• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Iva Cernohubova Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/08/2023

Basset Hound Club

Breed: Basset Hound

First of all a big thank you to the club for the invitation, it is a great honour to judge the club breed championship show. It was my second judging appointment in UK and I enjoyed it very much. Congratulations for keeping the breed in Category 2 of the Kennel Club Breed Watch; it was a pleasure to see dogs that are fit for purpose, with no exaggerations, in healthy condition, with clear eyes and no skin problems. I saw many sound dogs with good bone, tight feet, enough ground clearance and most of them were of good temperament. I felt sorry for the few dogs who didn’t enjoy the show, probably as a result of having no opportunity for socialization during years 2021 and 2022; when they were born and grew up - time was full of restrictions - and no show appointments. As a result I did not award dogs that did not show enough self-confidence in the ring. I tried to find my choices considering good breed type, soundness and proper construction. Keeping in mind that movement is most important and crucial for the healthy future of the breed, I kept my eyes on fronts, shoulder assembly and rear angulation, which all lead to good reach and drive. My winners had it all. Thank you to my ring steward for his perfect stewarding and thanks for the co-operation of my co-judge when choosing Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Best Veteran later in the afternoon. Finally, a big thank you to the exhibitors who entered their dogs. I loved them all!

VD (2 entries / 0 absent)

1st BEALE &´NEWMAN´s Ch. WOFERLOW KANYE WEST 10 years old male showing all his qualities in his age. Strongly built, substantial dark tri blanket dog, with typical masculine head and expression, lovely dark eyes. Correct outlines, solid bone, nice powerful feet, correct forechest, well sprung ribcage, level topline in stack and on the move, well angulated front and rear, goes parallel with balanced steps and speed which is OK for his age. Very pleasing all over. My Best Veteran Dog was later awarded Best Veteran in Show in full agreement of my co-judge.

2nd ALLCHORNE´s Ch. NELGUS THYME BOMB JW ShCEx 7 years old, very stylish and attractive dark tri blanket dog of correct proportions, substance and bone. Noble head shape and lovely dark eyes, soft leathers of good length and texture. Excellent balance, very sound all over, good length of neck, well angulated, preferred the front and feet of the winner.

Minor Puppy Dog (3 entries / 0 absent)

1st ELLRICH´s MALRICH RUDE BOY Well developed R/W puppy 7 months old with strong bone, nice substance and correct ground clearance. Well domed head and sweet expression, excellent length of neck, smooth shoulders, strong tight feet, yet narrow,front, well developed rear promising good drive, topline will be firmer withage, nicely set and carried tail, moved smoothly around the ring, with good reach and drive, well covering the ground. Pleasure to watch his smooth and powerfull movement. Fit for pupose,  very promissing puppy.

2nd RODGER´s SWITHERLAND BAZOOKA TAF Very sound classic tricoloured male with beautifull shape of head and soft well curled leathers, pleasing calm and soft expression, nice strong bone, well developed ribcage, level topline ending into well set and carried tail, correct well knuckled tight feet, well angulated front and rear, a little bit narrow in hocks. Moves well. Preferred the ground clearance, rear and movement of the winner.

3rd JONES´S CLANWILLOW ACE HIGH Very pleasing picture, yet a little bit finer for a male comparing to the 1st and 2nd in the class. Very balanced all over, excellent head and expression, dark eyes, low set well curled leathers, level topline, very good angulation front and rear, a little bit narrow in rear when viewed in movement from behind. Needs time to develop, very promissing puppy!

Puppy Dog (3 entries / 1 absent)

1st STRUDWICK´s ARMARDIO RIDE LIKE THE WIND AMONG KUMAMATATA Very compact and substantional R/W puppy in age of 11 months who attracted for his happy temperament , being full of energy. Well balanced in proportions, strong bone, good amount of skin all over the body, which is typical for a puppy of his age . Masculine head with excellent muzzle, which gives typical masculine expression. Powerfull neck and well developed ribcage, strong firm topline for his age. Powerfull feet, short hocks. Flashy parallel movement with excellent reach and drive, friendly behavior, a joy to touch him! My best Puppy Dog and was later awarded Best Puppy in Show in agreement with my co-judge.

2nd CUDLIP´s WOFERLOW ECLIPSE AT HARVIDENE Tri puppy of excellent type, very sound all over, beautifull outlines, excellent head and expression, good length of neck, excellent shoulders, would like to see better front and tighter feet. Moves well with lowered head – a typicall hound style. Needs time to mature.

Junior Dog (5 entries / 0 absent)

1st WOODWORTH´s ARMARDIO AGAINST THE WIND R/W youngster with a lot of promise for future development. Nicely shaped head, mild yet masculine expression, excellent leathers. Very sound and balanced, well proportioned hound with good ground clearance, correct parallel movement front and rear, excellent front, forechest and shoulders, nice tight feet. Level topline, well developed, angulated and muscled hindquarters, correct tail set and carriage, nice short hocks. Powerfull movement.

