• Show Date: 12/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

SWKA 12th October 2023

Breed Results: Norwegian Elkhound (Day 1)

DCC    1205 - Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio (Mrs T Maun)

RDCC    1210 - Seasara High Flyer (Ms S Mcmahon)

BCC    1206 - Ch Bowerhinton Bee Portia (Mrs T Maun)

RBCC    1202 - Whittimere Alright Bab JW (Ms N D & Mrs C Callow & Davis)

BOB    1205 - Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio (Mrs T Maun)

BP    1211 - Seasara Infinity (Ms S Mcmahon)

473. Norwegian Elkhound - Open Dog

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    1205 - Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio (Mrs T Maun) CM a super quality, male who has a mature, workmanlike appearance. Handsome, breed typical head and expression. Good length, powerful neck He is compact in body and is of ideal size, proportions, make, shape and substance with pleasing leg length. Close, plentiful coat. Moved well with an easy free, enduring action and confident head carriage. Dog CC and Best of Breed.                                                                                                                                     

 2ND    1210 - Seasara High Flyer (Ms S Mcmahon) a very smart, well-proportioned male who has a sturdy appearance and is pleasing in general conformation and breed qualities. He has a masculine head with strong features and an alert, attentive expression Pleasing neck, front, body and moderate hindquarters. Free and easy on the move but not as precise and settled as 1st. Reserve Dog CC.

476. Norwegian Elkhound - Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    1211 - Seasara Infinity (Ms S Mcmahon) an impressive youngster who has the bone, body and exciting promise desirable in a puppy. She is very breed typical in appearance. She is true in front, with well-developed bone and body. Very attractive head with correct ears, eyes and confident expression. Even as a puppy she is so satisfying in profile with correct proportions and balance and firm top-line. Moved confidently with a mature, steady precise action. Best Puppy in Breed.

478. Norwegian Elkhound - Junior Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    1207 - Bowerhinton Blackbird (Mrs T Maun) a beautiful, quality bitch who is impressive both standing naturally and in profile when on the move. She is compact in body and of square outline and ideal proportions but has scope for maturity. Attractive head which is breed typical in shape and so feminine in appearance and expression. True in front, tight elbows, well-made body and stable, moderately angled hindquarters. One for the future. Moved well

479. Norwegian Elkhound - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    1213 - Laakso Helli (Miss T Mortimer) a well boned and bodied bitch who is longer caste and looks longer on the leg in proportion to her length. Needing to mature in body and coat. Smart in head which is set on a strong neck; well, enough made in forequarters and although tending to look long more depth of chest would help her proportions and appearance.  Moved with a free easy action but tended to crab and needing to tighten in front.

480. Norwegian Elkhound - Limit Bitch

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    1212 - Laakso Gunni (Miss T Mortimer) a smart, clean cut, nice quality bitch who is of lighter frame, is agile and workmanlike in appearance. Attractive head which is of pleasing shape and expression. Well-made in front which is true and ideal in bone and width and I preferred to 2nd. ‘Just-right’ substance of body; she has spring of rib and decent depth and a strong, short loin, firm top-line and   stable moderately angled hindquarters. Moved with a positive, steady, true action especially in front.  

 2ND    1209 - Seasara Hermione (Mr S & Mrs F Southhall & Southall) a substantially built typy bitch who, although generous in substance. in side profile has pleasing proportions and a typical outline. She has a strong but feminine head which is set on to a medium length strong neck. Less body substance would improve her standing appearance and ease of movement.

481. Norwegian Elkhound - Open Bitch

Entries: 6    Absentees: 2

1ST    1206 - Ch Bowerhinton Bee Portia (Mrs T Maun) a super quality, mature looking bitch in commendable condition. Better coat state than 2nd.  Impressive appearance, feminine and typical in head and expression and is overall of ideal size, proportions, shape and substance. She has a fit athletic appearance, well-made in front and forequarters with nothing in exaggeration. Moved well with an easy free action, preferred rear action to that of 2nd. Bitch CC                                                                                                                                                     

2ND    1202 - Whittimere Alright Bab JW (Ms N D & Mrs C Callow & Davis) a very attractive young bitch who has commendable conformation all through with a lovely head, ears and expression. She is well made in front with good width and fore-chest. Firm in body cover, ideal in loin, and nicely let down behind. Lacked the coat furnishings and mature look of 1st. Free and steady on the move. My Reserve Bitch CC.                                                                                                                                                    

3RD    1208 - Bowerhinton Bright Lady (Mrs T Maun)