• Show Date: 30/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Ganney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)


30th April 2023

Labrador Retrievers

An enjoyable day judging. Really pleased with both my line ups. I did find though some exhibits were carrying far too much weight which not only spoilt their movement but their overall look. Baiting was an issue with some dogs. I struggled to check teeth & bites, competing with handlers who were constantly feeding their dogs .Better training would go along way to rectifying this.

Minor Puppy Dog.

1) Harvey-Majors Just The Joker In Linjor

There was a lot to like with this 7month old boy. Very good in head and neck. Long sloping shoulders with right length of upper arm. Topline supported ribcage that was just right for his age. Clean through coupling onto well-developed rear quarters that had a good turn of stifle. Looked good in profile and very good on the move. BPD & BP.

I later learnt that todays wins gave him his Junior Warrant. Congratulations

2) Barkers Deerbrook Im The Boss.

Paler yellow that didn’t quite have the same angulation as 1. Liked his head and expression. Level topline. Rear quarters were adequate but needed a touch more turn of stifle. Just needs to settle when moving.

Puppy Dog

1) Spriets Merakistone Raphael

Well-built Chocolate Good head profile, but a little wide in skull for me. Clean reach of neck of correct length. Front & rear quarters good along with his spring of rib. Carrying ample bone. Gave an overall balanced look standing. Good movement.

Junior Dog

1) Allens Timouron Olimpio

This smart yellow stood out as he entered the ring. Loved his head and expression. His neck led to well-placed shoulders and straight legs. Body was deep in chest and not over developed. Level topline led to a very good tailset and tail. Clean and firm through the loin to rear quarters with the right amount of muscle tone . There was nothing coarse with this lad. Moved true front and rear. A pleasure to go over. RCC

2) Bambrooks Winsleywood Waghorn at Ravoakar

This yellow had a lot of the attributes of 1 but I felt he lacked the upper arm length I was looking for.

Good in head and eye colour. Body and ribcage just right, with his well-formed rear quarters, which he used to his advantage on the move, completing the picture.

3) Braddons Trendlewood One More Time

Yearling Dog

1) Bambrooks Winsleywood Waghorn at Ravoakar

2nd in Junior, but this class win gave him his Junior Warrant. Well done.

2) Mannings Marchchurch Imperial Topaz JW

Cobby yellow pleasing in head and expression. Good quarters and body shape.

Preferred the movement of the class winner.

3) Judds Harpitts Hot House Rock

Novice Dog

1) Harvey-Majors Just The Joker In Linjor

1st in Minor Puppy

2) Braddons Trendlewood One More Time

This yellow, third in Junior, had a good outline and was well put together. Liked his head and neck length but felt his movement today let him down.

3)Spratts Briweds True Strength

Graduate Dog

1) Rumhllls Firecracker JW

Dark chocolate , a little tall but balanced. Good in head and carrying just enough bone. Pleasing front, body not overdone. Liked the tailset and turn of stifle . In good coat. Moved free and with ease.

2) Bells Westerulston John

Yellow, level in topline with a deep well sprung ribcage. Lacked the front and rear angulation of the class winner. Moved just a bit to close in the rear for my taste.

3) Rowleys Treantagh Hot Spell

P/Grad Dog

1) Harvey-Majors Floki The Jester In Linjor JW

Neat looking yellow with head and expression to match. I particularly liked his head profile and reach of neck. Good front and rear angulation with a body deep and well developed in between. Moved well.

2) Judds Harpitts True Spirit

Clean outlined chocolate with a matching head and neck. Body ok in depth and spring of rib. Firm muscular hind quarters. In good coat. Just felt that he could do with more slope to his shoulders. Not too bad on movement.

3) Tipsons Ffurador First Past The Post

Mid Limit Dog

1) Woodleys Alkamhurst Moment of Truth

What a superbly made black in tiptop condition. Loved his masculine head, not overdone with just enough width. Clean strong neck sitting on long, well laid shoulders. Chest of a good width and depth, with well-sprung ribs .Short and strong in the loin. Topline was level taking you though to a near perfect tailset and true otter tail. A firm well developed hind quarter meant he could propel himself around the ring with ease. A double coat finished off the look. Moved very well. An honour to award him his 3rd CC and BOB.

