and well pigmented eyes, light rose ears, good length of neck and ribcage, very light in the hindquarters, moved very well, shown and handled very well. In top condition. Best Veteran.

Minor Puppy Bitch- 5 (2ab)

1- Mrs P Stothard “Ricatori The Wild One At Garrnaze” feminine seven months old, red & White bitch of standard size, good mouth and teeth, correct light rose ears, round dark eyes with fully pigmented, nice frontage with a pleasing top line. Need to train more to show her quality. Tip top condition.

2- Miss A George & Mr Ciburn “Avaword Gwenno” very close to 1st , seven months old , quality red &White bitch, nicely balanced head with up sweep of jaw, good bone, short body, moved freely and handled very well. 3- Mr S & Mrs C Parker “Albionpride Low Key In Love”

Puppy Bitch 1

1- Ms M Cradock “Kinlockbulls Chopard” another beautiful bitch from this small kennel, an eye catcher, standard Red and white bitch with super expression, dark eyes that are clear from any problems, flat skull with small rose ears, the front is wide and strong, well sprung ribs and good top line leading to a nice set of tail, strong hindquarters, shown very well. Best Puppy bitch, Best Puppy, she was short listed in the group. Credit to owner and breeder, very bright future for this one.

Junior Bitch 6-(3ab)

1- Mrs T Mayes “Ragmarte Daiquiri “ beautiful Red and white bitch of high standard, every things about her in proportion, the head is set high and of a good size, her eyes clear dark and full pigmented, light rose ears, adequate bone, nice size ribcage, pleasing hindquarters and set of tail, good neat feet, moved very Well presented in very good condition. Pushed hard to get top honor of the day. For sure her day will come soon.

2- Mr & Mrs M Harding “Wilson pride New Sensation” white bitch in top condition, good quality, pleasing head with dark eyes, wide open nostrils, good distance between the ears, arched neck, well developed forearms, a bit longer in body to 1st (which is not a bad point for a bitch), shown very well.

3- Miss C Byrne “Charbull Red Velvet”

Graduate Bitch 4

1- Mrs J May “Terlingfair It Must Be Love” lovely standard well balanced white and red bitch, well proportioned head, beautiful dark eyes, round cheeks, good jaw and dentition, good reach of neck with nice top line which she has carried correctly while she is moving around the ring, light and strong hindquarters, in very good condition moved very well.

2- Miss C Reynold “La Chata Nieves At Gratiabull imp Esp” This white bitch has potential, but at the moment does play and move when one try to judge her. I managed to feel her after has settled. Excellent head with beautiful dark clear eyes , jaw is wide and up swept, moved very well, good condition. ( handler please work on her more.

3- Mrs T Mayes “Blenhiemstar Royal Flush.

Post Graduate Bitch 4-(2ab)

1- Mrs H Watkins “Chayo Hot To Trot” white and red bitch of a good size head, the jaw is wide and upturn, open

nostrils, light ears and strong neck, moved ok.

2- Miss D Smith “Majentabull Miss Vuitton Indrio” This beautiful standard bitch is an eye catching almost every things about her is so beautiful from head to shoulder to top line to excellent body and mover, but today unfortunately had a fault . Moved like a dream, handled and shown very well.

Limit Bitch 7-(2ab)

1- Mr S & Mr B Flatt “Beistock The Goomer) Red and white of overall quality. Super head with deep stop, well defined furrow, excellent under jaw, true and wide, good reach of neck, wide chest, short in body and light hindquarters, moved and handled very well, Res.CC.

2- Mr & Mrs V Eaton “Ricatori Reflections “ a different type to 1st, with very high quality, well balanced head and body, nothing over done on her, beautiful and an eye catching head with round dark eyes and large nose, good reach of a strong neck, nice top line, wide natural front, good bone and feet, moved and shown very well. 3- Miss A George “Avaword Trixie”

Open Bitch 7-(1ab)

1- Miss D Smith “Ch.IrCh. Starbornbullies Xena At Mellowmood “ brindle bitch of supper quality, well balanced head and body, nothing over done on her, good flat skull with very fine well placed ears, eyes very dark and set well in to the skull, pleasing jaw, wide natural front with round and deep brisket. Long and sprung ribcage, very good arched neck with very pleasing top line leading to a beautiful tail, shoulders are round and tacked on body, light and strong hindquarters, when she moved she covered the ground with ease, such a beautiful girl. BEST BITCH CC & Best Opposite Sex. Worthy Champion.

2- Mademoiselle Y Stoffaës “Multi Ch. Int Ch.Multi R’dreamlovelybulls LagerthaATC A different type to 1st, white bitch of quality, the head is very pleasing, the jaw is wide and up swept, the nose is large with open nostrils the skull is flat, the ears are set high and well a part., strong neck, good bone with strong forearms and hindquarters, slightly longer in body but this a good things for a bitch, moved and handled very well. Worthy Champion.

3- Mr D & R & Mrs C Rodgers “Belushi Moonlight Lover”


James Mortham