• Show Date: 22/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: gillian marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Shih Tzu


Many thanks to the Secretary, Officers and Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge Shih Tzu at their 2023 Championship Show for the first time. I had a very enjoyable day and a great entry; I judged some lovely specimens of the breed. Thanks to all Exhibitors who entered.

Class 2967 MPD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9536 HEY, Mrs Lynda Lyndatzu Love bug – 7 mth old gold and white took my eye as he entered the ring for his correct shape and size. He had the correct head shape, large dark eyes, good nose placement. Just the right amount of neck to balance with his tail. On the move he held his topline, His coat is just right for age and was well presented. He moved well both ways.

2nd: 9521 DORAN, Miss and Mrs Alana and Janice LYNDATZU LOVE STORY – this 7 mth old boy is litter brother to the class winner. Much of the same comments apply I just felt he was slightly larger and preferred the balance of my class winner. Two very typical puppies.

3rd: 9529 FLACK, Mrs M Rottshihpa's Lucifer Mr V

Class 2968 PD (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9527 FAIRLEY, Mr & Mrs Edmund & Ann & BROWN, Mr S & BROWN - ROSSVALE WILDEST DREAM JW – 10 mth old pale gold boy. He has classic head qualities, the darkest of well placed round eyes, good pigmentation. He has the correct nose placement with good open nostrils, correct mouth. He has a nicely arched neck, flowing into good shoulder placement, deep chest, correct topline and high tailset which gave him a balanced outline. He has the correct amount of bone and body substance. He moved out well both ways keeping his shape at all times, good front reach driving rear movement showing his pads. He has an abundance of coat which was well presented. He should have a very bright future. BPD and PBIB.

2nd: 9590 TURNER, Mrs Carly Rossvale fantastic dream at charonnis – on checking my catalogue I see again that the first two in this class are litter brothers. This exhibit is another quality youngster. Again, much of the same comments apply for this boy, he is another outgoing puppy and moved well, I just preferred the head and expression of my class winner.


Class 2969 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9512 COOKE, Mrs Sandra & COOKE, Mr Ronnie Thaisu's Blinding Light – 17 month dark gold boy who was a little larger that I was looking for today, but was a balanced exhibit with plenty of bone and substance. He has pleasing head qualities, broad skull, dark round eyes, correct stop. He has a deep chest and good ribbing, tight elbows, correct topline and tailset. Well muscled rear, abundance of coat, moved the best in the class.

2nd: 9498 BARRELL, Mrs Jacqueline MIFCAH'S BY ROYAL COMMAND TO JAVERDA – 17 month gold and white, this boy was a well balanced exhibit, ok head qualities, enough neck, level topline, high well plumbed tail well muscled for age, coat ok, not the positive rear movement of my class winner.

3rd: 9583 STEVENS, Mr N & Mrs S I Peekin Reggie Rebel-Tu

Class 2970 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9584 STEVENS, Mr N & Mrs S I Peekin Jazz-A-Matazz-Tu – This was a very mixed class and this exhibit was an easy winner here today. He is the correct size with pleasing head qualities, large round eyes placed well, good nostrils, coat of excellent quality and well presented, moved well, today for higher honours just need more body weight.

2nd: 9508 CHADWICK, Miss H Tsantha A Keepsake – A gold and white larger made boy who was well constructed with the correct bone and substance, good deep chest, correct ribbing, good well-muscled rear. He has pleasing head qualities, dark pigmentation. He has a huge coat which just needs controlling. He moved well both ways.

3rd: 9515 DE LA COUR, Miss N Santosha Dark Secret With Coursani

Class 2971 LD (11 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9519 DE LA COUR, Ms M Santosha Memory of Love – 19 month solid gold won this quality class on his positive movement, good front reach and driving rear action showing his full pads. He is the correct size and shape, correct head and warm expression, broad skull, darkest of well placed eyes set wide apart, wide muzzle, well placed nose with open nostrils. He has a deep chest, good bone, well arched neck, pleasing shoulder placement, correct topline and high tailset. Just the right amount of body weight, correct tailset. His rear was well rounded and had good muscle tone. Coat well presented – RCC.

