• Show Date: 06/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gillian Lamb Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Bloodhound





 I was most honoured to be invited to judge and award CCs to the Bloodhound breed at Birmingham National Dog Show. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee and Officers for kindly inviting me to judge, and all the Bloodhound exhibitors for giving me sixteen entries of which, seven were unfortunately absent on the day, and allowing me to go over their lovely hounds. It was a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. It was great to see some promising puppies. I would also like to give a special mention to the Veteran Dog and Bitch entries. They were not only an absolute pleasure to judge, but because it is wonderful to see veterans being shown at championship shows and not just at our breed club shows, very well done. Temperaments were sound, and eyes were good. I was very pleased with the generally high standard of Bloodhounds shown on the day, which made my task quite challenging at times.

 Minor Puppy Dog (1) 1. Lorraine Priestley’s Marksbury Railway of Quikotic. This six-month and one-day old black & tan puppy behaved very well, considering it was his first ever show. In profile, his head planes with a well-defined occiput and depth of lip were correct. His eyes are good, and bite correct, ears set low, with good expression as seen from the front. He has good bone and tight feet. Being only six months old, he is still growing unevenly so that his topline was slightly higher at the rear, and his rear angulation was a little straight. That should all settle once he has reached full height. Due to this, his movement was a bit erratic. He is a puppy with promise.

 Open Dog (4. 2 A) 1. Lorraine Priestley’s Ch Maplemead Malazar Of Quikotic. This four-year-old black and tan hound in the stand, shows a level topline with good rear angulation, strong bone, good front, correct length of body and tight feet. He has a handsome correctly planed head and good ear-set. Correct bite, clear eyes, and noble expression. His movement was good. Dog CC.

2. Tracie Howie & Sue Emrys-Jones’ Marksbury Malfoy. Also, a handsome four-year-old black & tan hound in peak condition. Lovely head, good eyes and from the side, good head planes and defined occiput. Correct bite. In profile this well boned hound has a level topline with good tail set and tight feet. His rear angulation is good. He was a bit distracted today, so did not move as well as I think he could have.

 Veteran Dog (1) 1. Lorraine Priestley’s Ch Railside Pluto At Quikotic. This still handsome nine-year-old black & tan hound strutted his stuff sedately around the ring still showing his good movement. Well balanced in the stand, level topline, good angulation, and good front. Noble expression, good eyes, ear-set, and bite. Reserve Dog CC & Best Veteran in Breed.

 Puppy Bitch (1) 1. Tracie Howie, Sue Emrys-Jones, Colin Avery, Ken Miller & Pat Miller’s Marksbury Regina Of Millvery (Taf). This six-month and one-day-old black and tan girl is litter sister to the minor dog puppy. Considering that it was also her very first show she also behaved well. Being a bitch, she is developing more evenly, as they do, and looked better balanced in the stand with level topline, good length of neck and well angulated stifle. Her front still needs to develop but everything seems to be in place. She has low set ears, nice head planes and occiput, good eyes, bite, and a lovely feminine expression. Once settled she moved well for her age. Best Puppy in Breed.

 Post Graduate Bitch (2. 1A) 1. Sam Clark & Lynda Hayden’s Farlap Qui Martha (Ai). The seventeen-month red bitch moves very well. Her body is well balanced in the stand and has good angulation and front. Correct head planes, occiput, eyes, bite and well let down ears with a lovely expression. Reserve Bitch CC. She went on to win the Vulnerable Breeds Stakes (out of 65 dogs entered) later in the day. Very well done.

 Open Bitch (2) 1. Sam Clark’s Ch Farlap Miss Konduct. This liver & tan three-year-old is very feminine, with fine skin and very good eyes. Well balanced in the stand with a level topline, good tail-set, correct rear angulation and front. Feminine head with correct planes, correct bite, low set ears and lovely expression. On the move, she came into her own and moved very well indeed. Bitch CC & Best of Breed.

 2. Jill Harrington’s Ch Moorlander Cacharel. This three-year-old black & tan girl moved well. In the stand she had a level topline, correct stern and stifle, tight feet, and good head planes with nice length of ear and lip. Good bite and eyes. Although, I would have preferred a slightly narrower head but all in all a lovely girl.

 Veteran Bitch. (1) 1. Sue Shaw-Browne’s Ch Kingshart Roses Mimic. This nine-year-old black blanket lady still shows like she has never left the ring. She moved well for her age, and in the stand was well balanced with good bone, rear angulation, and front. Nice eyes, head planes, deep lip, and lovely expression.

Gillian Lamb

Scentall Bloodhounds