• Show Date: 27/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Biggs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/04/2024

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Midland Counties Championship Show

27th October 2023

German Wirehaired Pointer

JD - 2 (1) 1st Jones’ Germanus Makin A Point (AI) Medium sized male with good bone. Balanced head of good proportions with good set of ears of correct size. Eyes are of good colour with correct set and shape. Good furnishings for age. Adequate neck into sloping shoulders, correct height to length ratio, well angulated front and rear and holding his topline well. Carrying his tail a little too high on the move on the day.

OD - 5 (3)

1st Pinkerton & Viacheslav’s Sh Ch/UKR Ch Matze vom Alte Wald. Mature 4-year-old. Good proportions to head with correct eye and ear set. Would like more furnishing to complete the picture. Strong neck into well angulated shoulders, correct body proportions with good width through front and depth to chest. He is well muscled all through which coupled with his correct angulation all through allowed him to move with reach and drive. RBD

2nd Donnelly’s Kimmax They Kall Me Mr Tibbs¬ – 2-year-old male. Taller male, I judged as a puppy, pleased to see he continues to develop well. Overall, body proportions are good with correct height to length ratio. He is typical in head with good proportions of skull to length of muzzle. Medium sized ears which are correctly set, eye colour and shape are as the standard requires. Balanced angulation all through allowing him to move freely with reach and drive holding his topline at all times. Standing and in profile he fits the standard, just needs to broaden all through now as he continues to mature to fulfil his early promise.

VD - 1 (0)

1st McCullough’s Sh Ch/Deu/vdh Ch Kimmax Kurious George Bs17/18. At almost 8 years old this quality male still demands attention. Typical head for the breed with everything in proportion and topped off with good furnishings. Strong well-muscled neck into well laid shoulders, correct body proportions and length to height ratio, coupled with his well angulated rear allowed him to move with reach and drive belying his years. Could not be denied BD & BOB. Pleased to see him short-listed later in a strong Gundog Group.

PB - 2 (1)

1st Pinkerton’s Bareve Bananarama. 9-month-old bitch, just as you would want her at this age. Balanced head of good proportions, eye correctly set and of good colour, good ear set and shape with good furnishings completing the picture. She is balanced all through with good angulation front and rear and is well-muscled for her age, all evidenced by her sound positive movement. BP

PGB - 1 (0)

1st Jones’ Germanus Dutch Delight. Mature medium sized 4-year-old bitch. Adequate proportion of skull to muzzle, kind eye, ears of good size and well set. Good angulation all through and correct body proportions, holding her topline well on the move. A little down on her pasterns today which affected her overall movement.

OB - 4 (0)

1st Turnbull’s Two Kan Play at Elagram. Quality 2-year-old bitch with a well - fitting coat of correct texture. Correct proportions to head with kind eye of correct colour and set. Well-shaped ears correctly set; good furnishings complete the picture. Arched neck into well laid shoulders, correct body proportions and height to length ratio, well angulated front through to strong rear quarters producing the correct movement both coming and going as well as in profile. Stands on good legs and feet. Pleased to award her BB.

2nd McCullough Sh Ch Kimmax Koz I Kan. Another quality bitch and not hard to see why she has her title. Overall head and body proportions are just as the standard requires, coat a little on the soft side today and felt 1 was a little more positive on the move. I am sure they will change places on another day. RBB

3rd Thomas’ Tynsil Just One Smile

Res. Donnelly’s Kimmax Who Kares Wins

VB – 1 (0)

1st Donnelley’s Sh Ch Beechillawn Oooh Betty. 8-year-old bitch that still has all the essentials. Good proportions to head and eye, correct ear set and good furnishings. A little finer in bone, well-muscled all through with good angulation front and rear. A little down on her pasterns today, moved okay.

SBB – 1 (0)

1st Jones’ Germanus Dutch Delight – as PGB

Judge – Ian Biggs