2) Perkins Carromer Teguila By Keeninspires

Slightly heavier built yellow I liked his head and neck. Good in body and quarters. Clean in coupling and pleasing tailset. In good coat. Moved well.

3) Chapmans Daisypatch Jelly Tot JW

Limit Dog

1) Bolds Shaymiloney Saint signed By Loubert

Black with a good head & neck profile. Good in shoulders with a matching deep body, not overdone in any way. Hard well-muscled rear gave him a balanced outline. Tailset and carriage pleasing. Good movement

2) Bills Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box. This chocolate was carrying a bit too much on his front for me. Good pigment and dark in eye. Front and rear angulation adequate. Plenty of bone and in full coat. Needs to lose some off his shoulders to improve his overall movement.

Open Dog

1) Hodges Sh Ch/ IrSh Ch Naiken Elite Envoy JW IR Jun Ch.

Judged this good moving chocolate dog in the past. Pleasing in head and expression with a good reach of neck on well laid shoulders. A firm level topline, body, not too deep, well sprung ribcage firm coupling, with muscular rear quarters. Good tailset. Although none of his attributes have changed, I felt his sparkle and zip was missing today.

2) Waltons Gallybob Marmalade

This yellow pushed hard in this class Lovely manly head and expression with true forquarters Good in body and loin. Nothing exaggerated with this dog. In good coat and looked fine standing. Moved well but would like to see a bit more drive.

3) Climpsons Othamcourt Heathcliff

Veteran Bitch

1) Lallys Sh Ch Trewinnard Pimlico. Good looking 7 y/o black with a pleasant head and kind expression. True in front, with a body not overdone. Firm rear quarters. Clean outline. Wearing her best coat today. Moved well. BV

2) Bells Westerulston Nola. Another smart black. Very similar to 1 in some aspects but couldn’t quite match her in coat and movement.

3) Parks Sh Ch Ramsaville Rhubarb Rock At Kinchyle

Minor Puppy Bitch

1) Waltons Gallybob Tamarind

Sweet yellow Just right for her age. Pleasing in head with a soft expression. Her lay of shoulders and upper arm length were good. Body and chest depth coming along nicely. Tailset correct, leading to rear quarters with a good turn of stifle and upright hocks. In full coat. Moved well but tired for the main challenge. BPB.

2) O’Neills Ramsayville GiGi At Taligal. Well put together black. A little taller and longer cast than 1,had many of the attributes of the class winner. Just needs to settle more ,but that will come in time. Her movement was good.

3) Bordacs Bellamar Love Me Do

Puppy Bitch

1) Phillips Rochevale Gypsy at Sheenaron .

10 month old yellow carrying just enough weight and bone. Very pleasing in head with a dark pigment and a neck of ample length. Just enough front angulation ,but very good in rear Her body development was ideal for her age. Good on the move, very steady.

2) Edwards Chelmscote One to Remember This yellow was good in head and front. Had enough length of leg for her age. Body not too deep but will look better once her ribs spring. Very good turn of stifle. Stood well and overall movement was good, but needs a little more drive.

3) Smiths Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse

Junior Bitch

1) Coodes Warringah's Pippingara

Very well made yellow. Head and neck in proportion and on well laid shoulders. Topline level, with a body not too deep but a ribcage with ample spring. Clean in loin and firm rear quarters with a good turn of stifle and straight hocks. Moved well.

2) Braddons Trendlewood Tiger Lily

Another well made yellow. Good in head and angulation front and rear Well developed body. Just preferred topline of 1. Another good mover.

3) Collins Foxrush Joyfull JW

Yearling Bitch

1) Edwards Kimbajak Miss Jazz Swinger JW.

Eye catching yellow who never stopped showing. Lovely in head and reach of neck. Level in topline with a ribcage just right. Front & rear angulation good with a pleasing tailset .Nothing overdone with this girl. Although her overall movement was good she needs to watch her head carriage as when she dropped it ,her front movement was affected.

