• Show Date: 21/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Upton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Gordon Setter

Manchester Dog Show Society

Championship Show

Saturday 21st Jan 2023

Gordon Setters

Miss H A Upton (Roydack)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at Manchester 2023, it has been a little while since I have judged my ‘first’ breed due to lockdown and I was thrilled with my entry and the lovely atmosphere around the ring on the day.

My only observation on the breed since last time I judged, is in some cases the handling of the dog let the dogs down, I spent a lot of time moving feet into places they should be so I could see the full picture of the dog as a breed specialist I know how difficult a gordon can be, others might not forgive this.

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries 4 - Absent 0)

A class full of promising puppies.

1st - Tait, Miss L - Forrester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor

6 mnth old, well balanced for age, standing on the right amount of bone and muscle for age. Typical Gordon Head, with dark eyes and gentle expression. Won this and the puppy class for his overall balance and sound movement, covering the ground with enthusiasm and drive, one I will continue to watch. BPD.

2nd - Williams, Mrs E and Mr B - Longrow Jean Genie

Another 6 month old of different type to 1. Well balanced, just lacking the bone and muscle at this stage. Head needs time to mature but has correct proportions and the classic Gordon dark eye and kind expression. Well angulated front and rear, with level topline and correct tail run off, moved well holding his topline and once settled striding out and enjoying himself. Needs time, but it is all there, another one I will watch with interest.

3rd - Ellington, Miss J - Beechlake the Storyteller of Finnsfolk

Puppy Dog (Entries 6 - Absent 0)

1st - Tait, Miss L - Forrester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor

Repeat of Minor Puppy.

2nd - McCarthy, Mrs K - Hernwood Wizard of Oz

Mature male for 9 months old, not presented in the best condition today, carrying slightly too much weight and coat for his age. Substantial head, with dark eyes and soft expression. Moved ok.

3rd - Marsh, Mrs K - Kilnrae Black Hawk

Junior Dog (Entries 4 - Absent 0)

1st - Morgan, Mrs M - Caradilis Sky Rocket (AY4)

This dog caught my eye as he entered the ring. The handler needs to be careful about presentation as he wasn’t standing his dog to his advantage. A Masculine head of correct proportions, I like this dogs expression beautiful dark eye and colouring throughout. Straight front, good depth of forechest, correct length of neck into well laid shoulders, well ribbed up for his frame, level topline, right amount of bone and muscle for his age, presented in good coat and condition. Owned the ring on the move, covered the ground easily with plenty of reach and drive, considered for top awards just needs time to mature, one I will watch with interest.

2nd - McCarthy, Mrs K - Hernwood Wizard of Oz

Repeat of 2nd in Puppy

3rd - Inglis, Miss E - Caradilis Jumping Jack

Post Grad Dog (Entries 6 - Absent 1)

1st - Mitchell, Mr C and Mrs S - Cafotaliena Thief of hearts by Brobruick Jw

I have admired this dog since a puppy and he doesn’t disappoint when you get your hands on, however the handler needs to be really careful in regards to standing him too short and moving him at the correct pace. He was presented in a beautiful coat and condition, he has the head I look for; brick on brick head with correct colour markings, dark eyes, low set ears and an expression that melts the heart. Straight front with good forechest, nice neck leading into well laid shoulders, well ribbed up and plenty of depth from withers to brisket, strong rear angulation with great bend of stifle. Moved well wagging his tail the whole time, I would just like to see him stride out with a little more drive to complete the picture, another one that was considered for top honours .

2nd - Danks, Mrs M - Colquhally Major Tom

Similar comments apply to 1st place here as similar types. This boy had the devil in him today and was giving his handler a hard time. Beautiful Masculine head with kind expression through dark eyes, he is balanced with plenty of muscle and bone for his frame, when he settled he moved well covering the ground effortlessly using his strong front and rear angulation to his advantage.

3rd - Hudson, Mr and Mrs RM and VA - Longro Bohemian Rhapsody at Robinvale

Limit Dog (Entries 3 - Absent 1)

1st - Sweryda, Mrs K - Wasely Sweet William

A male presented in a good coat and condition and of correct size, Masculine head with gentle expression, nice length of neck leading into level topline, well ribbed up and correct depth of chest for his frame, also liked his colouring and tight feet. Handler needs to slow down on the move, he moved with drive and enthusiasm and was nice to see him slashing his tail and holding his topline on the move.

2nd - Bain, Mrs L - Palangor Moonlight Echo at Pangarak

Different type to 1, Masculine Head with dark eye, but with slightly longer foreface than 1, he has a lovely expression, almost aristocratic air about him. Lovely length of neck, good depth of forechest,he walked himself into a natural stand which was lovely to see, strong front and rear angulation with correct amount of muscle covering, well ribbed up with plenty of lung room. Unfortunately today he could not get himself together on the move, I think the ring size and floor did not assist him today which was a shame.

