• Show Date: 04/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Grace Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)


7th May 2023


Thanks to the society for my appointment, it has been much anticipated having been cancelled since 2020 due to Covid. Thanks to the exhibitors and their dogs and to my stewards Gina and Graham. I had a very enjoyable day with some great dogs which bodes well for our breed, in the future.

 SBD (2 )

1. HAWKINS, Mrs Kathy Marie Harasteorra Betelgeuse, good masculine head and correct dome of skull with good ear set and depth of muzzle. Good frame of correct height, moved with enthusiasm and drive once settled. Should do well with more experience. Best Special Beginners.

2. BARNES, Mrs Rosemary Michaela Saxonbejayz John Kerr still a baby and some growing and filling out to do. Excellent coat and colour and held his topline well on the move with good bone both front and rear. Liked his head and expression and balanced neck into forequarters.

 MPD (3,1)

1. DAVEY, Ms V A Eald Bull Eagle, just six months and caught my eye from the off. Perfect colour of rich golden liver, good head and skull with a moderate occiput and stop giving a typical Sussex expression. Well boned front legs and balanced depth of body and ribs into a well angulated rear end. Moved well with good topline and foot placement for such a youngster. Best Puppy in Breed and pleased to see him shortlisted in the gundog puppy group.

2. HIPGRAVE, Mrs L Lord of The Glittering Caves [AZ3] another youngster who has a good frame and correct in all aspects. Good coat and colour with nice hazel eyes and expression. Giving his handler a hard time, in true Sussex clown mode, but will have a good future when settled.

 PD (2,1)

1. DAVEY, Ms V A Eald Bull Eagle

 JD (3 )

1. BRADBURY, Mr Lee & PRESTON, Miss Danielle Harasteorra Big Bear JW. Filled my eye as a great up and coming dog. Correct size and very well- balanced height to length of body. Coat coming on well of good golden liver and one of the best presented today. Could not mistake his masculine head and skull with correct amount of stop. Eyes of good medium hazel colour and true Sussex expression. Well boned, well laid shoulder and depth of chest. Moved out and back with a great stride and perfectly held topline at just the right speed. One who has a great career ahead.

2. HAWKINS, Mrs Kathy Marie Harasteorra Betelgeuse

3. BARNES, Mrs Rosemary Michaela Saxonbejayz John Kerr

 YD (3)

1. BRADBURY, Mr Lee & PRESTON, Miss Danielle Harasteorra Big Bear JW

2. HAWKINS, Mrs Kathy Marie Harasteorra Betelgeuse

3. BARNES, Mrs Rosemary Michaela Saxonbejayz John Kerr

 PGD (1 )

1. BANNISTER, Miss Linzi STORMACRE THE GAMBLER IN ROANHOWE a dog still maturing with a good outline. Head showed his masculinity, good strong neck into forequarters and good depth of chest and balance of back and topline. Moved out with great stride and drive. Coat well presented and of good golden liver colour.

 LD (6 ,1)

1. MOON, Mrs Ann Deanway Proper Charlie, headed this very strong class of dogs on his excellent muscle tone and movement. Good bone throughout and of correct height with good depth of chest and back line. Well-made head with good skull to muzzle planes and correct stop to give a good expression. Pleased to see him go 4th in a strong Vulnerable Native Breeds stakes class.

2. ALLEN-LINE, Mrs E Marquell Torshca Chaos. very good coat and colour and well balanced with good neck into chest and level backline. Good strong bone front and rear legs. Moved out well and back at the correct speed for the breed. Pressed my winner hard.


Res. MOWBRAY, Mrs SUE Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid

VHC. BROWN, Mr George & Lorna Saxonbejayz Elliot

 OD (6 ,2)

1. MERCER, Miss C & THOMAS, Miss LA Amur Iz Valley Wins At Stormacre delighted to award his 3rd CC and so his SH CH title. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring with his perfect size and height to length ration. Mature body, well muscled, without excess weight and showing no sign of any waistiness in his back line. Correct head and expression with good eye shape and colour. Nailed this class with his lovely rolling Sussex movement, at the correct speed and with drive. - Dog CC and BOB

2. ALDERSON, Mrs S Sh Ch Meggamooch Ulysses – another excellent dog of good golden liver colour. Good bone and strong legs and feet. Well made with good chest depth and well filled loin giving a great profile on the stand. Kept his topline on the move and again had a true roll. R DogCC

3. GRAHAM, Mr Tom Sh Ch Eald Dances With Wolves Among Nyliram JW ShC

Res. MOON, Mrs Ann Foxhampton Fields of Gold

 SBB (1 )

1st: 9300 BARNES, Mrs Rosemary Michaela Harasteorra Beta Canis at Saxonbejayz good youngster with all the attributes to mature well. Excellent coat and colour. Correct frame and balance, well angulated rear quarters, which showed in her good movement and well held topline. Liked her head, correct eye shape and hazel shade and appealing expression with well set on ears.