2nd: 9525 EVERALL, Miss F J Paliden Simply A Star with Wharfeview – 3 year old gold, another pleasing exhibit that was correct for size and shape. A mature exhibit who has a typical head of correct proportions, correct eye placement, large heavily coated ears, good neck, firm shoulders, enough body weight, well placed heavily plumed tail, just outmoved today by the class winner.

3rd: 9500 BRADSHAW, Mrs Julie & SYMONDS, Mrs Maralyn Cremefern Trigger A Storm At Symaraju JW

Class 2972 OD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9560 RUTTER, Mrs J Chanikos Living The Dream at Ethelsmead – 5 year old fully mature gold and white boy who is a quality exhibit in all departments. Classic head and warm expression. He has a broad skull, well placed large dark round eyes, correct nose placement with wide nostrils, tight lips, large ears heavily furnished. Correct neck nicely arched, firm shoulders, good bone, deep chest, level back. Correct tailset which was heavily plumed. Well rounded rear with straight bone. In good muscular condition and moved with good reach and drive showing his full pads. Well deserved CC.

2nd: 9526 FAIRLEY, Mr & Mrs Edmund & Ann SENOUSI DRESSED FOR IT BY FAIRMERE – this 4 year old gold and white boy is another quality exhibit and is a typical specimen of the breed. He has classic head proportions, large dark eyes, good wide muzzle, correct nose placement and good stop. He has just the right amount of neck, good body shape and has enough bone and substance. He is well muscled with the right amount of coat which was excellently presented. His movement is true both ways but today just need that extra ‘umph’ for higher honours.

3rd: 9502 BRIGGS, Miss J Warathwaite The Kingslayer

Class 2973 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9589 TURNER, Mrs Carly Ch artelino moomins adventure (Imp) – 7 year old gold boy who is correct for size and shape. He has a masculine head of good proportions with the darkest of eyes, correct nose placement and tight lips, warm expression. He has a strong neck flowing into good shoulder placement, correct topline and heavily plumed tail which was well set. He has an abundance of coat, well presented. In good overall condition, positive easy movement – BVIB.

2nd: 9541 JONES, Mrs Annita Ch Carlita Reason To Dream JW – another 7 year old boy and a worthy champion. He was smaller overall than my class winner but still a quality exhibit. He has a typical head and expression, has good body proportions, a good quality coat with excellent presentation, moved true both ways just preferred the rear movement of my class winner.

3rd: 9524 EVERALL, Miss F J Wharfeview Candy Man

Class 2974 SBD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9569 SILSBURY, Mrs J J'adoremy secret agent red – 6 month old boy, won the class on his positive true movement. Abundance of gold and white coat which is coming along nicely. Good temperament, hope he comes on well.

2nd: 9551 PHETHEAN, Mrs Shirley Ann Isishouse Son And Heir – 6 year old gold and white boy just out shone by the puppy in both attitude and movement.


Class 2975 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9495 BADDELEY, Mr Ian & BADDELEY, Mrs Angela Debeaux Only in my Dreams – very feminine 7 month girl, gold and white, for being just a youngster held herself together well in the showring. She is the correct shape, balanced, has the correct head proportions, just the right amount of neck, good front, level topline, correct angled rear, coat well presented. Won the class on her positive rear movement.

2nd: 9537 HEY, mrs Lynda lyndatzu truly scrumptious – another 7 month old gold and white girl, much of the above comments apply to another lovely puppy, the class winner just outmoved her today.

3rd: 9540 ILEY, Mr D S Senousi Perfectly Dressed

Class 2976 PB (11 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9496 BALDWIN, Miss J Valkiria Sweet Addict NAF (IMP Poland) - this 11 month old caught your eye as soon as she entered the ring with her correct shape, positive movement and excellent quality of coat. Head proportions developing, dark eyes, pleasing mouth, correct ear placement. She has a good chest and tight elbows. Just the right amount of ribbing and body weight, good driving rear on the move. Immaculately presented.

2nd: 9556 QUICK, Mr Mrs D J J A Minfaa Shes Quick On The Draw – a very willfull 10 month gold and white girl who gave her handler a hard time. Another quality youngster, balanced outline. Typical head proportions, good pigmentation. Moved well both ways when she decided to get a full stride in. Both of these youngsters had quality coat and were well presented.