Open Dog (Entries 5 - Absent 0)

1st - Sandiford, Mr P & Sandiford, Mrs CA & Lewis Miss - Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea

A dog that I have admired from the ringside over the last couple of years and he did not disappoint. Giving his handler a hard time today deciding that standing was way too boring. He has the most elegant of heads with a lovely soft expression but with that air of cheekiness about him, he is presented in beautiful condition and not overdone in any way. Lovely neck into well laid shoulders, level topline and correct tail set. Plenty of rib for his frame and with correct depth from withers to brisket, he has a strong well muscled rear which he puts to use on the move, ‘he owns the ring’, he moves with purpose and enthusiasm and is a joy to watch, very close up for CC. RCC.

2nd - Whiting, Mr K & Cops, Mr J - Lockheath Black Ice

A dog I haven’t really paid much attention to, but was pleasantly surprised. A balanced dog full of masculinity. Head of correct proportion and size for body, would like to see better colour on his head, but this does not detract from the fact he has a true Gordon head and expression. Straight front with good depth of forechest, well placed shoulders, well ribbed up, correct bone and muscle throughout, level topline presented in good coat and condition. Moved well covering the ground with ease. A dog I will keep an eye on as I am sure he will pushing the door for top honours.

3rd - Harker, Mr & Mrs A & D - Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick Jw

Veteran Dog (Entries 4 - Absent 0)

1st - Hall, Mrs L - Melview Moving Time JW

A dog I have admired from the ring side and today it all came together, not always handled to advantage but today he and handler got it spot on. Nothing over exaggerated about him, he was exactly what I was looking for in a Gordon Male.

8 year old, with a classic Gordon head, correct proportions and colour with a gentle expression through his dark eyes. Balanced with plenty of forechest, spring of rib and good angles front and rear, which once he got going he showed off on the move, covering the ground effortlessly. (DCC and Best Veteran), I was thrilled to be advised afterwards that this was his all important 3rd CC.

2nd - Tye, Mr P - Kyuana Olympic Arrow of Tymora SHCM VW

10 ½ year old male, standing on a smaller frame than 1. Hard to believe he is his age when he moves around the ring the way he does. Preferred the head of my winner, this male is slightly broader over the skull than I like. Standing on lovely tight feet, correct front and rear angulation and well balanced. Well presented and moved effortlessly round the ring. An absolute credit to the owner for keeping him in this top condition at his age.

3rd - Robson, Mr & Mrs S - Liric for Your Eyes Only by Yohenoak JW

Special Beginners Dog (Entries 3 - Absent 0)

1st - Ziegler Atkins, Mrs H - Kilnrae Black Night

A puppy who in this class was much more settled. Still very raw at this time and needs time to develop. Masculine Head with dark eyes, good front, ribs still need to spring which will come with age, level topline, nice rear angulation with plenty of bend in stifle. Moved well and in this class a lot more settled.

2nd - Hudson, Mr & Mrs RM & VA - Longrow Born to Run at Robvale

Leaner in stature than 1, needs time to grow up. Would prefer a slightly shorter foreface and darker eye. Nice tight feet and good colouring. Moved ok.

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries 10 - Absent 7)

1st - Osborn, Miss J - Amscot Air of Success

8 month old bitch full of substance, I hope she doesn’t grow anymore as she is at the right size now. Well presented in a good coat, carrying the correct amount of bone and muscle for her age. She is well balanced and has strong front and rear angulation. Pretty head with an air of naughtiness in the expression, which is what I like to see in a gordon puppy. Well ribbed up for age and with good depth from withers to brisket. She moved with drive and enthusiasm slashing her tail and holding her topline throughout, one I will watch with interest. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd- Cuthbertson, Ms J - Lainnireach Made in Heaven

6 months old. Another bitch from this kennel that I like. Less of her than 1 however well balanced, she is going to take time but has it all there. Pretty Head with dark eyes and a gentle expression. She has lovely clean lines, well laid shoulders, well bent stifles, level topline and correct tail carriage. She moved effortlessly round the ring with purpose and drive and with one with her handler, another one I will watch with interest.

3rd - Passmore, Mrs J & Passmore, Mr M - Beechlake the Poet in my Heart

Puppy Bitch (Entries 5 - Absent 0)

1st - Osborn, Miss J - Amscot Air of Success

Repeat of Minor Puppy

2nd- Cuthbertson, Ms J - Lainnireach Made in Heaven

Repeat of Minor Puppy

3rd - Brandon-Lodge, Mrs C - Cottonstones River Sprite

Junior Bitch (Entries 4 - Absent 2)

1st - Palliser, Mrs A & Palliser, Mr G - Lignum Oro

Beautiful Bitch of correct size, well balanced and well presented. Feminine Head, with dark eyes, soft but mischievous expression and lovely ear set. Beautifully put together and nothing over exaggerated about her. Correct length of neck leading into a clean lay of shoulders, straight front with plenty of forechest for her age, plenty of lung room in well sprung ribs. Level topline with correct tail run off, well muscled on correct rear angulation. She moved with purpose and exuberance around the ring. I was pleased to reward her RBCC.

