• Show Date: 12/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Heather Simper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Pekingese

CRUFTS 2023 – Critique for PEKINGESE

It was a great honour to judge the breed I have lived with & loved for most of my life. I would like to thank the exhibitors for receiving my placements with good grace. I have not judged the breed for 4 years and today I did find an improvement in overall construction. I think for me the coat issue is still there as I did find some verging on being overcoated. I also think that the firm under jaw and defined chin that the standard calls for perhaps needs attention.

V.D (1)(0)

1. Fitt’s Chasing The Stars Sharbar, 9yrs, black in good coat. Good bone. Nice dark eye of good size. Moved with dignity.

PD (7((0)

This was a lovely class which bodes well for the future of the breed.

1. Shaw & Mee’s Pekehuis Imperial, 11months. A small compact dog of good proportions throughout. His head displayed a good firm under jaw and a well- defined chin. His nostrils were large and open, he has lovely dark eyes of correct size. I liked his front assembly and lay of shoulder which led to a level topline. He moved with the correct rolling gait.

2. Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Romeo, 11months. The proportions of his head are good, he has a firm underjaw and a well- defined chin. His eyes are dark and not too large and he has good open nostrils. I found he did not have quite the body and bone of 1.

JD (10)(0)

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakkee Expecting Miracles. 17 months and very mature. Very heavy to pick up which means he has good bone and body. He has a correct head showing wide open nostrils, good chin and lovely dark eyes. Moved well.

2. Thomas’s Meritorous Welsh Whisper. 9 months old and had to bow to maturity. I really liked his head, it showed all the correct attributes. He has a good body and bone for his age, a nice front assembly with a broad chest slung between his fore legs. He is carrying the correct amount of coat with good harsh top coat. He moved well and I was pleased to award him BP.


1. Morley & Hitcock Lislanmor Stormin’Norman. This young dog is very well constructed with good muscle tone, which means he can move well. He is not over done in any department. His head displays good eye colour and size, wide nostrils, good firm underjaw with well defined chin. I shall watch his progress with interest.

2. Robert’s Wyn-D-Hill Fabulous Franky at Klershof. He has nice construction but not quite the movement of 1. He displays good proportions to his head and he has dark lustrious eyes.

LD (7)(1)

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Story of My Life. 17 months and half brother to my junior winner. He possesses the same attributes as his brother, perhaps a shade shorter in the back and is carrying less coat which I prefer.

2. Thomas’s Delwin Last Performance at Meritorous. This dog appeals for size. He carries the correct amount of coat. He has lovely dark eyes of correct size, good firm jaw line and wide nostrils. I just felt his front is not as well constructed as 1.

OD (9)(2)

1. Shaw & Mee’s Ch Pekehuis Apollo. I think this dog has read the breed standard. When going over him everything falls correctly into place with no exaggerations. He is good for size with excellent bone. His head displays correct proportions giving that wonderful envelope shape, wider than deep. He has lovely dark lustrous eyes, good firm jaw line with a defined chin. As he is constructed so well and his muscle tone is excellent he moves effortlessly displaying the correct dignified roll. He is no way over coated. CC & BOB. I note that the last time I judged I awarded his sire CC & BOB. The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

2. Thomas’s Ch Jonsville Gucci. A worthy Champion. A bigger dog who is nice to go over and moves correctly. Nice head proportions, dark eyes of good size, wide nostrils and dark pigmentation. I would prefer less coat and perhaps a stronger under jaw. RCC.

GCDS ((1)

1. Lund’s Yakee The Interceptor with Magnetizzam. A shapely dog who has good bone & body who moved well. Head proportions were correct and he has dark eyes of a good size and shape. Another not carrying too much coat.

VB (1)(0)

1. Oades & Evans Brentoy Veda. A 7 yr old bitch who is not giving her age away! She moves well due to her correct construction and muscle tone. Good head proportions and a sweet feminine expression. BV

PB (2)(0)

1. Shaw & Mee’s Pekehuis Golden Girl. 11 months old feminine bitch. Well -constructed throughout which enabled her to move well. She carries the correct amount of coat. Good head proportions, dak eyes of good shape and size, wide nostrils and a defined chin.

2. Loup’s Tender Treasure Du Palais Du Roi Noir. Many of my remarks on 1 apply to this bitch regarding her head. She does not have the front assembly of 1 and is not as low to ground.

JB (6)(2)

1. Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Blonde Promise. Another from this kennel who is well constructed and has good muscle tone resulting in correct movement. She is a very feminine bitch with nice head proportions displaying dark eyes, wide nostrils and a good defined chin.

2. Thomas’s Meritorous its only a Wish. This young lady had left her coat at home but she has nothing to hide. I liked her head and expression. She moved well due to good construction.

PGB (9)(1)

1. Easdon and Martin’s Yakee Jasmine. A feminine bitch of good make, shape and size. Good to go over as she is well constructed which enables her to move correctly. Correct amount of coat. She has a well- proportioned head with the darkest of lustrous eyes helping to give a lovely expression.

2. Loup’s Red Velvet De Castrumpekes. The clue is in her name regarding the colour of her coat. She is another who is of good size and shape. She has nice head proportions with lovely dark eyes and a firm under jaw with defined chin.

LB (5)(1)

1. Easdon and Martin’s Yakee Wandering Star. This bitch moves soundly with the correct roll. She is well constructed and has good muscle tone. She has good bone which means she is heavy to pick up. I liked her feminine expression which is helped by her lovely dak eyes.

2. Davenport’s Jadape Tricks at Winniebea. Another well -constructed bitch who moved soundly. Her head is not as wide or shallow as 1 but she does have lovely dark eyes, good wide nostrils and a defined chin. She was also not in full coat.

OB (7)(1)

1. Easdon and Martin’s Ch Yakee Dear Prudence. This 4 yr old bitch is not over done in any department. Great for body and bone. She has a well- constructed front assembly, short neck leading to a good lay of shoulders, level topline , good tail set and a well- muscled rear assembly. She is feminine and her head is correct with dark lustrous eyes, wide nostrils and a firm chin. CC. I was told after judging that I awarded her her 1st CC when she was 8months, I have not seen her since then. For me she has fulfilled the quality and potential I saw then.

2. Rogers Ch Klerkshof Sara at Ralsham. This is a very pretty bitch and a worthy champion. My comments on 1 apply to this bitch regarding construction and movement. To be picky I would perhaps like a shade more bone. She certainly has a nice head displaying the Qualities I was looking for. RCC.

GCB (0)

       Judge Heather Simper