• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hans Stigt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/08/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Judge: Hans Stigt (NED)

Paignton & District Fanciers Association Championship Show

6th August2023

Firstly I would like to thank the officers and committee for my invitation to judge and

award CC’s for a breed that I keep close to my heart, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Many

congratulations on such a well organised and well run show on this lovely showground

with a friendly atmosphere. The dedication of this team to make the show a success

deserves a lot of respect.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to the exhibitors who entered their dogs and supported

me; I had a wonderful entry of 73. I am grateful to the exhibitors, some of who travelled

from many miles away to attend. I also appreciated the exhibitor’s sportsmanship on my

decisions and placing’s. I felt the nice atmosphere in and outside of the ring, which was

one of the reasons I enjoyed every second of my judging. A big thank you to my

experienced ring stewards for their excellent assistance, ensuring the smooth running of

the ring.

I was delighted to see such a high quality of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the ring. Extremely

pleased with their temperaments, I could go over every dog very easily. I did not see any

undesirable ridges, one or two with offset crowns but most of them looked excellent.

Bites were excellent too, only two that were not entirely correct. Consequently I will not

make further reference to individual ridges nor bites.

Overall conditions were excellent, but variation in type is always present. I looked for

handsome, upstanding muscular dogs, capable of great endurance provided by balanced

angulations and a symmetrical outline. In heads I looked for a good length and a good

balance with a very typical, intelligent expression. My principal winners were without

exception wonderful looking dogs, fit for function and as close to the standard as

possible. Again thank you for showing your beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks to me.

I had many very strong classes with excellent exhibits so there were some very, very

close decisions. Once class I would like to highlight is the fabulous puppy bitch class of 8

entries. All very promising and high hopes for the future!

Dog CC:

Ch Diamondridge Dark Delight Of Matikiridge

Reserve Dog CC:

Shuhuba Dream On

Best Puppy Dog:

Mutoko’s Noble Preacher

Best Veteran Dog:

Diamondridge Distant Storm For Kemgordoni

Bitch CC:

Carlincox Pure Gold Jw ShCEx Osw

Reserve Bitch CC:

Priorpark Poetry In Motion

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy:

Priorpark Poetry In Motion

Best Veteran Bitch & Best Veteran:

Rovigo Tiber

Best Special Beginner:

Shuhuba Dream On

Best of Breed:

Carlincox Pure Gold Jw ShCEx Osw

Class 2002 SBD (2 Entries) Abs: 0


Almost 19 months and first in the ring, this dog set the bar very high for the rest of the

dogs. Handsome and masculine without any exaggeration, showing a lovely outline. Nice

head with good length and width of head and skull, Correct round eye with lovely

sparkling expression. Strong muzzle, nice earset. A lovely long but strong neck going into

an excellent topline. Excellent ribcage for his age. Very correct in front, excellent

forechest and lovely balance in front and hind angulations which he used in his

movement, straight and true coming and going. Delightful and friendly temperament,

well handled. Coming back in the ring he still performed fantastically so I was very

happy to reward him the reserve dog CC, which he truly deserved.

2nd: 3850 CHEKE, Mrs J J Jacapelli's Mr Brightside

A very sweet young dog with a nice head and expression. Good round eye. Head could be

more in balance, which he probably will develop with age. Showing enough forechest

and ribcage, with a good neck and topline. Nice bone and well shaped correct feet.

Enough front angulation and good angulation in the rear. His temperament could be a

bit more confident so a bit of show training would definitely be beneficial for him. Nice

coat and tailset, nice movement with good stride.

Class 2003 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3892 NASH, Mrs P Mutoko's Noble Preacher

Lovely young dog, 6 months, very promising, excellent type and proportions for such a

young dog. Nicely parallel lines in head, strong and deep muzzle, defined stop. Correct

angulations in front and rear. Excellent bone and compact well shaped feet. Excellent

coat, tailset and carriage. Well shaped neck of good length, nice level topline and correct

croupe. Free temperament and excellently handled. Moved very well throughout the

ring. Has a nice presence.

Class 2004 JD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3862 DAVIES, Miss K J Gunthwaites Fancy Man

Beautiful type, well shaped in head, correct proportions, nice parallel lines, defined stop,

beautiful eye and intelligent expression. Strong muzzle, enough forechest, excellent bone

and substance on this young lad. Good reach of neck going into well placed shoulders,

nice topline. Well ribbed back, strong loins, moved very steady and true with good reach

and drive. Nice temperament, well handled.

