• Show Date: 11/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Bloodhound

Breed Results: Bloodhound (Day 3)

DCC    11873 - Marksbury Malfoy (T J Howie)

RDCC    11868 - Ch Boru's Fifty Mission Cap at Farlap (Imp Can) (Miss S Clark)

BCC    11871 - Ch Badina Diana at Culsalmond* (Mr I & Mrs D Cruickshank)

RBCC    11870 - Farlap Qui Martha (ai) (Miss S & Mrs L Clark & Hayden)

BOB    11873 - Marksbury Malfoy (T J Howie)

BP    11878 - Houndseeker Dauntless (Mr J Prior)

BV    11879 - Ch Kingshart Roses Mimic * (Miss S Shaw-Browne)

I was honoured to be invited to judge this distinguished hound breed at Crufts 2023.

Overall breed type was good and there were no apparent temperament problems. There were one or two with some eye irritation evident.

I was satisfied with my winners and generally on the day the health standards were very good. Movement overall remains free and a bit unsettled fitting the description “elastic” very well.

058. Bloodhound - Puppy Dog

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    11878 - Houndseeker Dauntless (Mr J Prior) a well grown 8-month-old young male who is of good size and has excellent bone and body. He is ‘houndy’ and breed typical in profile and already having a commanding appearance. Nothing in exaggeration. Pleasing head shape, narrow and in proportion to length without being overly done, viewed from the front, soft expression and good ears. He is true, well boned and parallel in front, well-made forequarters and of pleasing width all through. Needs to tighten in feet. Moved well and free with good side gait. Best Puppy in Breed.

 2ND    11875 - Houndseeker Dragon (Miss L & Mr A Newling & Pastellas) litter brother to 1st with many of the merits applying to both. Very similar in overall construction and profile shape, except slightly smaller in stature. Typy in head, heavier in flews than 1st. Pleasing in development of bone and firm in body substance with true front, strong forequarters, neck and length of ribbing. Stood well over the ground. Needs to settle and improve on the move

 2059. Bloodhound - Junior Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    11883 - Houndseeker Druid (Mr P & Mrs J Whiteside) litter brother to the 1st and 2nd in the previous puppy class. Similar to his brothers he is well grown in bone and body and presents a very breed typical appearance without exaggeration of breed characteristics. He has a very pleasing head both in shape and proportions. Well made in front, body and hindquarters and has all the basics in conformation to develop into a quality adult. He was an enthusiastic mover.

 2061. Bloodhound - Limit Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    11876 - Moorlander Guy Laroche (Miss H Pennington) a good sized well made 3 year old B/T powerful looking male who is unmissable in general appearance. He has a pleasing head of desirable proportions length to width to depth in foreface. He stands well over the ground. Pleasing forequarters and he has substance in body with enough spring and depth of chest. Stands on sound feet. Moderate angulations in front and in hindquarters. Free and easy movement, especially pleasing in side gait.

 2062. Bloodhound - Open Dog

Entries: 3    Absentees: 0

1ST    11873 - Marksbury Malfoy (T J Howie) an impressive mature 4-year-old ‘all-male’ workmanlike hound. Striking in appearance. He has size, ideal bone and substance with a breed typical masculine head of satisfying shape and proportions. Strong neck of good length. Substantial body with spring, depth and ribbed well back, firm in top line. well-proportioned and balanced with moderate angulations front and rear. Stands well over the ground. An upstanding male and excellent breed representative. Moved with a free positive action and better mover in the breed today. My Dog CC (his crowning CC today!!) and Best of Breed winner.

 2ND    11868 - Ch Boru's Fifty Mission Cap at Farlap (Imp Can) (Miss S Clark) a 6-year-old B/T mature male who has an attractive side profile with pleasing proportions and balance of angulations front/rear and so stands over the ground well. He is well boned and has firm substance of body substance and strength in loin. Stands well on strong, knuckled feet. Moved positively around the ring but tended to crab slightly on the return. A close-up Reserve Dog CC.

 3RD    11877 - Ch Maplemead Malazar of Quikotic (Miss L S Priestley) a rising 4 year old mature looking male who has a very satisfying overall breed typical appearance. Masculine head of pleasing overall shape and proportions although would be the better for tighter skin to head, eyes and neck. True, well boned front, mature substance of body and moderate angulations front and rear. Moved with a breed typical action both going away and coming back.

2065. Bloodhound - Veteran Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    11879 - Ch Kingshart Roses Mimic * (Miss S Shaw-Browne) a mature 8½ year old predominantly black with tan legs who when standing presents a very satisfying sound, well proportioned and balanced profile. She is impressive in overall appearance from her head to body and hindquarters, everything fits well together presenting a very satisfying breed typical picture. Pleasing front, forechest, substance of body and stable angled hindquarters. She moved with an easy free action. Best Veteran in Breed.