Post Grad Bitch (Entries 10 - Absent 2)

1st - Hardy, Miss C & Hardy, Miss N - Cottonstones Evergreen with Cafotaliena

Elegant bitch who was missing her clothes today, however this does not detract from how she is put together and presented. Would prefer a little more to her, but she is balanced. Very pretty head with a gentle expression, lovely clean neck into good level topline, she has strong front and rear angulation, which she used to her advantage on the move, she moved effortlessly round the ring with purpose and enthusiasm.

2nd - Horn, Mrs S & Horn, Mr K - Ordett Love me Do at Keaswood JW

A more substantial bitch than 1, well presented and in good coat and condition. A feminine head, however I would prefer less over the skull and darker eyes. She is well muscled and boned throughout. She tends to slope off slightly over the croup. Moved ok, just didn’t have the drive of 1 on the move.

3rd - Gunnery, Mrs J - Longrow Love of My Life (ai)

Limit Bitch (Entries 7 - Absent 2)

The strongest class of the day with a lot of quality within.

1st - Palliser, Mrs A & Palliser, Mr G - Lignum Luck Be a Lady

I have been waiting to get my hands on this girl and she did not disappoint. Today she had it all for me, she was presented in beautiful coat and condition and she and handler were as one. She is of the correct size and carrying the right amount of bone and muscle for a gordon. She has a pretty brick on brick head with dark eyes and lovely soft expression, her head is completed by beautiful length and lay of ears. Clean neck into well placed shoulders, level topline and correct tail set. She has straight front legs with clean tight feet, plenty of depth to her chest with the correct amount of lung room for her body, she has strong rear angulation with a good bend of stifle and length of hock. She uses her strength in her front and rear angles to her advantage on the move, there was nothing getting in her way today, she owned the ring, she covered the ground effortlessly with enthusiasm, drive and enjoying herself with her handler. CC and BOB.

2nd - Davies, Mrs M - Hernwood Athena at Herrera

A bitch of a slightly heavier frame than 1 . Pretty bitch, but slightly longer foreface and rounded skull than I prefer. She is well presented in a good coat and condition. Well muscled and boned throughout. She is balanced and with good front and rear angulations. She moved well with drive and enthusiasm.

3rd - Warren, Miss A - Benbuie Quantam of Solace

Open Bitch (Entries 6 - Absent 2)

1st - Whiting, Mr K - Locksheath True Baloo

A Balanced bitch on a smaller frame than others. I really liked her, I was disappointed in the change of handler in the challenge as she was presented and more settled with the handler in this class. Pretty head with dark eye and soft gentle expression. She was carrying just the right amount of weight and muscle. Correctly put together, with a good spring of rib and level topline. She stood on lovely tight feet, she moved really well, at the right pace and with good reach and drive. Was considered for top honours, unfortunately change of handler unsettled her on the move in the challenge.

2nd - Whiting, Mr K - Locksheath Princess Tiana JW

A more substantial bitch than 1, but similar comments apply in regards to balance and construction. Slightly longer in foreface than 1, she was well presented and moved effortlessly around the ring and slashing her tail as she went.

3rd - Harrison, Mrs J - Paradise Final Fantasy

Veteran Bitch (Entries 2 - Absent 0)

These 2 bitches showed the longevity of the breed, they were both presented in great condition and put a lot of the youngsters to shame with owning the ring and moving so effortlessly around the ring at 9 and nearly 11 years old, it was a pleasure to witness.

1st - Dixon, Mrs J - Ecameadow Saffron with Wallbank

Typical Gordon head of correct size and proportions, she has a lovely expression that makes your heart melt. She is nicely balanced, well presented and has the correct amount of bone and muscle for a gordon bitch. She moves effortlessly around the ring and it is a joy to watch the veterans show the youngsters how it is done. Unfortunately she came up against the dog CC winner for Best veteran, but she is a credit to her owner for keeping her in this top condition.

2nd - Smith, Mrs C - Glenkinchie Soul Star

What can I say about this girl, she is an absolute credit to her owner, she powered around the ring at almost 11 years old. I have known this bitch since she was a puppy and she hasn’t changed. She still has the mischievous expression on her face, the look of ‘i love life’. She has a pretty head with dark eye and a lovely ear set. She isn’t as balanced as 1 and slightly slopes off over the croup, but she has a good spring of rib and plenty of muscle and bone. She moved effortlessly around the ring, enjoying every minute of it.

Special Beginners Bitch (Entry 1 - Absent 0)

Yates, Mrs J & Yates, Mr M - Gailiech Iris Goddess (ATC AX04756106)

This bitch got it together in this class, well balanced, still needing time to mature but time is on her side. Pretty head, but with a mischievous expression, slightly narrower in the skull than I prefer. She is well bodied, with a good lay of shoulder, carrying enough muscle and bone through her front and rear. Moved much more settled in this class and was happy striding out around the ring. Really pleased to award Best Special Beginner and to hear later she went Special Beginner Group 4.