• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hayley Walker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/12/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

Driffield Championship Dog Show 2023

Retriever (Flat Coated)

I would first like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their precious dogs and their sportsmanship in accepting my placements. Thankfully, the weather stayed dry in comparison to previous days of the show. Many thanks to my two very pleasant and efficient stewards Julie and Barry, who enabled me to complete my appointment with ease and smooth running.

It has been two years since I last judged, and I found overall quality good; bites have improved, and I found very few that were incorrect. There still seems to be some length in the rib and through loin within the males and found type quite variable at times. There was throughout the entry good bone, and I feel movement has improved.

Overall, I was looking for that all important classical head, a typical Flat coat shape with good depth throughout and quality bone, with reach and drive on the move to match.

VD (4,1abs)

1st Blain’s Sh Ch Caci’s Just A Gigolo At Steelriver (imp Swe)

This impressive male has it all in moderation from his, clean moulded head correct almond shaped eye with a soft expression that belies his enthusiasm for life. He has maturity and good depth of body and spring of rib, but not in any way heavy. He has the desired level top line and well set on tail. His excellent bone quality and beautifully tight feet. His coat was of good quality and depth. Not overdone in any way. On the move he moved effortlessly, yet covered the ground so well he moves so straight and true, which must be admired in this 9-year-old male. In the challenge he could not be denied for the qualities above and I was pleased to award him DCC & BV.

2nd Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Blue Moon ShCEx

Slightly smaller male in stature but has many quality features, correct length of muzzle and head shape & correct bite. He has particularly good reach of neck leading into the correct length of rib. His top line and tail set were level. He has a lovely depth through the body. He has quality rear quarters with good width of second thigh. Presented a good balanced shape in good coat and condition.

3rd Mullins’ Sh Ch Seaheart Byron

PD (5)

1st Curtis’ Tallistar Midnight Ash

This puppy appealed to me for his overall shape and type, with good substance at this stage of maturity. His kind expression from his well moulded skull with correct amount of stop, finished with correct almond shaped eye. He has good moderate front angulations, correct depth of rib and level topline and tail set. Good depth of bone for this age. Moderately angulated quarters. Moved true. BPD.

2nd Sullivan’s Wyrebeck Shockwave

Caught my eye for his stylish and balanced appearance given that he only 6mths old. Good rich liver colour with depth to his coat. His head is kindly moulded and correctly proportioned. Ears well placed, good reach of neck sitting well in his shoulders. His rear was well developed and correct in length and width of thigh. Good profile movement.

3rd Wild’s Kvicksans The Master Piper At Bluewaters (Imp Swe)

JD (5,1abs)

1st Bowen’s Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine

A male that has caught my eye from the ringside, at this stage he still needs to mature but his qualities are there to be seen. Kind expression and almond eye with good depth through the muzzle and correct ear placement. Good length of upper arm. Good spring of rib, level topline. Slightly long from stifle to hock. But his movement is with easy reach and drive.

2nd Brown & Campbell’s Ronevorg Firefly Fantasy

A dog with more body and substance than 1st but with a slightly broader head. Good depth through the body with gradual spring of rib. Lovely level topline leading to excellent rear quarter angulations with good width. Moved well but not quite the preciseness of 1st.

3rd Long’s Keepersway Live The Moment

YD (8,1abs)

1st Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Kristofer Robin JW

I admired this dog for his overall balanced outline, his head is kind and of good proportions racy but in no way weak. Correct length of neck sitting well within his shoulders and smooth flow through the level of the back and tail set on correctly. Correct depth though the body with gradual spring to match his substance. Good strong hindquarters with correct turn of stifle and depth of second thigh. He moved really well, covering the ground with ease RCC.

2nd Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Goblet Of Fire JW

Similar qualities apply to this dog, similar in size. Good length of jaw and skull proportions with correct almond eye shape. He stands well all round and substance to match, good length of upper arm, strong forechest, good depth of rib and level topline. Well angulated rear quarters and moved on a really good length of stride.

3rd Drottsgard’s Moonstruck This Is The One

SBD (3)

1st Wilson’s Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez

Good male, up to size and still needs some time to mature to complete the picture. His head is well moulded with kind melting expression, correctly sized well-placed small ears, good layback of shoulder. Good depth though the body and spring of rib, slightly long in the loin. Quality bone and strong rear quarters. Moved well. Coat of good depth BSpB.

2nd Hall’s Rotherfield Just The Ticket

Nice male slightly less mature in body. Kind head and expression with good eye shape. Really good in the forequarters, good bone and tight feet, longer in the loin than ideal but good width of second thigh. Moved well on good length of stride.

