• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gretel Osborn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Field Spaniel Society

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

Field Spaniel Society 100th Anniversary Champ Show

Extra Set of CC’s to mark the 100th anniversary

April 16th 2023

Judge Gretel Osborn (Elgert)

It was my absolute honour to judge the Club’s Special extra Champ Show to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the breed club. Thank you for my wonderful entries, I was delighted with my main winners and only wish I had extra Top Honours to hand out as some lovely dogs that made me spoilt for choice. I would like to thank my 2 stewards Graham Heaney and Sue Greaves who both made it a very special day for me and kept the rings running smoothly.

As a breed specialist of over 40+ years, I would just like to say a little overall about the breed. It was really a delight to have such promising youngsters to go over and will be watching out with interest on how they mature and grow on, as we all know Fields take a long time to settle into themselves and nothing worth while is ever rushed so a truly great Field takes their time. On some of the entry the mouths were a bit messy, not many wrong but just not as tidy as I would like so something to watch. I was pleased with the fronts as this is something as a breed we do from time to time struggle with and should always be classed as a fault as a good working dog should have strong feet and legs to stand on to be able to work all day, so it was satisfying to see that the majority of the dogs I had entered had good strong legs and pasterns. The carrying of the tails is something on the whole I ignored as we still have not fully adjusted to long tails yet and the tail sets were mainly correct however some were still rather proud of their tails, as a docked dog we would not have seen this and as said the set on of the tails were correct. Some of the heads were getting a bit plane so again, Judges & Breeders need to watch for that to really make sure we keep the uniqueness that the Field head gives us with its chiselling and the look of very high class breeding, we all know that special aloof expression that a correct Field head has which is what made us fall in love with the breed.

I must say a huge thank you to all the exhibitors for entering under me with their lovely dogs and taking my decisions well. It really was a lovely atmosphere with clapping in all classes and I totally enjoyed every minute of it and very proud indeed to own this wonderful breed.

Minor Puppy Dog – 3 (0)

1st Macbain & Brewer, Miss A & Ms D, Fecimus The Places You’ll Go

At just 6mths old he has everything that you would want at this age. He excels in shape and substance. As you look at him the first thing you notice is how wonderfully correct and straight his front legs are with correct flat bone, still plenty of room in his growth plates but at this age just as you want. He sits on lovely rounded feet all allowing him to move with drive and correct footfall. Lovely deep chest, good shoulder placement and nice length to his ribs allowing for a good length without overlong loin. He has the most melting of expressions, all in all a lovely boy with a promising future.

2nd Shipton SM, Heartwood Mishules Goodby Yellow Brick Road

Another nice boy who on the day lost out on carrying a bit too much weight that affected his top line. However, lovely substance, correct deep chest with adequate length of rib, slightly too much croup slope towards his tailset, but again could improve with a bit of weight off. He moved with correct stride and was a happy boy. His tan colouring exactly correct for the breed. I am sure as he settles and matures will do well.

3rd Willcock, Miss P & Miss M, Ustorpabyns Fields First Time (imp Swe) Taf

Puppy Dog 3 (0)

1st Macbain & Brewer, Miss A & Ms D, Fecimus The Places You’ll Go

2nd Harding Mr M & Mrs A, Kingsmist Remember Me

A lovely dog that at the moment is a very raw puppy. But really has everything there, he just needs to drop into his body more as he grows and matures up. Excelled in rear action and drive, correct hock height which allowed for correct movement. In front he was a bit loose coming towards you but that is just his age as when stood and going over him everything is correct, lovely front with good shoulder placement and sloping shoulder leading into good length of neck. Head a typical baby Field puppy all angles and chiseling, he has a a lovely dark eye and kind expression. Will watch with interest as think like a good wine he will take time but have a very bright future – nothing ever rushed in Fields. Today just lost out to the 1st place who was a bit more together on the day.

3rd Shipton SM, Heartwood Mishules Goodby Yellow Brick Road

Junior 2 (0)

1st Macbain & Brewer, Miss A & Ms D , Fecimus Son of a Gun

Another lovely boy from this kennel, good front, straight front legs with good flat bone, nice shoulder placement with correct upper arm length, would prefer a tad more neck to give a better shape when stacked. Lovely depth of rib and the correct ¾ of length giving a good overall height to length shape, strong loin and well muscled 2nd thigh giving good solid movement both fore and aft. Nice eye colour and correct expression with just the right amount of chiseling.

2nd Shipton SM, Heartwood Mishules Goodby Yellow Brick Road

Novice Dog 2 (0)

1st Macbain & Brewer, Miss A & Ms D, Fecimus The Places You’ll Go

2nd Harding Mr M & Mrs A, Kingsmist Remember Me

Graduate 3(0)

1st Macbain & Brewer, Miss A & Ms D , Fecimus Son of a Gun

2nd Shipton SM, Heartwood Mishules Goodby Yellow Brick Road

3rd Moore Mrs F & Mr J & Miss H, Clandrift Hotshot to Gemelbet

Post Graduate 4(1)

1st Macbain & Brewer, Miss A & Ms D , Fecimus Son of a Gun

2nd Jefferies Mr & Mrs B & Mrs GP, Irisbel Youre the One

Black dog of correct substance & length, good tail set carried well. Not the soft gentle expression that I would prefer, however adequate chiselling and correct lean muzzle, good bite. Pasterns correct and nice depth of bone throughout. Slightly more muscle would allow him to hold his topline on the move better.

