• Show Date: 09/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Haydonn Wines Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

East of England championship dog show 2023 English Toy Terriers.

Thankyou to the Committee of East of England dog show for the invitation to judge her at there last show, held on ideal Rutland showground. Thankyou to my 2 steward for there great assistance in rounding up the Ett exhibitors to try and keep things flowing.

Many thanks to the Ett folks for there entry and sportingly ( I hope) accepting my places on the day. 

Variations as always in make and shape, as with desired markings.

For me some exhibits looked desirable stood, but on the move things very different, un-coordinated movements front and rear, High stepping fronts, weakness to rear and incorrect bite. My own personal observations. All with good temperaments and Handleable on the table.

Mpd 1,

Conway &Oakdens , sapwood run for cover. Lovely start to the day, 8mnths , Appealing male, nice size for age. Long narrow heaven, high set ears, dark small eye, dark tan. Finer boned all through . Straight front, moved steadily, just needs time to settle and develop. BPD

Pd 1,

Inch’s. Edalene upside down. 9mnths of different type. Small dark eye, broader in head. Used ears well, just slightly lower set. Dark tans. Straight front when stood, unsettled on move and looking bum high in profile. Coat and body in good order.

Jd 1,

Reeves, Galvizach royal emerald over gillings. 12mnths male of nice size. Pleasing head. High set ears ,using them well. Dark eye. Straight front, little more angulation to rear preferred. Moved steadily.


Partington-palmers and Davies , Witchstone something brewing . Well grown male of 14mnths. Lovely shaped male . Masculine head, but strong for me personally. Larger ears, but placed well and used. Would like a stronger mouth. Neat front, good body shape stood and holds himself on move, little more strength to rear preferred.

Yd , 1

Snells , Skin deep mint condition ( imp nor). 12mnths . Not as confident on table. Stronger head, small dark eye. Could of used ears more. Moved out with reach and drive in profile, just loosing topline and needs to settle in movement both ways .

Gd 0

Pgd 0

Ld 4, 1abs

1 Howard’s, lasagesse starman. 6yrs male in good order. Honest male all through, wedge head, high ears, dark eye. Lighter in tan with minimal thumbprints. Straight front. Stands well and composed on the move, maybe could just push himself a little more to gain that extra reach and drive.

2 Howard’s , lasagesse supersonic , 5yrs male, kennel mate of above, very different type. Wedge head, slightly bolder eye. Could used ears better. Moved steadily .

3 white houses , twowayshouse Tudor king for dalmonde.


1, Harmans, Witchstone crazy horse at boimans. 5yrs male. Long narrow head of nice proportions. High set ears used well. Straight front, neat elbows, arched neck flowing to ideal topline. Well balanced body, deep chest. Good angulation to rear. Stood with great presence and shape whenever I looked across. In peak condition. DCC and BOB, Toy group shortlisted. 

2,Dennisons, Ettology Bounteous Barney JW. 2yrs dog , another in good order neat package of a male, well schooled. narrow head , slightly finer all through than 1. High set ears , dark eye. Just felt could of covered more ground on the move. RDCC

3, Leonard’s, Nasabe don’t tell him

Vd 2,

1. Francis & Blatchfords, Ch Witchstone not apache on me at Peopleton. 7yrs male in great shape, taller male with lovely head, dark eye, uses ears well, covers the ground on the move holding his shape, which counties when stood . BVD & BVIB

Mpb 1

Conway & oakdens , Spawood pink Pearl . 8mnths, litter sister to mpd. Same attributes apply. Pretty puppy. Nice head of good shape , small dark eye. Dark tabs. Moved steadily. Little more confidence with time. 

Pb 4

1, Haffenden &Woods, Nasabe play the game. 9mnths. A pretty elegant girl, lovely long narrow head, small dark eye, candle flame ears, well set and used. Moves well for youngster, coming together nicely, promising future . RBCC &BPIB, Toy puppy group 2. 

2, Dowsons, Lasagesse go your own way with Binkota. 9mnths pretty girl. Showing great promise. Pretty head , small dark eye. Nice tans. High placed ear used well. Straight front. Compact body , fine boned. Just need time to come together, another promising puppy . 

3, Harmans, Nasabe it’s on the cards for Boimans.

JB 2,

1 Francis , Blatchford & Leonard's, Witchstone trouble brewing at peopleton. 14mnths feminine girl of great make & shape. Long narrow head , small dark eye. Neat ears. Dark tans . Straight front. Holding her shape stood and on the move, her movement was very precise . In final lineup she stood well, balanced to take Bcc

2. Haffenden &Woods, Witchstone storm a brewing at Nasabe. Litter sister to 1, similar attributes, just slightly heavier all through . Just not so settled on table or on move today.

Yb 2,

1, whitehouse, Amalric coco Chanel with Dalmonde. 14mnths. Pretty head , dark eye. Straight front. Dark from legs spoil. Shapely body, holding herself well on the move, tail just carried a little high though set ok.

Gb 2

1, Reeves, Gillings Etta mystical maid. 3.5yrs. Small compact , gassy girl. Nice shape, neat eyes/ ears. Little

More length to head preferred . High stepping on front. More settled to rear.

2, loves, Tetris a whole new world. 16mnths lovely shaped girl of ideal size. Longer narrow head, dark eye. Stands well. Unsettled on move today front and rear.

Pgb 1abs

Lb 3

1, Dickers, Neerodan thyme bomb. 2yrs . Appeals in make and shape. Feminine head. Well places ears, used well. Dark eye. Nice flow to topline. Preferred her movement to win the class.

2, inchs Edalene Court & Spark JW , 2yrs

Feminine,lovely shape when stood and in profile movement. Tans could be darker . Has dark eyes and well placed, used ears.

3, dickers, Moretonia golden girl at neerodan

Ob 0

Vb 0

Spec beginners bitch 3

1, Johnson’s , Moretonia royal wren.elegant girl, lovely size/shape. Long narrow head. Dark eye, high ears, used well. Neat front, moved out well holding topline shape. Best spec Begginers

2, 2nd in puppy bitch

Judge Haydonn wines ( Etruria)