 MPB (1 )

1. DAVEY, Ms V A Eald Stands With Fist, exuberant puppy giving her handler a hard time. Good head and expression. Good frame, just needs to fill out and grow on. Nicely held backline. Correct golden liver coat and colour. Movement was good for her age, once she managed to get all four feet to go in the same direction.

 PB (1 )

1st: 9310 DAVEY, Ms V A Eald Stands With Fist

 JB (3 )

1st: 9304 BENNETT, Mrs Van Sovaroma Soul Searcher, what a cracker of a junior, well matured for her age. Such a great head with all the true Sussex attributes of a feminine shape, good moderate dome and slope of skull to depth of muzzle, moderate stop, good set ears of correct length. Well set shoulders into good chest to length ratio. Correctly filled loin. Well muscled rear quarters and second thigh. Kept back line on move and strode out with drive and style. Great coat and colour, well presented. Was pleased to award her Bitch CC.

2. BARNES, Mrs Rosemary Michaela Harasteorra Beta Canis at Saxonbejayz,

3. MCANDREWS, Dr Z & HAGUE, Mr Michael Prytaneion Lakhesis

 YB (3)

1. MATTHEWS, Miss E Foxhampton Foxy Lady very promising bitch with feminine head. Good arch of neck into body with strong bones, legs and feet. Well muscled throughout with good movement and correct tail, carried in line with the back which cliched this class. Excellent coat and colour.

2. BEECHAM, Miss Donna MEGGAMOOCH XANADU AT RYDONMIST close up to my winner with good expression and head shape. Ideal height with good strong legs and feet. Still some filling out to do of her very correct frame. Moved well.

3. BARNES, Mrs Rosemary Michaela Harasteorra Beta Canis at Saxonbejayz

 PGB (1 )

1. MOWBRAY, Mrs SUE Crumbledor Bella LeStrange, alone but a worthy winner. Well off for height, but balanced. Liked her head and eye colour giving correct expression. Good arch of neck into good shoulder angulation. Deep chest in good proportion to her height with well filled back and loin. Good muscle tone and hind angulation. Correct golden liver coat and colour.

 LB (8 ,1)

1. MERCER, Miss C & THOMAS, Miss LA Stormacre She Believes In Me, very correct height to length which won her this excellent class of mature bitches. Lovely coat and condition. Frame and outline all balanced with excellent muscle and well filled loin which showed in her correct roll to her movement and good level tail carriage. Really liked her head and expression.

2. BENNETT, Mrs Van Sovaroma Clarrie Brown also of good coat and colour with good bone and well muscled body. Correct height and again a mature outline and frame with good muscle front and rear. Moved out and back well with good length of stride at correct speed.

3. GASHER, Mrs Catherine Marquell Torshca Bang On

Res. ASHCROFT, Mrs D Varya Velikolepnaya Iz Valley Wins at Torshca (Imp

VHC. ALDERSON, Mrs S Meggamooch Winterfell

 OB (2 ,1)

1. DAVEY, Ms V A Sh Ch Eald Village Scandal JW, good head on this mature bitch with strong bone and well filled chest into good loin. Well -muscled and moved collectedly, but with drive. Balanced all through.

 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1. HIPGRAVE, Mrs L Eald Village Gossip very good veteran worthy of her place in this good class. Mother of my Open winner and on top form today. Great head and expression with well set ears. Good neck and well laid shoulders into correct depth of chest for her height. Well muscled and held her topline and tail carriage standing and on the move. Won this class on her movement going with a great stride at a good pace. Res B CC and Best Veteran.

2 MOON, Mrs Ann Deanway Summer Storm, much to like on this bitch with excellent coat and colour. Good height and balanced on good, strong boned legs and feet. In great condition and well muscled, going well on the move.

3 ALDERSON, Mrs S Sh Ch Meggamooch Tango

Grace Brown - Judge