• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/10/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)


23rd September 2023

Henric Fryckstrand


I would like to express my sincere thank you to the committee of the Belfast Dog Show Society for my wonderful appointment. Judging in the UK and many of the native Gundog breeds is the greatest of honour for an overseas judge. The show was very well run and organized by the hard-working committee. I thoroughly enjoyed going over some lovely dogs. I will cherish the memory for a very long time. My two excellent stewards made my day very easy. I would like to thank the exhibitors for sportingly accepting my decisions. When reading the catalogue, I realized that it turned out to be very much of a family affair as the two CC winners in flatcoats were siblings.

PD (2,0)

1. Sullivan´s Wyrebeck Shockwave

Most attractive dark liver puppy who appealed very much for his overall balance and outline. Very elegant head with lovely expression and good eye colour. Well set neck, balanced angulations, correct bone and feet, excellent body shape for age, level topline and perfect tail and tailset, strong rear, moved out really well, excellent presentation and shown in good coat and condition. He should have a bright future. BEST PUPPY

2. Wild´s Kvicksans The Master Piper at Bluewaters (Imp Swe)

Elegant and nicely moulded head with a kind expression, reachy neck set into good shoulders, nice bone, would prefer better feet, correct body for age, a touch long in loin and needs a firmer topline, a bit proud of his tail, very strong and well angulated rear, beautiful coat, free mover

 JD (3,1)

1. Moran´s Bitcon Black Smith

Well-presented junior in excellent condition, beautiful head with nice expression, good neck, would prefer a better front assembly, nice bone and correct feet, well ribbed body. Level topline and excellent tail, well bent stifles, well-presented, smart mover in good coat R-CC

2- Clark´s Hurstclough Night Owl at Flanova

Nice junior needing more time to be at his best, attractive head and alert expression, good reach of neck, still a bit narrow in front and feet needs to tighten, nice body, would prefer a firmer topline and a better tailset, strong rear, moved freely, nice coat.

 GD (1,0)

1. Wild´s Bitcon Alliance with Bluewaters (ai) JW

 Quality young dog with many good points, elegantly moulded head, nice eyes, well set neck on good shoulders, lovely bone and correct feet, correct body shape, would prefer a stronger topline and a better tailset, well angulated rear, shown in excellent coat, moves well

 LD (2,0)

1. Holland´s Flatcharm Mayhem Miller

 Most appealing male in excellent condition, beautifully moulded head with an attractive expression, reachy neck blending smoothly into good shoulders, a handful of forechest, very good bone and correct feet, long ribcage, strong topline but tailset could be better, lovely tail, powerful rear, short hocks, stylish on the move, handled and presented to perfection in lovely coat, the handler told me afterwards this made him up, congratulations, CC and BOS

2. Broome´s Benvellyn Amur Falcon of Evingbriar

 Active dog not shown in his best of coats which spoiled the outline, masculine head, nice expression, a bit short of neck and would prefer a better layback of shoulder, nice bone, feet needs attention, excellent body, tailset and tail carriage not very good today, good bend of stifle, a bit erratic movement

OD (1,0)

1. Kenning´s Ir Sh Ch Lacsar Gin and Bear It (IKC)

 Well-handled showy male in good condition, nicely moulded head, could have a shade darker eyes, good reach of neck, good return of upper arm but shoulders could have a better layback, correct bone and feet, excellent ribcage, good topline standing, very sound behind, covered the ground when moving, shown in lovely coat but I prefer a more elegant grooming on the front

 PB (1,0)

1. Whitaker & Kilsby´s Aricdell This One’s for You

Well-presented liver puppy, feminine elegant head, good neck, prefer a better layback of shoulders, very good bone but feet needs to improve, excellent body for age and strong topline, nice tail, good bend of stifles, good coat quality, moves well,

 NB (1,0)

1. Sullivan´s Wyrebeck Live Forever

 Nicely presented in good shape. Pleasing head of correct balance, lovely eyes and expression, reachy neck, adequate front assembly, dead level topline and correct tailset, short tail, well bend stifles, moves with good stride, nice coat. R-CC

 GB (1,0)

1. Whitaker & Kilsby´s Jetstarski I'm On Fire

 Showy bitch in good condition, attractive head and beautiful eyes, very good neck, would prefer a better layback of shoulder, nice bone but feet needs to tighten, correct shaped body with good ribs, very strong topline, a bit proud of her tail, excellent rear, shown in beautiful liver coat, very active mover

 LB (1,0)

1. Whitaker & Kilsby´s Evening Mist Black Brianta (imp CZE)

 Pleasing outline, correct shape of head, lovely eyes, excellent neck, good fore and aft, correct bone, feet not very good, excellent body shape, level topline, good tail, strong backend, covers plenty of ground, correct coat texture but not in her best coat today.

OB (2,0)

1. Holland´s Flatcharm Bianca del Rio

 Top class bitch in superb condition and handled to perfection, most beautifully moulded head, lovely eyes, bright expression, good neck springing cleanly into good shoulders, lovely bone and feet, long ribcage, short coupled, very good topline, short tail, good second thigh, shown in grand coat, effortless mover, could not be denied the top spot, I was told afterwards that this was her crowning merit, well deserved, CC and BOB

2. Finlay´s Blacktoft Veneza Aughnaleck

Very feminine head, nice expression, good reach of neck, adequate front, need better feet, lacking somewhat in substance and need a better spring of rib, topline could be improved and tailset not very good, excellent rear, needs to settle on the move, correct coat texture but not in her best coat.