Mid Limit Dog 3 (0)

1st Natalie Mrs Draa, Longbourn Dartagnan

Liver/Tan boy of good substance and shape. He fills your eye as you go over him as everything just sits nicely as it should, excellent shoulder placement from good straight front legs, correct pasterns and lovely strong rounded pads. Head of lovely shape and good chiseling, nice kind eye with good chiseling under, good colour dark eyes especially for a tan, they really melt you. Ribs well sprung and well back to allow for ¾ length with a nice short strong loin, thus his drive is true and strong on the move. Hock is correct length so again allows for good foot fall. He just did not quite give the pizazz on his movement in the challenge today as did consider him for top honours, but I am sure his time will come, again one to watch for the future.

2nd Mr A Moss, Ewtor The Wizard.

This boy is again a typical Field that will just take time to get everything into the right places. He just needs to settle into his body as felt just needed to drop into himself more. He has a wonderful head, kind eye and good chiseling, pronounced occiput. Neck of lovely long length, nicely muscled leading into good sloping shoulders, correct upper arm so giving a good return when on the move. Ribs good length so giving the correct length to height ratio needed for a Field. As he matures up the spring of rib will be more pronounced and allow for him to sit into his frame a bit more. Just lost out on maturity today.

3rd Webber, Mr M & Mrs L, Fecimus The Kings Troop at Trevoris

Limit 2 (1)

1st Webber, Mr M & Mrs L, Fecimus The Star Trooper at Trevoris

My notes open with ‘what a happy dog he is’. Lovely precise movement and great ease of drive as he unhurriedly strides out. Nice depth of chest, good spring of rib – perhaps carrying a tad too much weight. Good strong loin and correct stifle giving a lovely strong rear end to allow him to power round the ring, at just the right pace for a Field. Head is just broader on the back skull than I would like and would prefer more chiseling to it, but overall a really lovely boy who so enjoyed his time.

Open 4 (0)

A really lovely class that had some lovely dogs in.

1st Shipton SM, Broomeece Fire Cracker over Mishules

A dog I have seen many times at shows, so was lovely to be able to go over him. He really needs to be gone over to be appreciated as then you can really feel his quality. He is very balanced throughout, nice length of back with good long ribcage but without being over long. His loin is well muscled and just the right length so he keeps his strength in his rear angulation on the move. Hocks are good length, nicely turned stifle, thighs well muscled allowing him good movement. I thought he looked today the best I have seen him move so credit to his handler for setting his pace so correctly to show him off so well. I would ideally like a finer head with more work in his back skull however, his eye set is good and has lovely kind eyes and expression so although heavier than I would ideally like this does not take anything away from his aristocratic expression. Delighted to award him the RCC today.

2nd Gallen Mrs, Woodsong Pleiades (imp Fra)

Again another lovely dog, just today was slightly looser all-round than the winner. His head and expression is absolutely gorgeous and it is here that he really excels, lovely chiseled under eye with kind expression and good dark colour. Back skull of correct width and length, good deep muzzle without being too course or hound like. Good length of neck sitting on good shoulder placement, perhaps a little more upper arm would help his movement as he tends to not fully extend when on the move which lost him the class today. Back lovely and level on the move and stacked, just would prefer him to be a bit firmer all throughout to give him more drive and longer extension on the front action.

Special Working 0

Veteran Dog 7-10 1 (0)

1st Gallen Mrs, Woodsong Lexington (Imp Fra)

Moves soundly and with drive. Correct rear action, and long unhurried stride. Nice head and expression, good neck and carried his topline well on the move. Correct bone and substance.

Veteran Dog Over 10 yrs 0

Champion Dog 1

1st Mr Moss A D, Sh Ch Fecimus Chase the Dream to Ewtor JW

Well the best was left to last as they say. Boy this dog has matured up well since I last judged him. Everything is sitting superbly in the right places with ample muscle to correctly hold it altogether. He is correct in height to length ratio and has a good amount of feathering to complete the package. A really wonderful example of the breed at 5 years old he is really now at his very best. His head has the stamp of aristocracy to it, correct chiseling, and pronounced occiput, enough work in his back skull and correct length & depth of muzzle . Eye colour is lovely and dark and is in keeping with his coat and is of good shape and expression. Strong level topline held well on the move, firm loin and powerful rear movement, showing his ease of movement, at just the right speed to cover the ground with precise footfall. A worthy Champion and I was really delighted to award him Dog CC and then later on Best in Show as he really does fit the bill of a Best in Show at the Breed Club Show.

