• Show Date: 24/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Deerhound


Breed Results: Deerhound (Day 2)

DCC    2378 - Ch Ormanstar Dark Shadow (Mrs S J Taylor)

RDCC    2370 - Kilbourne Daniyel (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach)

BCC    2359 - Hyndsight All I Have to Do Is (Miss S L & Dr N S A Finnett & Heathcote)

RBCC    2371 - Kilbourne Devon (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach)

BOB    2359 - Hyndsight All I Have to Do Is (Miss S L & Dr N S A Finnett & Heathcote)

BP    2370 - Kilbourne Daniyel (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach)

BJ    2373 - Quantastico Guiseppe to Kilbourne (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach)

917. Deerhound - Puppy Dog

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    2370 - Kilbourne Daniyel (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach) an impressive 11-month-old, super shapely youngster who has graceful lines and has the foundation structure necessary for a sound, running hound. He is well boned and has sufficient firm body cover so essential in a developing youngster. Attractive head and expression which I preferred to 2nd, true and well made in front, with fore-chest and well-made forequarters. Pleasing angles and neck set with ideal proportions and balance in body. Strong, moderately angulated hindquarters of good length and width. ‘Eye catching’ side profile both standing and in side gait on the move. He moved with a true and precise action both coming and going. My Reserve Dog CC, Best Puppy in Breed and later Hound Puppy Group 2. An exciting future ahead.

2ND    2349 - Humbiehounds Velvet Tattie (Mrs C C & Mrs A M Anderson & White) a 9-month-old well grown, rangy young male who appears to be at the in-between and leggy stage of development. Typical but fine head of developing proportions set on a reachy neck. Needing to grow on and mature to produce the body, front and rear angulations necessary to complete his overall appearance. Needing to settle on the move.

918. Deerhound - Junior Dog

Entries: 3    Absentees: 1

1ST    2373 - Quantastico Guiseppe to Kilbourne (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach) a 16-month-old very well-made youngster having a shapely, attractive side profile. Handsome, breed typical head which I preferred to 2nd. True, parallel front, pleasing fill-in, forechest and width across the chest. Excellent depth and firm, well-proportioned body, graceful top-line flowing to long, moderately, stable angled hindquarters. Moved with a free, true striding action. Best Junior in Breed.

2ND    2375 - Zeldini Link (Dr R & Mrs J Pounder) a 13-month-old shapely youngster who has a pleasing head shape although less mature in look than 1st. Good bone and body development with pleasing overall proportions and balance in angulations front & rear. Plenty of scope to mature and improve. Move with a breed typical action and true front movement, rear needs to strengthen.


919. Deerhound - Yearling Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    2372 - Kilbourne Oscar Wilde (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach) a 20-month-old shapely male who has an attractive head shape with dark eye and gentle expression. He is racy in outline with a graceful top-line, rise over the loin and obvious tuck-up. With maturity he should improve in body substance and in depth of chest. Pleasing width all through, would prefer more definite angulation in hindquarters; moved with a free, easy action.

922. Deerhound - Limit Dog

Entries: 3    Absentees: 0

1ST    2363 - Hyndsight Talk On The Street (Miss S L & Dr N S A Finnett & Heathcote) an attractive 2½-year-old who when standing presents a very breed typical picture.

 He is shapely and strong in outline with pleasing overall length and proportions and has moderate angulations front and rear. I liked his head, dark eyes and neat ears. Well-constructed in front having good fore-chest and forequarters all of which I preferred to 2nd.  Moved well with good stride and the better mover of this class.

2ND    2379 - Kirjojax Harris (Mrs J & Mr R J Wilce-Quinton & Quinton) a 3½-year-old well-built mature male who has good overall balance and proportions. Masculine and breed typical in head well-made true front although would prefer more obvious fore-chest, sturdy in body with pleasing ribbing and ok depth. Graceful top-line and good width and moderate angled hindquarters which I preferred to 3rd. Free moving with a breed typical gait better than 3rd.

 3RD    2364 - Kilbourne Druid at Leksmoor (Mr G & Mrs A M Greenhalgh)

923. Deerhound - Open Dog

Entries: 4    Absentees: 2

1ST    2378 - Ch Ormanstar Dark Shadow (Mrs S J Taylor) a sturdy but elegant nearly 3-year-old powerful looking male who has a well-balanced and well-proportioned overall appearance. He has a breed typical look and is a prime example of a powerful running hound. Handsome, breed typical head set on a strong, reachy neck, set into well-made, well-laid-back shoulders. Firm, strong forequarters, true well-boned front, firm, substantial body and stable, strong nicely angled hindquarters. Impressive both standing and moving. My Dog CC winner.

2nd       2355 – Kaleginy Fusilier At Thorsmoor (Mrs E Carlin) a lighter framed male, rising 5-year-old of attractive overall shape; not having such a sturdy, mature appearance as 1st. Very pleasing in side profile both standing and on the move. Stands well over the ground with pleasing top-line; I would prefer more defined angulation front and rear and more depth of chest. Pleasing head and expression. Good texture in close lying coat. Would prefer more controlled, settled movement.

925. Deerhound - Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    2368 - Kaleginy The Little Rascal at Jubrancy (Mr M T Mckay) very promising 7-month-old puppy who is well boned and well grown and is of pleasing overall shape and proportions. Breed typical in general appearance and is also pleasing in side profile. True front, needs more body substance and to strengthen in hindquarters. Moved freely, true in front but needing to strengthen in rear action.


