• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geraldine O'Driscoll Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Pointer

Breed Results: Pointer (Day 1)

DCC 1525 - Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist JW ShCM OSW ShCEx (Ms S R Philo)

RDCC 1549 - Gartarry New Kid in Town (Mrs G & Ms L Sarrou & Hall)

BCC 1528 - Sh Ch Tenshilling The Wanderer (Mrs J Webb)

RBCC 1444 - Sh Ch Chesterhope C'mon over to Carmandine (Imp Nzl) JW (Mrs M & Mrs C Gerrard & Bell)

BOB 1528 - Sh Ch Tenshilling The Wanderer (Mrs J Webb)

BP 1439 - Flinthill Some Like It Hot TAF (Miss F, Mrs C & Mr B Earl, Wheldon & Jones)

BV 1442 - Wynbury Golden Chalice by Fleurfield (Mrs E Flint)

It was an honour to be invited by the Kennel Club to judge Pointers at Crufts 2023. Thank you to everyone who sought my opinion and an even bigger thanks for turning up in such awful weather conditions. My general impressions are that we have some lovely up and coming youngsters and the quality of bitches in particular, is outstanding. Since I last judged tails have improved but tail sets still need to be watched, shoulders, hind angulations and movement generally good. Slightly worrying is the number of broad and heavy skulls. I had a few level bites and small teeth and some of my ‘canine ladies’ looked as if they had not recovered from their Christmas indulgences. There is a fine line in our breed between being overweight and too light, some exhibitors fell short on condition and paid the price.

I was looking for a stylish, curvaceous, unexaggerated, aristocratic Pointer with driving movement, all my class winners and more provided this so the future bodes well. I hope I gave everyone time and consideration despite being pressured to speed up.

273. Pointer - Veteran Dog

Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1ST 1452 - Sh Ch Millpoint Heat Wave JW ShCM (Mrs J M Harrison) Well presented black and white I have given top honours to before, he is defying his 11 yrs both in body and on the move holding his frame perfectly and striding out with his usual verve. A credit to his owner.

2ND 1540 - Sh Ch Freebreeze over The Top at Spinray (Ms L, Ms P & Ms M Rayner, Spinks & Pringle) liver and white 9yr old has won under me in the past and I repeat my admiration of his type and style. Just beginning to show his age and didn’t do himself any favours in the initial line up but once he had settled gave a good picture. His movement is as true as ever.

3RD 1577 - Ansona Aladdin (Ms T Watkins)

Black and white of quality beautifully made and still in his prime. Best of heads and good topline flowing through to his tail. Really catches the eye but just pipped on movement.

RES 1510 - Sh Ch Tenshilling Home Alone JW ShCM (Mrs C J O'neill)

VHC 1464 - Am Ch/can Gr Ch Nowwithem Rooster Cogburn (Mrs J Koch)

274. Pointer - Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 1484 - Carofel Wings of Hope (Mrs A & Mrs L Matthews & Adams)

Stood alone, orange and white 8 m.o . Promising pup masculine head clean lines good bone and body shape, feet and pasterns. needs to fill his frame but he has plenty of time. On the move he was steady and co ordinated and used his tail.

275. Pointer - Puppy Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1ST 1454 - Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine (Miss C & Mrs C & Mrs J & Mrs S Hazeltine & Razzell & Drake & Welch)

 9mo B&W stood well showing a pleasing picture, has bone and substance good angulation and moved with purpose. Liked his expressive dark eye and good flews, just needs to tighten up generally but a nice pup. BPD

2ND 1395 - Mattiboo Bohemian Rhapsody (Mrs J Baker)

Lemon and white of different stamp to 1. Good head with appealing kind eye clean lines and good angulations bone and sloping pasterns. Needs time to fill his frame and drop in chest. Best of movers.

3RD 1471 - Braithwaite Pole Position in Fallowfield (Mrs C Lewis)

I liked this 12mo O &W’s type and substance, lovely curves and angulation. Correct head shape, good eye and flews. Unfortunately a bit proud of his tail today which spoilt his outline when he moved energetically .

RES 1482 - Sonham Raising The Game (Mrs A D Matthews)

276. Pointer - Junior Dog

Entries: 11 Absentees: 0

1ST 1505 - Chesterhope One Way Heavily ticked black and white. Solid head with correct jowl, wide nostrils and dark eye. Would prefer more chiselling in head. Not a big one but beautifully proportioned, correct in depth of chest, good bone and pasterns and feet, no exagerations. Powered around the ring as one with handler.

 2ND 1568 - Bradleypoint Floki (Mrs L Trueman)

Striking B&W 15 mo who really catches the eye, shown in excellent condition. Lovely skull shape with dark eye giving a kind expression, small leathers set correctly. Gave his owner a hard time but when he did stand properly showed a good balanced outline with no exagerations. Moved well inbetween bounces. Promising.