2nd: 3890 MURPHY, Mrs Alison & MURPHY, Mr Allan & COX, Mr C Carlincox Mash It Up

Also a very nice promising young dog that caught my eye. Showing lovely proportions

and very nicely balanced. Nice round eye, bright and sparkling with defined stop and

strong muzzle. Enough length in head. Lovely strong neck and topline, muscular loins,

deep in chest. Correct bone and substance standing on. Well shaped and compact feet.

Nicely ribbed, good tailset. Would have preferred the hind angulation of the first placed

dog but still a very steady mover throughout the ring with an excellent temperament.

3rd: 3852 CLARKE, Mrs Monika Wolfgang Amadeus

Class 2005 YD (4 Entries) Abs: 0


Seen dog

2nd: 3853 CLARKE, Mrs Monika Giuseppe Enzo

15 months masculine dog. Lots of quality on this dog. Very nice outline with good

substance. Attractive head type with a defined stop. Strong muzzle, good length and

deep. Beautiful round eye with intelligent expression, colour harmonising with coat

colour. Clean strong neck and topline, correct shoulder, enough forechest. Deep ribcage,

excellent boned and on good strong feet, powerful loins. Well angulated, clean muscles.

Correct coat and well handled, straight forward in movement, free and active.

3rd: 3846 CATHARELL, Mrs Caroline & CATHARELL, Miss Megan & Asharaa's Perfect

Match with Faahac JW


Class 2007 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3870 GEEVES, Mr Andrew Peter & GEEVES, Mrs Sharon KIROMOL THE KINSMAN


18 months handsome and upstanding dog, with a masculine head, very good

proportions to muzzle and skull, showing a little bit of throatiness. Excellent eye and

beautiful expression, well shaped ear. Beautiful neck and shoulder placement. Correct

angulations front and rear, nice bone and substance. Correct feet, elbows close to the

body, well ribbed and strong loins. Lovely mover, shows great presence, good coat and

nice temperament.

2nd: 3866 FARLEIGH, Mrs M L Kinabula's Jobs a Good Un

3 years, lovely attractive dog, very nice outline and proportions. Upstanding and good

size, parallel in head with correct expression. Strong muzzle. Beautiful neck and topline,

enough angulation in front and rear. Extremely well ribbed with nice underline, correct

bone standing on straight legs with good feet. Clean muscles, well defined. Holds his

topline on the move, goes with a nice long stride. Correct temperament.

3rd: 3851 CHESSHIRE, Mrs Jo & CHESSHIRE, Mr Guy Colkeririn Run To The Sun

Class 2008 OD (10 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3879 HURN, Mrs Nikki Ch Diamondridge Dark Delight of Matikiridge

What is not to like about this beautiful dog. You will not get them more upstanding than

this. Textbook balance and great ring presence. My eyes were drawn to him right from

the start. A very masculine head with a super typical expression, no exaggerations

anywhere. Clean lines in head and body, strong neck, topline and tailset. Athletic,

powerful and capable of great endurance. Dignified but also a very heartwarming dog.

Very well handled. A dog I would very gladly have taken home. A worthy CC winner!

2nd: 3908 WILLUNAT, Miss C Shavano's Quality Of Life By Oliver JW (Imp Nor)

5 years old, lovely well balanced dog with a very nice outline and lines in head. Nice long

muzzle, good flat skull. Correct round eye with an intelligent expression. Very balanced

in angulation front and rear. Good long neck, strong and well muscled. Excellent

forechest, deep and capacious in ribcage. Correct underline, strong topline, correct

croupe and good tailset. Showed an excellent movement. Strong dense coat with a nice

shine. Lovely temperament and well presented.

3rd: 3844 ASHMAN, Mrs Michele & ASHMAN, Mr Neil Robert Ch Patemeliann Red Tarka

at Kitaarka JW

Class 2009 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3875 HOUSE, Mr M J H Diamondridge Distant Storm For Kemgordoni

Almost 8 years, nice veteran dog. Lovely noble head, gentle expression, defined stop,

string muzzle, deep and of good length. Good strong neck, head well carried, strong

topline. Deep and capacious in body, moderately sprung ribcage, powerful loins.

Excellent bone and correct feet. Typical easy striding hound, true fore and aft. Coat okay,

nice temperament.

