• Show Date: 21/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/04/2024

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Norwich Terrier

Many thanks to the committee of the Scottish Kennel Club for the invitation to judge this super native breed. The quality was very mixed in this entry and depleted by some absentees. However, I was very pleased with the principal winners.

Puppy Dog: 1 CRAWLEY’s Ragus Punch Bowl. It was well worth the journey to Scotland simply to see this young male who I thought was something quite special. This 6 month wheaten male immediately caught my eye on entering the ring for his overall size and balance. On the table he is a joy to go over, exuding breed type. Head is of correct proportions with broad skull and correctly placed and correct sized ears. He has a keen dark eye of correct shape and size. Super pigmentation further enhanced by the contrast to his coat colour. Correct stop and strength through the muzzle. It is fair to say that I wouldn’t change his head in any way. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders which are angled correctly by correct length of upper arm. Super bone and the tightest of feet on strong pasterns. Short backed, well ribbed up with short strong loin. Well set tail which he carries correctly on the move. Nicely angulated behind and well let down hocks. On the move his side gait is impressive with super reach in front, movement is precise fore and aft. If I was to be critical, he just needs to muscle up to enhance the drive he has, this will come with increasing maturity. His coat may not seem it from ringside because of his colour but I can assure it is of good hard texture and as one would expect from this exhibitor was put down in A1 order. I think that Punch Bowl is probably the most exciting puppy I have judged and anticipate him annexing high honours and accolades in the future thus making no apology for an enthusiastic critique. He is a top-drawer dog who on maturity will, at least in my opinion, be a renowned Norwich Terrier. On this occasion I had no hesitation in passing more mature males to award him CC and subsequently BOB with ease. I wish him well and I hope judges appreciate his colour which although less frequently seen is totally correct for standard. Delighted to see him also win the days heat and overall runner up Eukanuba POTY stakes under Tony Alcock later in the day. Open Dog 1.CRAWLEY’S, Winflash Easter Parade. Pleasing quality dog. Nice head of correct overall portions. Good broad skull, nicely placed ears, good dark eye. This dog has a good strong neck into well placed shoulders. Decent bone and nice feet. Short backed with level topline. Moved well with good drive behind. In good hard Jacket which was nicely put down. He very much deserves his crown, and I am sure that day will come. However today I could not deny his young kennel mate and he had to give way to the puppy dog who is in a class above for overall type and style RCC. 2 BATEY’s, Contilly On A Roll. I liked this dog who is another quality Norwich. He has a lovely head and expression, with good dark eye of correct shape and size. Nicely placed good sized ears. To be hypercritical I would like a little bit more coat, taken out of his ruff to complete the picture. He has an excellent neck of correct length into well-placed shoulders and is well off the bone. This dog has excellent spring of rib, short muscular loin and good top line which he retains on the move. Tail on top and carried well, best tail of the day. Good well muscled hindquarters with good hind angulation. Played his handler up a little today which cost him higher honours. Another who could deservedly carry his title 3. ARMSTRONG & LAWRANCE’s Ragus Sweet Bay at Elantiz

Puppy Bitch 1 BATEY’s, Contilly Smoke and Burn. Very raw black and tan bitch, however lots to like. Very feminine throughout. Pleasing head proportions at this stage but needs to break overall in headpiece, this will come with time. Good neck and shoulder. Correct front and tight feet. Well ribbed up. Where this young lady excels is on the move with excellent reach in front and good drive at this early age, the side gait is a pleasure to watch. Needs time for maturity and a new jacket.

Junior Bitch 1 MITCHELL’S, Miss Elaine Javidel Miss Marple at Swalefield. Decent bitch of good size. Quality throughout. Correct head proportions. To be critical I would like a slightly less around eye. Good neck and shoulder. Good front. Decent jacket. Correct front movement which is precise. However, she needs to move with more drive behind.

Limit Bitch 1 ARMSTRONG’ & EGGINTON’s, Mr Ben Elantiz Angels & Demons. This is a nice bitch of decent quality. She has good strength in head yet it still remains feminine overall. Nice broad skull with a well-placed ears and good dark eye of correct shape. She is not trimmed in her headpiece to her advantage, with too much coat left on the head overall and a slightly over tidied ruff which detracts. Nevertheless, underneath is a pleasing Norwich head. She has a good neck and shoulder. Correct front assembly with good bone and tight feet. Her ribs are well back and resort. This bitch is in good hard condition which showed on the move where she is very sound. Therefore, rightly deserved the CC on the day. I was pleased to hear that that gave her title. Congratulations. 2 HITCHEN’s, Kreatin Truly Extra. Very typy bitch as one would expect from this Kennel. She is still quite immature for her age in terms of substance and jacket. Overall presents a very typical silhouette. Good neck and shoulder into correct front assembly. Decent bone in nice tight feet. Level top line. Just preferred the overall strength in head of the first place page. Action on the move is very precise although today she could have moved with slightly more drive. I think this bitch will get better with maturity RCC.

Ian H Gabriel