3rd Smith’s Steelriver Bondi Beach

PGD (8,1abs)

Torn between 1st & 2nd for different qualities

1st Anderson’s Kazval Behind The Mask of Feldkirk

Won on his size and overall type and balance, correct size, Correct kind expression and dark well shaped eye, well set ears. Well-developed shoulders with good length of upper arm. Well placed neck leading to level topline, and tail set Correct spring of rib and gradual tapper into short square loin. Moderately angulated rear quarters. On the move he was true and balanced throughout.

2nd Varty-Lindsay's Levliann Waited For You

Really liked this liver boy for his beautiful head proportions and expression, good depth through the muzzle and slight stop and correct skull shape. Good front construction and pronounced prow, excellent bone and feet. Level topline but longer in the loin than I would prefer. Angulated rear quarters with good width of thigh. Moved true throughout.

3rd Fabretti’s Wistaston Precious Love (ai)

LD (9)

1st Sullivan’s Wyrebeck Caught By Surprise

Mature male giving a good overall type and balance. Substance throughout without being overdone. Nice head proportions with correct stop, good reach of neck. Scored in his quality bone and excellent tight feet. Good length of upperarm. Good depth of body and spring of rib. Good width of rear quarters. Moved well. In the challenge he did not quite extend with the reach of the winners but a quality male non the less, presented in excellent coat.

2nd Flynn’s Ballyriver Back To Basics

A male I have admired, smaller in frame than 1st, he has a lovely kind expression and correct skull shape. Nice length of neck well place on his shoulders, good lay of shoulder, moderate length of upperarm and excellent prow. Excellent depth through the body with quality bone and feet. Moved well but would prefer slightly more reach.

3rd Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Just One Look

OD (6)

A class of quality males whom all could have won the class on another day, each male had qualities to be admired and acknowledged

1st Flynn’s Sh Ch Finhamspride Kovu Among Rodsdream

This mature male gave the most balance in type and construction with that extra finish of his depth and quality coat. Correct size and type, He has a correct head piece and eye colour. Excellent quality body, bone through to his tight feet giving the desired substance. Quality rear quarters in both angulation and strength. Moved with balance.

2nd Stevenson’s Sh Ch Plainfire’s The Captain Of My Heart Is Steelriver (Imp)

Up to size male, slightly longer than my ideal however, he scores in head and expression, having good depth through the muzzle, slight stop and good fill. Excellent length of neck leading into well proportioned front construction, excellent bone and feet. Level topline and tail set. I admired this boy on the move in this big ring, it was effortless reach and ground covering action both true coming and going.

3rd Scaife’s Flatcharm Mr Fix It For Shennanjoy

GCD (1)

1st Brown & Campbell’s Ronevorg Firefly Fantasy (2nd JD)

VB (5,3abs)

1st Holmes’ Wiccanssage Virtue At Rydanah

Quality girl of good size and type loved her head shape and eye and has those lovely small ears. Good length of neck, excellent lay of shoulders which seems a rarity these days. Good depth and substance through the body and quality bone. Well-constructed rear quarters moved well. A quality coat completed the picture of this lady.

2nd Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music Of The Night (Imp Fra)

Another lovely girl with kind expression. Overall, slightly taller than 1st but all in proportion. Good length of upper arm but would prefer slightly more return. Quality bone and feet. Excellent depth and spring of rib. Good level topline leading to well angulated quarters with excellent width of thigh. Moved steadily.

PB (11,2abs) A class I found challenging as there was no minor puppy class, older puppies that were developing at various stages and shapes meant that they lost out to younger more together girls, in a month or so results could be different however, I had to judge on the day in current stage of growth.

1st Carter’s Seaheart Effie At Harmalanda

Overall, the most balanced in both movement and structure. Kind head with excellent eye shape and colour. Good length of neck into level topline and correct tail set. Good depth and spring of rib and short loin, adequate bone for age, lovely character and enthusiasm, moved true and well once settled. BP

2nd Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Lady Muck

Similar in style and size, good eye shape & colour, free flowing neck and topline, good lay of shoulder but slightly upright in upperarm. Good depth of body through to excellent rear quarters. Good balanced movement.

3rd Varty-Lindsay's Free The Fizz At Levliann

JB (4,1abs)

1st Armstrong’s Bitcon Jelly Bean (ai)

Quality bitch of correct size and style, lovely one-piece head with almond eye. Correct bite. Lovely length of neck and good shoulder placement, good length of upperarm allowing reach on the move. Balanced through the body good bone and excellent feet. Level topline and correctly set tail. Moved well in profile giving reach and drive.