Class 2010 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3849 CHEKE, Mrs J J Jacapelli Drops of Jupiter

Very feminine bitch, 15 months, of very good quality. Her temperament could be a bit

more free but I still could go over her. Nice parallel lines in head, soft expression

together with her nice dark eye. She has the correct amount of bone and good feet. A

good front assembly, chest deep enough for her age with enough angulation behind. A

good stride on the move but a bit narrow behind. Correct tailset and good coat quality.

Class 2011 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3877 HUDSON, Miss Zoe Niamh Mutoko's Parkers Glory

This was a very exciting class, full of young and very promising ridgebacks. I was spoiled

for choice and judging this class was a joy. I found this lovely 6 months old puppy bitch

of excellent quality and lovely size. A very pretty head with a round dark eye and bright

sparkling expression. Well shaped in head, correctly balanced and super topline, held on

the move. Nice front angulation and excellent rear angulations. Well boned for her age,

good compact feet. A super and lovely outline standing and very efficient

straightforward movement. Free and active temperament. Very nicely handled. A well

deserved first place.

2nd: 3900 SALMON, Mrs K Lobengula Pearl

Also a super quality bitch, 10 1⁄2 months that has I am sure a bright future ahead of her.

Beautiful long head, correct proportions, feminine in head and outline. Lovely dark eye

with an endearing, intelligent expression. Super neck and topline, good shoulder placing

and correct bone and feet. Enough forechest and good depth of chest, not too wide. Ribs

moderately well sprung, good underline. Well angulated and balanced. Correct short and

glossy coat. She showed excellent movement throughout the ring with a lovely presence.

Very close call between 1st and 2nd. On another day they could swap places.


Class 2012 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 0


This 14 months old is a class act and beautiful bitch. She really stood out from the crowd.

Lovely type, such a beautiful head with correct proportions. Fair length of head with a

flat skull. Bright and sparkling expression. Strong muzzle with clean and close fitting

lips. Exquisite neck and topline with a fantastic lay of shoulder and front angulation.

Nicely balanced with her rear angulation giving her a very symmetrical outline. So

feminine and capable of great endurance at the same time. Very typical and correct in

bone. A slight rise over her loins and excellent tailset and carriage. Moved like a dream,

so true and steady, lovely temperament and very well presented. I was very happy and

honoured to reward her a well-deserved Reserve CC. I foresee a bright future for her!

2nd: 3845 BARNES, Mrs Lindsey & BARNES, Miss Kelly & BARNES, Diamondridge

Kazembe Golden Age

Another very nice example of the breed with 13 months she looked the part. Lovely head

type with a lovely round and dark eye giving her a very nice expression. Correct length

of muzzle, strong and deep, the correct proportions. Good reach of neck, level topline

and correct croupe. Excellent coat condition, nicely boned and well muscled. Deep in

chest. She moved very well throughout the ring with a nice presence. I slightly preferred

the angulations of the 1st place bitch more. Excellent temperament and well handled.

3rd: 3856 COOGAN, Mr / Mrs Andrew / SL Rovigo Sancia

Class 2013 YB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3858 COX, Mrs L A & COX, Mr C & MUSGRAVE, Mrs V Carlincox JerseyRoyal JW

13 months, very feminine but strong bitch of excellent quality. Nice parallel lines in

head, strong deep muzzle with clean lips. Powerful expression, beautiful earset. Strong

muscular neck, correct forechest and deep in ribcage with a good length. Powerful loins,

giving her a very typical outline with excellent angualtions in front and rear. Nice bone

and compact round feet. A very true mover who covered the ground very well. Correct

temperament and well handled.

2nd: 3909 WILLUNAT, Miss C Gambia Sirius Canis Maior at CLAUWILL (Imp Pol)

A 16 months feminine ridgeback of very good quality. I would like to have seen a bit

more length of muzzle but still strong and deep. Defined stop, correct round eye.

Excellent earset, lovely reach of neck. Ribcage nice and deep but could do with a bit

more spring of rib. Underline a bit more tuck up. Shows enough front angulation and

very well angulated in the rear. Excellent coat texture, nice bone and excellent compact

feet. She moved very well with an excellent drive from behind. Nicely handled, good


3rd: 3874 HOLDSWORTH, Mrs Pam & HOLDSWORTH, Mr Alasdair Rozelridge Forever


Class 2014 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3845 BARNES, Mrs Lindsey & BARNES, Miss Kelly & BARNES, Diamondridge

Kazembe Golden Age

Seen her in JB class, stood her ground also in this class.

