• Show Date: 09/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

A couple of observations. I was surprised at the number of light eyes and eye staining that seems to be so common now. Some of the bitches were very slight and I found myself being able to span one like a Border Terrier. This is wrong. “Chest broad and deep with well sprung ribs” is what the standard calls for. Consequently there was a lot of narrow movement going on and sternums were a rarity. There were a number of sloping croups which of course makes an incorrect tail set. Coats as always were mixed but most were the right colour. Temperaments were lovely and I like judging a breed that are not “automatons”. There was some excellent handling and presentation on display. Thank you for your entries.

Junior Dog (1)

1ST Glamglow’s Just A Crush (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen). Fabulous presentation. Black points. Good for size and bone. Good feet. Jaunty mover. Ears pointed.


Post Graduate Dog (5,1)

1ST Kessaku Scooby Doo (Ms S Warren). Up to size but very typical. Strong to go over. Dark points and pointed ears. Best mover in class for reach and drive and smoothness. Quality coat with undercoat. Good legs and feet. RCC

2ND Glamglow’s Just A Crush (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen). Honest sort in a difficult class. Attractive outline and proportions. Not the movement of the winner.

3RD 1203 - Snowshoes in with A Bang (Mrs J E & Miss J Smith)

Limit Dog (6,2)

1ST Tawvale Genshi (Mrs A & Mr M Draper). Appealing head and expression. Small pointed ears. Good neck and fore chest. Good spring of rib which was lacking in so many. Excellent presentation. Medium bone. Neat feet. Well angulated and balanced. Moved well. CC/BOB

2ND Keagwyn Artic Snow (Mrs R & Mrs M Stevenson-Reynolds & Lewis). Lighter in eye and not a happy shower. A quality dog to go over with well set on tail when he thought about it. Thick coat. Substantial body.

3RD Kessaku Hugo Boss (Ms S Warren)

Open Dog (7, 1)

1ST Cheechako Aurelius JW (Mrs T Pittock). Mature male. Head well shaped and good eye and pointed years. Moving balance is excellent. Lacking some coat but such a good dog to go over. Good bone and feet.

2ND Ch Kessaku Bobby Dazzler (Mrs D Prout). Another attractive boy with excellent presentation. Good type. Slightly smaller than winner but still within the standard. Excellent mover. Good croup and tail set

3RD Aust Ch Daesdaemar Romancing The Stone Glamglow (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen)

Veteran Dog (3,1)

1ST Ferrybelle Natsu Taiyo (Miss Et Toh). Well coated. Slightly light in eye. Very well presented. Well shaped head and pointed ears.. Smooth mover. Typy male - good to go over and only a small problem kept him out of the tickets.

2ND Tawvale Taishita (Mrs Z North). Slightly older boy. Eyes a bit runny. Lots of coat - well presented. Excellent read. Good bone. Not to happy here.


Puppy Bitch (3)

1ST Cavitzs Idaho Rose (Mr R & Mrs D Nicholls). Well coated and good proportions. Pointed ears. Well set on tail. Pure white with black points BP

2ND Kessaku Irish Mist (Mrs D Prout). Not a lot of coat and she needs that to complete the picture, both head and outline. Pointed ears. Well set tail. Scored above third on movement.

3RD Glamglow’s Icing On The Cake NAF TAF (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen)

Junior Bitch (4)

1ST Charney Santa's Cupid (Mrs S Bliss). Nice type. Still in coat. Scored in overall balance and movement. Excellent topline and tail set. Well shaped head and eye. Good topline and tail set with excellent plumed tail.

2ND Glamglow’s Cotton Candy (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen). Sadly out of coat.But still lots to like. Keen show girl. Nice head with dark points and well set pointed ears. OK topline. Well set tail. Good legs and feet.

3RD Charney Santa's Donner (Miss A.j Roberts)

Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)

1ST Glamglow’s Made You Blush (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen). This one had a sternum and moved accordingly. Eye staining detracted from expression. Good for bone and feet and overall substance. Moves out well. Good dark points.

2ND 1206 - Kessaku White Bryony with Keagwyn (Mrs R Stevenson-Reynolds). Longer cast than 1. Well coated. Satisfying to go over. Good coupling and tail set. Good bone and croup.

3RD 1188 - Tawvale Lola (Miss L G Fraser)

Limit Bitch (9, 2)

1ST Kumotta Double Trouble (Ms A Benoist). Well coated and mature. Good size. Excellent head shape and pointed ears. Moderate bone. Balanced static and moving. Flat croup and well set and coated tail . Very sound. RCC

2ND Llwynis State of Grace JW (Miss L Jones). Plush coat but correct. Excellent reach of neck. Good topline. Neat package. Moved freely. Preferred outline of 1.

3RD Glamglow Dare to Be Wise for Bellsperar (Ms M & Miss A & Miss M Izmirlieva)

Open Bitch (5,1)

1ST Llwyni Sky's The Limit JW (Miss L Jones). Well presented white coat. Well shaped head with dark eye and points, and pointed upright ears. Good body. Flat croup with well set on tail. Steady mover, precise and well balanced. Her third should not be far away. CC

2ND Ch Glamglow's Butter Me Up (Mr R, Mrs K & Mrs A Aston & Bowen). So much to like. Thought she would be my winne rinitially but preferred rear action of winner.

3RD Ferrybelle’s Take Cover JW (Mrs S & Miss J Ferry)

Veteran Bitch (2)

1ST Ch/int/ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit (Mrs T Church). Lovely overall shape - squarer in outline than second. Moderate bone. Good feet. Steady mover. Well set on tail. Excellent dark points and pointed ears

2ND Kessaku Yum Yum in Bernavia (Mrs S L Dickson). Well set front and tail. Fabulous coat and presentation. Did not appreciate the heat.