2nd Prior’s Blacktoft Avelino

Similar size to 1st with kind feminine head shape and proportions, good length of neck, correct length of body, correct bone quality and feet. Excelled in her rear angulation and width of thigh, she was really well muscled, and this showed really well in her precise, true free flowing movement from all angles, a credit to her owner.

3rd Curtis’ Olliearts Wildest Dream

YB (7,2abs)

1st Collins’ Telurn Falling In Love with Steeplehouse

Feminine bitch with kind head and expression, she won on her movement which was precise and true with good reach and drive. Lovely bone and feet, correct depth through the chest and level topline, slightly long from stifle to hock but good width of thigh, completed with a coat of good quality and finish.

2nd Smitherman’s Seaheart Diva

Quality bitch with feminine head and good eye shape, good depth, and length of muzzle. Quality bone throughout and good feet, lovely forechest construction, level topline and correctly constructed rear quarters. Moved well.

3rd Ennis-Holden's Bitcon Treasure Chest For Meriank (ai)

SBB (3)

1st Punter’s Benvellyn Zion

Feminine bitch with good dark eye and correct shape, nice length of neck into lovely level topline and tail set, moderate depth through the body, good length, moderately angulated quarters, moved steadily.

2nd Goulette’s Selloana Luna Eclipse at Bobbinmill

Unfortunately, out of coat today, lovely feminine head, good reach of neck, nicely angulated forequarters, good depth through the chest, moderately angulated rear quarters. Unfortunately gave her handler a tough time and moved a little erratic today.

PGB (7,1abs)

1st Bellamy’s Moontorn Better Half Of Me JW

Mature bitch of substance there is no denying her construction and balance, well presented throughout feminine head with correct eye shape and colour, good reach of neck with beautifully angulated forequarters having correct shoulder placement and length and return of upperarm. Quality bone and feet. Good depth of rib. Excellent rear quarters moved balanced and true.

2nd Chambers’ Hototo Pretty Ballerina JW

Different in type to 1st but has many qualities to go over, kind expression and eye, good reach of neck flowing well into level topline and correct tail set. Adequate bone and tight feet, correct rear angulations, moved very well both in profile and coming & going, not quite the finish or maturity of 1st.

3rd Whittaker’s Jetstarski I’m On fire

LB (12,1abs)

1st Romeo-Dieste's Hopevalley Morning Wicked

A smart well developed honest girl, not overdone in anyway, having a kind and well-proportioned head piece with correct eye shape and colour. Excellent lay of shoulder and return of upperarm, correct bone depth with excellent tight feet. Good depth of chest with gradual spring. Well-constructed rear quarters with good angulations and strength, excellent coat quality and depth completed the picture. Moved with ease and very pleased to award her the RCC.

2nd Stevenson’s Blacktoft Caress Of Steelriver JW

Correct size and type with excellent bone and feet. Feminine head piece with lovely well set on small ears. Excellent depth through the body, level topline and tail set. Moderately angulated quarters of correct proportions, moved well and I like her balance overall, just needs a bit more coat to complete the picture.

3rd Scaife’s Shennanjoy Walkin Miracle

OB (8,1abs)

1st Phipps-Baker & Baker’s Never Say Never Oasis Of Peace to Maddouse (ImpCze)

A bitch that I have judged before and she has now developed into the finished picture, she is a lovely size my notes say kind but busy expression! Typical flatcoat head shape in profile with correct eye shape. She has excellent forequarter construction with well laid shoulder placement with good length and return of upperarm, she has that classical pronounced prow. Good depth through the body, stood on excellent feet and quality bone. Excellent rear quarters being nicely angulated without excessiveness, her coat was of lovely depth and feathered well, she moved balanced and true and was a pleasure to award her the BCC & BOB, I am told this is her 3rd CC - Congratulations

2nd Anderson’s Sh Ch Kazval Angel In Your Sky Over Feldkirk

A bitch I have just as a puppy and I still like her a lot, her kind feminine head piece and classical expression. Of correct size, standing on good bone and excellent tight feet, lovely reach of neck flows well into her level topline and correct tail set. Good width and depth of forechest, correct depth of rib with gradual spring. Excellent balanced hindquarters. Gave away her maturity as lacking in coat and finish today, but she still moves with style, drive, and efficiency both coming, going and in profile.

3rd Walker & Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Gigha JW