• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/09/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Samoyed



JD (2) 1. Winger's Rosskaja Here Comes Trouble for Syanaria. At just twelve months this lad is well grown, balanced throughout and has a masculine head with dark eyes and small ears. Coat in lovely condition and good feet with lovely feathering. Well angulated and moving out in style. Best Dog. 2. Hopkins Navratilova's Holy Archie Orleansnow (Imp CZE). Seven month old lad who is very much a baby, pretty head but I found his eyes a tad on the small side. Decent enough angulation and coat coming in nicely. Not quite the balance of (1) and tended to bounce a bit on the move.

PGD (1) 1. Kosmane's Serebryanaya Skazka Gorynya Bogatyr (Imp RUS). This three year old has a broad skull with dark eyes, body a bit rangey and rather long cast, but a decent enough topline and tailset, angulation ok, could be moved quicker to advantage.

LD (3) 1. Tarasinska's Siberianmist Odin. At not quite two years this lad is well grown and maturing nicely. He has a masculine head although tends to narrow a bit towards muzzle. He is well balanced in body and angulations are sufficient. Coat is nice and he has good feet and moved well. Reserve Best Dog. 2. O'dwyer's Aspenbeauty Making Dreams for Kalinski (AI) (Imp AUS). Two year old with a nice head who looks balanced standing and on the move, holds his topline, in lovely coat and condition, tends to pace at slower speed. 3. Vidak's Lacewood Winters Wish.

OD (2, 2)

PB (3, 1) 1. Mann's Silbertips And All That Jazz. At eleven months this young lass has a lovely head and expression, she is nicely balanced throughout with good angulations and holds a good topline. She is in lovely coat and although her movement was ok she wasn't putting it all in on the day. Best Puppy. 2. Willcock's Dynar Viennese Whirl. Another one coming up to a year old, narrower in head than (1) and longer cast looking rather rangey at present. She is well angulated and has a decent topline but does tend to pace on the move.

JB (7, 2) 1. Moody & Haffenden's Taronakits It's Kayanova JW. Very well presented 18 month old bitch of excellent type, lovely head and expression, darkest of eyes, good front and super outline, moving very well. 2. Hansell's Taronakits It's Kalyra at Samarind. Litter sister to (1) and not much to choose between them at this stage, bit smaller than her sister but very pretty and with a lovely outline, excellent angulation and in fabulous coat and condition. Moved to advantage. One of those times you wish you had two firsts! 3. Silbertips And All That Jazz.

PGB (4, 2) 1. Taronakits It's Kalyra at Samarind. 2nd in JB and pleased to hear afterwards this gave her the last point for her JW, although I think the cheer gave it away - well deserved. 2. Clemente Diaz's Tiffany. Three year old bitch, not quite the breed type of (1), lacking in bone and substance although she was in good coat and moved ok once settled.

LB (2, 1) 1. Tiffany. Moving better in this class, handler getting the hang of it.

OB (5) 1. Collinson's Ch Nikara Secret Love by Norjack JW. Loveliest of bitches, pretty head and expression and an excellent front assembly, well arched neck, good feet and lovely feathering, well balanced all through with excellent angulation, moved to perfection. Best Bitch and Best of Breed. 2. McGreade's Ch Nikara Neverending Dream for Frostia. Another one from the top drawer, pushed (1) hard. Being picky I just preferred the expression of the winner. She is nicely proportioned and cannot stand wrong, moved with a certain air, shown in lovely coat and condition. Reserve Best Bitch. 3. Willcock's BE/RSM Ch Dynar First Love RSM JCH BE JCH NI JCH BJWNL'19.

VB (1) 1. O'dwyer's Kalinski Dushka Maia. At nine and a half what a lovely bitch and in super condition. She has a lovely head, a good front and excellent angulation, moved like one half her age and still carrying a lovely coat. Best Veteran.

SBB (1) 1. Tiffany. Best Special Beginner.

Jacky Cutler