2nd HAMPTON´s X-TOR WANDERER BREENBRASS Very sound and stylish red blanket hound, good substance with correct amount of skin, beautifull head and expression, nice leathers of good length and texture, nice bone, neck and ribcage. Level topline leading into well set tail of correct shape. Prefered the shoulder assembly of the winner. Moves flashily with good drive. Excellent typical breed temperament.

3rd LANE´s CLANWILLOW GOLDEN CHILD R/W youngster of correct proportions, nice length of neck, level topline, nice masculine head, nice forechest and angulation, still narrow in front and rear, needs to find balance in movement. Nice temperament.

Yearling Dog (2 entries / 0 absent)

1st CRAGG´s SPIREBEAR BLACK CAVIAR Big dark tri male of good substance and bone, tight feet, would like to see better front & rear angulation. Lovely masculine head with calm expression. Didnt show himself in the ring – moved with lowered tail.

2nd BUFTON´s KENZDUO SHORE – (cl. 11)

Novice Dog (2 entries / 2 absent)

Post Graduate Dog (2 entries / 1 absent)

1st JONES´s CLANWILLOW BACK TO THE FUTURE A tri youngster of excellent proportions, nice shaped head with beautifull lip, low set well curled leathers of fine texture, lovely expression, correct bite and eyes. Excellent length of neck, good forechest, well developed ribcage with enough ground clearance – fit for purpose. Nice long topline, would like to see longer upper arm, correct angulation in rear. Moves well around the ring, goes parallel front & rear, excellent temperament.

Limit Dog (8 entries / 0 absent)

1st FREUDENREICH´s LOCKOLEA ROCKET MAN Well proportioned R/W hound of nice topline and underline. Very nice head of parallel lines, excellent expression, correct eyes, bite and leathers, excellent forechest, front, ribbing and shoulders. Would like more bone for a male. A little bit narrow when viewed from behind on movement, yet all over very nice balanced exhibit.

2nd ELLRICH´s MALRICH HENDRICKS Dark tri blanket male of good size and substance, would like to see more length of skull and muzzle and a little less stop. Nice dark eyes and leathers of good length. Excellent forechest, well wrap-around front, tight feet, Wish to see smoother shoulders. A little bit narrow in rear on move. Correct set and carriage of the tail. Prefered the head and movement of the winner.

3rd CUDLIP´s HARVIDENE DOPPLEGANGER A little bit heavier for my taste, excellent head and expression, wish to see smoother shoulders and tighter feet, good temperament.

Open Dog (7 entries / 0 absent)

1st RODGER´s SWITHERLAND SORREL A R/W hound of good size, possesing absolutely no exaggeration, yet a typical hound fit for function, fit for purpose. Perfection in every detail, this sound 2 years old dog shows his best and has much to show. Nice head, correct expression, correct bite, eyes, nicely curled leathers of good length. Smooth all over. perfect shoulder assembly, correct front with tight feet, proper parallel movement with excellent reach and drive. Absolutely the best mover of today, correct front and rear in harmony. Placid temperament and perfectly handled. He excelled in movement in his class overall and later in the BOB competition. Delighted to award him CC and that my co-judge agreed to award him BOB and BIS later in the afternoon.

2nd ARCHER´s ROAMANBAY REDDY TO RUMBLE A substantional imposing male with nice shaped head and typical expression to die for. Beautifull leathers, very masculine, good amount of skin, strong bone and nice ribbing, excellent neck and topline, excellent rear and turn of stiffle, nice apple bottom. Great mover. Lovely temperament. Prefered the shoulder assembly of the winner. My Dog Res.CC.

3rd WOODWORTH´s ARMARDIO FIRESTARTER 5 years old, classic tri, another excellent exhibit in a strong open class. Nice substantional and powerfull, strong bone, very sound male of excellent head shape and expression, lovely leathers, good mover, prefered the front movement of the 1st and 2nd. Lovely temperament.

Breeders Dog (3 entries / 0 absent)

1st FREER´s SWITHERLAND DARK DESTROYER 3 years old, nicely shaped tri male of good size and proportions. Neat head with deep dark coloured eyes, correct bite, well set supple leathers. Correct topline, excellent forechest, ribbing, shoulders and rear, nice tight feet. Moves in typical hound style around the ring, covering the ground well.

2nd LANE´s LANEBERN MY HEARTS ON FIRE 5 years old, very substantional hound with sweet behavior. Strong bone and feet, lovely masculine head, level topline with slightly arched loins, correct front & rear, powerfull movement. Nice temperament, always happy and enjoying being in the ring.

3rd ELLRICH´s MALRICH STAND N´DELIVER 7 years old, still an excellent mover, possesing typical breed behavior, especially the head, size and balance in proportions including excellent ground clearance for his age. Prefered the shoulder assembly of 1st and 2nd.

Special Beginners Dog (1 entry / 0 absent)

1st BUFTON´s KENZDUO SHORE A small tri hound which doesn´t posses the qualities and breed points I would like to see.