2)Evans Brynlluan Black Diamond at Bowsian

Black in good coat. Liked her head and lay of shoulders. Good development of rear quarters Moved well, but carrying a bit too much weight for me.

3) Edwards Howcastle Josephine of Chelmscote

Novice Bitch

1) Braddons Trendlewood Tiger Lily

2nd in Junior

2) Perkins Keeninspires Poison Ivy

Well put together chocolate with good pigmentation. Head not overdone with good reach of neck and front angulation. Good movement but another one carrying just a little too much weight for my liking.

3) Rowleys Treantagh Sweet Dream

Graduate Bitch

1) Charltons Foxrush Jane Ayre

Pale yellow of good construction and bone. Head and neck in proportion and sitting on shoulders with good angulation. Body not too deep leading to a rear with a true turn of stifle. Looked good standing and on the move which won her the class.

2) Neachells Suttonpark Sweet Revenge At Manorwell

Yellow in good coat. Good head and expression. Body deep in rib but not too wide. Angulation front and rear good . Pleasing on the move.

3) Casey & Jayes Berlan First in Line at Sandylands

P/Grad Bitch

1) Frazers Silmarillion Gondolin

Pale yellow ,feminine in head and expression. Good depth to her chest with a even topline .Just right in the loin. Firm in rear with the right turn of stifle. Looked good on the move.

2) Deanes Abbeystead Glamour at Tanronens

Yellow lighter in bodyweight but with good front angulation. A little tucked up in the loin. Just felt she needed a little more turn of stifle. Another good mover.

3) Jones Willowrush Kersey Dusk at Serenjar

Mid Limit Bitch

1) Bradleys Nancy's Special Treasure

I did like this balanced black. Well built, but not carrying any excess baggage. Really pleasing in head very effeminate with a good eye shape. Well laid shoulders with a good length of upper arm. Body deep with a true spring of rib. Clean through coupling leading to rear quarters carrying a good ,firm muscletone, along with a correct turn of stifle. True tailset and otter tail. Looked good standing ,up on her toes showing off her outline and double coat. Moved really well front and rear. Pleased to award her the CC.

2) Dodds Carriegame Precious Jewel

 A slightly lighter built black, but very neat with a clean outline. Head profile very pleasing along with her accompanying neck and true shoulder construction. Her body was just so in depth and width Tailset and carriage was very good just like her rear angulation, with ample muscle completing the picture. Moved very well. RCC.

3) Collins Carromer Worth A Glance at Kaspair

Limit Bitch

1) Loumanens Tweedledum Time After Time. Short coupled black in good coat, pleasing in head and expression. Strong in body with good ribs. Plenty of front and rear angulation. . Once she settled she moved well , her tail wagging constantly.

2) Neachells Suttonpark Consuela. Longer cast yellow. Quality in head and expression all being matched by her for and aft angulation. Balanced in outline. Another one who moved well.

3) Braddons Trendlewood Simply The Best JW

Open Bitch

1) Stafford & Creamer & Beal & Creamer-Allisons Am Gr Ch Belquest Conclusion Paparazzi (Imp Usa) NAF

On another day these two yellows could easily swap places. Very hard to split.

Very good in head and expression width of skull just right. Long sloping shoulders and ample upper arm gave a pleasing look to her front. Good depth and ribcage supported by a level topline. Firm muscular rear with good turn of stifle and straight hocks. Tailset and carriage was true finished the overall look. Moved well

2) Harvey-Majors Hit of Hit Choice for Vita Solare at Linjor (Imp Ukr) Ru/ukr Jch

Liked her head and reach of neck. Good front and rear angulation with a body not carrying any extra fat. A good coat finished off the look. Lost out when standing she threw her head back which spoilt the outline of her front. It was that close and came down to nit picking. Very good on the move.

3) Wilmshursts Kroppsmarkens Mamma Mia of Mandamay

Judge; Ian Ganney