Veteran Bitch 7-10 yrs - 1 (0)

1st Bennett, Mr D & Mrs J, Sh Ch Nadavin Ursella with Jesham

9yrs old, such a solid structure to her full of muscle tone, a real credit to her owners for maintaining her in such top firm condition. My notes are ‘ everything where it should be’ and that really does sum her up – everything just flows with her from lovely sloping shoulders into a good angulation on front construction, nice feet and good pasterns. If anything a tad long in loin for me but moved with drive – a real quality girl. Best Veteran in Show

Veteran Bitch 10+ yrs -0

Minor Puppy Bitch 2 (0)

1st Holgte Mr C & Mrs J, Nadavin Neala

It is the joy of judging to find something that fills your eye and gives you a moment. This young girl was my surprise girl, such a fabulous outline, good length to her and height of the correct size for a puppy. Good bone and substance throughout. Clean neck and lovely flowing lines. Nice firm tight feet and correct pasterns. She reminded me so much of my girl at this age and just couldn’t deny her Best Puppy and the RCC – I am sure a great future awaits her.

2nd Wood Mrs S, Nadavin Nusa at Sagala

Not quite the impressive presence that 1 has, slightly shorter in length and would prefer slightly more substance throughout. A lovely pretty head and correct eye shape and kind expression.

Puppy Bitch 3 (0)

1st Holgte Mr C & Mrs J, Nadavin Neala

2nd James Miss T, Kingsmist Golden Future for Bleiddiaid

Lovely size with correct length , she just needs to drop into her frame more which will come as she matures up, a really lovely solid girl. She had a lovely head and eye with a really melting expression. Lovely straight front legs with correct pasterns, time is on her time side and she will be one of those that needs the time to fully mature up and reach her potential.

Junior Bitch 1 (0)

1st James Miss T, Kingsmist Golden Future for Bleiddiaid

Novice Bitch 3 (1)

1st James Miss T, Kingsmist Golden Future for Bleiddiaid

2nd Prew Mrs L R, Kingsmist Queen of Hearts.

Good length, but would prefer more of her throughout, she was slightly out at elbow standing and on the move. Pretty girl though

Graduate 0

Post Graduate 5 (1)

1st Moore Miss C , Gadhelic Jennyanydots

Such a lovely girl who will come into her own as she continues to mature up. She excels in head and expression, with such a grave knowledgeable expression showing that true aristocratic look. Good length and height as said just need more maturity to fill the picture fully. Moved out well with good stride and foot fall.

2nd Barker, E, Nadavin Yirki at Tumblebar

Slightly longer all through, making her not as positive on the move as 1. Just would prefer more substance throughout.

Mid Limit 4 (0)

2nd Barker, E, Nadavin Yirki at Tumblebar

Webber, Mr M & Mrs L, Fecimus Golden Opportunity for Trevoris

I liked this girl, but would just like slightly more refinement throughout. She has a lovely firm body with good rear angulation and a lovely mover. Her backskull was slightly heavy but had a lovely dark eye and kind expression.

Limit 2 (0)

1st Hazell Mr G & Mrs E Nadavin Expectation of Vraibleu

She excelled in movement, so well-muscled holding her topline so well to really move out in style, driving from the rear and correct footfall. Correct bone and substance throughout, good front and correct sloping shoulders giving her a lovely clean outline. Good length of of back with correct ¾ rib to her length, nice angulation in rear giving her a really solid frame to move and drive with. Her head and expression is just lovely with a melting expression, good work under eyes giving the correct work needed. Delighted to award her the CC & Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Webber, Mr M & Mrs L Fecimus Country Roads to Trevoris

Such a happy girl. Slightly heavier in head, would prefer slightly better length to her to give the correct outline. Moved well and positive.

Open 3 (3)

1st Harding Mr M & Mrs A, Kingsmist Miss Marple JW

Her length is good giving a good outline, nice neck and flowing topline. Excelled in rear movement, correct length hock allowing good drive and footfall. Would prefer slightly firmer front movement. Eye correct and lovely expression, good chiseling, muzzle slightly deep in profile.

2nd Willcock, Miss P & Miss M, Dynarkaraky Deuces are wild

Good outline to her, nice head and eye. Lovely to go over and good substance to her but let down by weak movement and slightly close behind.

Special Working 0

Champion 2 (0)

1st Holgate Mr C & Mrs J Sh Ch Nadavin Exclusive JW

One I have done well for when younger, she just for me has not grown on enough. Lovely outline to her, but just would prefer more of her throughout. Slightly loose pasterns & feet which on the unforgiving floor did not help her front movement. However, she excels in head with correct eye and chiseling with a gorgeous expression.

2nd Macbain & Brewer Miss A & Ms D Am/Can/UKC Ch Fecimus Written in the Stars

I liked this girl but for me was just a tad to low for her length so did not give the correct ratio to her outline. Her front is lovely and correct, firm straight front legs with good feet. Moved out well.

Brace 3

1st Mr M & Mrs A Harding

A lovely pair of blacks working together to pace each other well. Similar in type so won the class

2nd Mrs F & Mr J & Miss H Moore

Not quite as together as 1st

Judge Gretel Osborn (Elgert)