2nd: 3867 FARLEIGH, Mrs M L Kinabula's Coco Melon

20 months, upstanding, lovely feminine bitch of excellent quality and outline. I loved her

head, good length of muzzle, correct stop and a very nice dark eye giving her an

intelligent and endearing expression. Super neck and topline and an excellent front

assembly with the correct hind angulation, which provided her with purposeful

movement, nice and accurate with drive. Lovely deep chest with good heart room,

strong loins and correct bone with excellent round feet. Lovely temperament and nicely


3rd: 3882 MADDOX, Miss Carol Ann & GETHIN, Mr Ian Rubiltra Chumba Bibi of


Class 2015 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0


3 years old, very feminine of beautiful type, lovely head with a very kind typical dark

expressive eye. Nice earset. Excellent proportions in length of muzzle and skull. Clean

neck, strong muscular level topline, which she kept on the move. Strong in loins, very

typical fore and hind quarters which she used to the best of her ability, covering the

ground very well. Enough depth in chest. Good coat structure and nice colour. Correct

bone and compact feet. Sweet temperament and well presented.

2nd: 3847 CATLEY, Miss Anna & MCGIMPSEY, Mr Robert Royalridge High Hopes JW

Just over 2 years old and what a real showgirl. Very upstanding and excellent quality.

Pleasing head, lovely expression, alert and bright. Nice deep and strong muzzle of good

length. Fairy long neck, clean level topline. Well shaped brisket, not too wide, deep with

enough heartroom. Muscles clean and well defined. Good coat with a nice gloss and

structure. For her age, correct bone and feet. She moved very easily with purpose

around the ring. Well handled, nice endearing temperament. I just preferred the

angulations of the 1st place bitch a little bit more.

3rd: 3904 STOREY, Mr & Mrs P & E & PIEHL, Mrs L Kiromol Tip Toe And Go (A.I.)

Class 2016 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3857 COX, Mrs L A Ch Carlincox Pure Gold JW ShCEx OSW

Just fabulous! What a treat to go over this 4 years old, very typical, upstanding, eye

catching bitch. She lives up to her name! Beautiful head, dignified and with a confident

expression. Feminine, yet powerful muzzle, all the correct proportions. Very

symmetrical in outline, fit for purpose, beautifully balanced in angulations. Strong neck

and topline, powerful loins. Lovely forechest, bone and feet. Well muscled. Deep

capacious brisket, lots of heart room. Excellent coat structure and colour. Moved like a

dream, full of power and purpose. Excellent again in the last round where I had to

reward her, very happily and with lots of respect the CC and later Best Of Breed.

2nd: 3864 FARLEIGH, Mrs M L Ch Kinabula's Gucci Bloom

Also a real eyecatcher. This beautiful 4 year old is an exceptional example of the breed.

One of the best heads of the day, so feminine and dignified. Lovely, parallel lines, correct

stop. Super intelligent expression, she looked right through me. Beautiful and

symmetrical outline. Balanced in proportions, size and angulations. Nice forechest, well

shaped, deep ribcage, correct bone. Excellent coat and colour. Profile gait was flawless,

excellent movement coming and going. She was a real contender for the CC and Res CC.

Excellently presented and she showed a lovely temperament.

3rd: 3899 SALMON, Mrs K Msingi love me do at Lobengula

Class 2017 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3855 COOGAN, Mr / Mrs Andrew / SL Rovigo Tiber

8 years old, lovely veteran with excellent proportions. Well shaped head, good length of

muzzle, defined stop, lovely endearing expression. Medium sized, well carried ears.

Nicely parallel in head. Good length of neck, strong and muscular. Excellent topline and a

slight rise over her loins. Lovely forechest, front and hind angulations. Enough bone and

good feet. She moved with drive and purpose. Lovely to watch around the ring, holding

her topline well. Sweet temperament and very well handled and presented by her young


2nd: 3880 JONES, Ms C Blonde Isis By Lebombo (Cze Imp)

8 years old, very typical veteran with lovely symmetrical outline. Correct head of fair

length. Flat skull, good long muzzle. Strong and deep with the right proportions. Dark

round eye with an endearing expression. Good reach of neck and level topline. Correct

forechest and ribcage. Correctly angulated in front, well angulated in the rear. Well

muscled, correct bone and feet. Lovely temperament and well presented. Moved very

accurately with lots of drive.

3rd: 3902 STOREY, Mr & Mrs P & E & PIEHL, Mrs L Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW

Hans Stigt

The Netherlands