926. Deerhound - Puppy Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    2371 - Kilbourne Devon (Mr M J & Mrs G M Peach) a quality 11-month-old impressive young bitch who has unmissable quality in conformation and breed characteristics. Litter sister to my best puppy male and she shares many of his merits. She has notable shape, balance and proportions of body. She has the appearance of a running hound with graceful, elegant, powerful lines. One who has an exciting future and an asset to the breed. Close up to Best Puppy but pleased to award her Reserve Bitch CC.

927. Deerhound - Junior Bitch

Entries: 4    Absentees: 3

1ST    2358 - Quantastico Lucia to Kilbourne (Mrs T C & Mr M C Edwards) a very shapely and attractive 16-month-old who is well enough bodied and has balance, proportions, outline and overall shape that is pleasing to the eye. She has graceful lines and curves in all the right places with a rise over the loin giving a satisfying top line. Feminine and breed typical in head having a gentle expression; good length, well-shaped neck leading to a shapely, well-made body. Balanced in angulations front and rear. Moved well, precise front action and notable drive behind.


928. Deerhound - Yearling Bitch

Entries: 4    Absentees: 2

1ST    2354 - Kilbourne Opal's Fire to Abayomi (Mr M, Miss F & Miss D Cannon & Wickstead) a 19-month-old shapely young bitch who is well grown and well-made with nothing in exaggeration. She has an attractive head and expression, good length in neck and is well-made in body. Preferred her hindquarters to 2nd. Stands well over the ground. True front, pleasing body and topline; stable nicely angled hindquarters.  Moved with a true, free action.

 2ND    2352 - Stranwith Ismene (K Barret) a 22-month-old nicely made bitch who lacked confidence and consequently did not give of her best both standing or moving. Pleasing head shape, True front; would prefer more lay-back of shoulder. Well bodied and well angled hindquarters which need to strengthen. Looked better when stood away naturally.


930. Deerhound - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 5    Absentees: 0

1ST    2360 - Hyndsight Blowin in The Wind (Miss S L & Dr N S A Finnett & Heathcote) a mature and shapely looking 2½-year-old having a graceful appearance; she is of pleasing proportions and balanced in angulations front/rear presenting an attractive side profile. Breed typical, feminine head with dark eyes and amiable expression. True front, well made in forequarters with satisfactory layback of shoulder; she is well boned and stands on good legs and feet. Firm bodied with a flowing top line and broad loin; hindquarters are moderately well bent, of good width and stable in stance. Moved with a free, easy action but needing to be more settled in front.

 2ND    2376 - Hyndsight Neaghley (ai) (Mrs L A Spence) a very striking 20-month-old shapely bitch who after going over her, I thought was my winner. She presents a very breed typical picture being of excellent proportions, balanced in angulations front & rear. Lovely head set on strong good length neck and a firm well made body. Everything goes together so well to present a quality representation of the breed. Unfortunately, she let herself down on the move.

 3RD    2348 - Wildshore Sunflower (Miss L Abbott)

RES    2353 - Kilbourne Queen Mary at Mirzabad (Mrs H & Mrs J Bruton & Dove)

VHC    2374 - Packway New York New York (Dr R & Mrs J Pounder)

931. Deerhound - Limit Bitch

Entries: 3    Absentees: 0

1ST    2359 - Hyndsight All I Have to Do Is (Miss S L & Dr N S A Finnett & Heathcote) a very shapely 2½ year old bitch who has excellent body proportions and is well balanced presenting a very attractive side profile. Lovely, breed typical head with desirable dark eyes, neat ears producing a kind expression. Correct textured coat complimenting her general appearance. True in front with matching angulations front/rear. She has the look of a powerful running hound. Firm in body with notable depth and just enough spring of rib. Overall, she presents a satisfying breed typical outline and general appearance. She is more-shapely in topline than 2nd and was the better mover today with a precise, free and easy action. My Bitch CC winner and Best of Breed.

 2ND    2357 - Kwaricott Kaleginy Bettinsoli (Mrs K Constantine) a rising 3-year-old who is more substantial in body than 1st although still having a pleasing side profile and acceptable in overall shape. She has a breed typical, feminine head of pleasing width to length proportions. True front of good width all through. She is nicely ribbed back having satisfactory body length with moderate angulation of hindquarters. Moved freely with a good side gait but would prefer more strength and drive behind.

 3RD    2380 - Kirjojax Pancho (Mrs J & Mr R J Wilce-Quinton & Quinton)

932. Deerhound - Open Bitch

Entries: 4    Absentees: 2

1ST    2377 - Shagiead Stormyseas (ai) (Mrs L A Spence) an attractive, shapely mature 5½ year old who has a very likeable head and outline both of which I preferred to 2nd. She has a dense harsh breed typical coat. Pleasing elegant lines and overall profile shape which is balanced and all in proportion presenting a graceful top line. True front and well-constructed forequarters with ideal width all through; she is well covered although firm in body substance. Powerful in appearance and having moderate angled hindquarters. Free striding action which covers the ground well

 2ND    2356 - Cotherstone Serenade at Kaleginy (Mrs K Constantine) a nearly 6-year-old mature looking bitch who is breed typical in appearance enhanced with a thick harsh coat. She tends to lose her top-line and have a low underline when viewed in side profile. However, she has good overall body proportions and is balanced in angulations. She is true and parallel in front and has ok forequarters with ideal width all through and sturdy body substance. Powerful in look. Free striding action which covers the ground well but not as strong rear action as 1st.