2066. Bloodhound - Puppy Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    11866 - Houndseeker Dragonfly (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley) a very promising 8-month-old puppy bitch who is litter sister to the male puppies on show today. Obviously, a litter that the breeder should be proud of. She is feminine, well grown, pleasing in bone and body and has a very satisfying basic foundation structure so should develop into a quality adult. Attractive head, well made true front, well bodied and excellent hindquarters. Moved with a free action in typical puppy style.

2067. Bloodhound - Junior Bitch

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    11870 - Farlap Qui Martha (ai) (Miss S & Mrs L Clark & Hayden) a 15-month-old Tan youngster who is really well proportioned, well boned and bodied and presents an attractive, breed typical side profile. She has firm substance and a powerful look giving the impression of endurance in the field. Attractive head which is narrow but in proportion to length with pleasing muzzle and head planes. True in front with fore-chest, moderate spring and good width all through. Free in movement and purposeful in action. My Reserve Bitch CC winner.

 2ND    11882 - Maplemead Miss Melba NAF TAF (Mrs F & Mr J Watts) a 14-month-old b/t young bitch who lacks the maturity of 1st. Overall she is nicely made with a pleasing head, smaller in stature than 1st although pleasing make and shape, Good enough bone and body but now needing to grow on and mature. Moved willingly but needs to be more controlled.

 2068. Bloodhound - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    11863 - Blistatelnaya Xenia Iz Doma Markovyh at Houndseeker (Imp Rus) (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley) a substantial 19-month-old who in appearance has a pleasing profile. Stands over the ground presenting a powerful picture of balance and ideal proportions. Attractive head which is pleasing in shape and in proportion to the rest of her. Well made front and forequarters, notable body substance and overall shape with moderate but strong hindquarters. Better mover of this class.

 2ND    11881 - Marksbury Nightingale (Mrs E Watson) another mature looking bitch of pleasing shape and proportions. At 2¼ years of age she is well grown in bone and has substance of body. She has a very typy head with a very confident expression. Head set on a good length strong neck. True front, good feet, pleasing depth of body all through, appeared longer in back than 1st. Moderate angled hindquarters. Not as settled on the move as 1st.

 2069. Bloodhound - Limit Bitch

Entries: 3    Absentees: 2

1ST    11880 - Kenynten Cinnamon Whisky (Mrs E Watson) a 3½ year old well bodied bitch who presents a very pleasing standing side profile. Attractive head of good shape and proportions set on good length neck. She is well boned, has strong pasterns and has a sizable body with good depth all through. Moderate angles in hindquarters. Would prefer more width across the thigh. Needs to be more settled on the move.

 2070. Bloodhound - Open Bitch

Entries: 3    Absentees: 1

1ST    11871 - Ch Badina Diana at Culsalmond* (Mr I & Mrs D Cruickshank) an impressive B/T mature 3½ year old who is well made and well boned with a powerful looking substantial body. True front and moderate angulations front and rear with an ideal length, well-proportioned, balanced body. Attractive profile and well-defined, firm top line with a strong loin. She has sound, strong well knuckled feet and pasterns. Moved freely with positive forward action and driving well behind, particularly impressive in side gait which edged her to be my Bitch CC winner.

 2ND    11865 - Houndseeker Bewitched (ai) (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley) a substantial B/T 4½ year old mature looking bitch who presents a very smart well-proportioned and well-balanced standing side profile. Eye-catching in side profile. Attractive in head which is all in proportion and has clean lines and pleasing head planes. True well boned front, sturdy body having good spring and being ribbed well back with firm, broad loin. Positive underline. Movement was very unsettled.

 2071. Bloodhound - Special Working Trial Bitch

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    11872 - Ch Moorlander Cacharel (Miss J Harrington) a powerful looking 3-year-old B/T who has a very good head which I preferred to 2nd. She is well boned and well developed in body. Has a very workmanlike appearance. Pleasing top-line, tail set and carriage. Moved with a free and easy action and the better mover of this class.

 2ND    11864 - Houndseeker Amber (ai) (Miss E & Mr R Burnside & Manley) a nearly 6 year old well grown bitch who is breed typical and of overall pleasing shape. Tended to lose her top-line. Obviously feminine in head, set on strong good length neck. Well boned and well bodied with balanced angles front and rear. Unsettled on the move.

                 JUDGE: GRAHAM HILL