Class 2977 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 9496 BALDWIN, Miss J Valkiria Sweet Addict NAF (IMP Poland) – as previous class.

2nd: 9573 SPICER, MRS Michelle Judith & MITCHELL, Miss Kayle MYKABEL MISTLETOE AND WINE – 13 month pale gold, another youngster who is the correct shape and size – feminine, everything in proportion, pleasing head, good dark eyes, correct ear set, just the right amount of bone, another with good quality coat, well presented, moved well.

3rd: 9517 DE LA COUR, Miss N Coursani Sand Queen (GKC)

Class 2978 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9514 CROSSLEY, Mr David & CROSSLEY, Mrs Susan Santosha Silhouette – 2 year old dark gold girl who I felt was in the inbetween stage with her body development. She has a pleasing head, correct round eyes, good nose placement, good front assembly, correct tailset, good front reach and driving rear.

2nd: 9545 KUBIS, Miss Agnieszka MAPIMAKASTAR BUNNY HOP TIZBUNTZU – 4 year old gold and white, won her place in this class on her movement. Not as balanced in outline as my class winner, would prefer a higher tailset.

3rd: 9518 DE LA COUR, Miss N & DE LA COUR, Mrs Mandy Cavateena Situla Scarlet for Lavril (GKC)

VHC: 9534 HATTEN, Mrs M Thaisu Every Witch Way to Marbo

Class 2979 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9516 DE LA COUR, Miss N Santosha Ice Queen of Coursani – 3 year old dark gold and white took my eye as soon as I looked at the class. She is correct for size and shape, she is balanced. She has a classic head with excellent proportions, large round dark eyes set well apart, correct nose placement, good width to muzzle, correct stop, well arched neck, straight front, deep chest, correct body weight, level back, high well plumed tail. Straight hindquarters, well muscled. Good front reach, excellent driving rear action showing full pads. Excellent presentation. Star of the day CC and BOB.

2nd: 9494 ALEXANDER-CUNNIFFE, Ms Tracey TEJAYSE BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA – 4 year old gold and white, a bitch of pleasing shape and size. Balanced head, dark pigmentation, good stop. Would prefer just a little more neck to give her a better outline. Correct bone, moved ok, coat well presented.

3rd: 9582 STEVENS, Mr N & Mrs S I Peekin Hoi Tee Toi Tee-Tu

Class 2980 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9587 SWEENEY, Mrs M SENOUSI CARESS IN A DRESS – 3 year old gold, fully mature girl, a quality exhibit. Classic head and expression, good forechest, well laid shoulders, plenty of ribbing, strong topline, in good muscular condition, had a quality well presented coat. Outmoved everyone else I this class. Very pleased to award her RBCC.

2nd: 9504 BROWN, Mr S & Mrs S Rossvale's Finnish Model – This 3 year old has a classic outline standing. Correct in all departments, typical head and expression, correctly arched neck, good front assembly, well muscled rear, coat of excellent quality and presentation. On the final run-off for this class just flew her tail – disappointing.

3rd: 9586 SWEENEY, Mrs M Senousi Love The Dress

Class 2981 VB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 9538 HOWARD, Miss H L Ch Tameron Miss Black Opium – 9 year old black and white with quality coat and excellent presentation. In good overall condition, strong in breed type, moved steadily.

2nd: 9522 DYKER, Mrs K Thaisu Desperate Housewife For Kimevan - 8 year old gold and white, balanced in outline standing. Typical head qualities, correct body proportions, moved ok.3rd: 9506 CASENTIERI, Ms CJ & Mr T F Alchez Return To The Sea

Class 2982 SBB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9571 SKAWSKA, Mrs M MAPIMAKASTAR SUZIE HUGO – Very sweet 2 year old cream and gold, won this class on her positive movement. Correct dark eyes and good pigmentation. Coat a bit wispy but will come with age.

2nd: 9566 SILSBURY, Mrs J J'adoremy miss red'n legal – A cute 6 month old gold and white enjoying her day out. Moved at one with handler, should mature nicely.

3rd: 9593 WALSH, Miss P Shihzarbruno lady in waitin