3RD 1493 - Raigmore Greatest Day (Mrs K Morrison)

B & W 17mo presented as most in this excellent class, in hard condition. His lines flow from head to tail, nice angles and deep chest. Perhaps prefer a bit more work in head, lovely eye and flews, but he presents a stylish picture in keeping with his age. Strode out smoothly on the move as one with his handler.

RES 1578 - Cupid’s Halo at Glenmaurangi (Ms T Watkins)

VHC 1527 - Tenshilling Jimmy Mack (Mrs J Webb)

277. Pointer - Yearling Dog

Entries: 14 Absentees: 2

1ST 1549 - Gartarry New Kid in Town (Mrs G & Ms L Sarrou & Hall)

Impressive young O & W of 20 months. Exudes breed type with his aristocratic stance, his head beautiful, balanced with a well defined stop and pronounced occiput wide nostrils and good lip. His topline flows and is good in shoulders and HQ’s. Initially a bit full of himself on the move but settled to a good stride. Upped the level in the challenge and pleased to award him RCC.

2ND 1585 - Teisgol Keep On Going via Penwest JW (Miss Westaway)

Unlucky to meet 1 as presented a balanced and pleasing picture. Lem/W Has substance without being overdone. Deep and well ribbed up. Good bone and muscle tone, he powered round the ring. Just preferred head shape of 1.

  3RD 1568 - Bradleypoint Floki (Mrs L Trueman) 2nd in last class

RES 1522 - Pencaire Sheeran (Mr C J & Mrs J B Phillips)

VHC 1402 - Droveborough's The Gambit at Vinepoint (Mrs A Bird)

278. Pointer - Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 16 Absentees: 1

1ST 1490 - Lundgarth Wild Yarrow (Miss G J & Mr N A Mennen & Sweeney)

B & W of medium size. Correct eye shape and dark eye, skull of medium width, neat ears. Good outline giving balanced picture put down in excellent condition, not exaggerated in any way. Flowing lines and good tail and set. Moved as one with his handler at correct speed and will expect more to come from this one.

2ND 1568 - Bradleypoint Floki (Mrs L Trueman) 2nd JD

3RD 1539 - Jilony Brown Velvet (Miss L Ram)

1st in ML

RES 1526 - Tenshilling It's My Party for Salmonmist JW (Ms S R Philo)

VHC 1389 - Dondaig Wooden Heart (Mrs A F Allen)

279. Pointer - Mid Limit Dog

Entries: 17 Absentees: 1

1ST 1539 - Jilony Brown Velvet (Miss L Ram)

Liver dog 3rd in PGD. More settled in this class this blanket liver gave a pleasing picture. Medium size well put together plenty of angulation and correct bone. Short hard coat well sprung ribs good chest and brisket, correct pasterns and feet. Head could do with a bit more work but no denying he is a very smart dog. Moved smoothly with driving action.

2ND 1447 - Hawkfield Pemberley (Ms W Gordon)

Eye catching B & W so typical of his kennel. Correct fore and aft, not overdone but stylish and oozing breed type. Excellent head shape and proportions, clean lines with good tail and set. Drove from his HQ’s when moving.

3RD 1412 - Tenshilling Blowin Smoke (Mrs J Bowen-Brooks)

Nice sort not a big one but well put together and balanced. Correct head shape and eye. Deep in chest and clean lined. Good feet and pasterns

When settled moved well.

RES 1483 - Sonham Remember Me (Mrs A D Matthews)

VHC 1424 - Braithwaite Love in The Air (Miss E & Prof D N Charlish & Brigden)

280. Pointer - Limit Dog

Entries: 14 Absentees: 0

Loved this class full of hope for the future.

1ST 1438 - Caithpoint Kai (Miss F, Mrs C & Mr B Earl, Wheldon & Jones)

  Calls for attention as has the Pointer attitude. Correct breadth of head dark eye well set ears and overall impressive outline on this B & W in his prime. Balanced in shoulders and HQ’s and clean firm topline leading to correct tail set and tail. Good bone, pasterns and feet . Moved well.

2ND 1593 - Stocksfell Chase The Ace (Mrs A J Wybergh)

Different stamp to 1. Closer coupled, good depth of chest and presented a balanced picture standing and on the move. Appealing head with correct skull shape and well set thin leathers. Very nice dog but perhaps not the presence of 1.

3RD 1508 - Teisgol Love Is in The Air (Miss M E, Mr P R & Mrs D E Oliver & Stilgoe)

A very well put together dog, masculine without any coarseness. Lovely head and expression. Had an attitude that I loved.

RES 1565 - Moenfair Sanguineum Luna JW (Ms K Tregaskis)

VHC 1588 - Pipeaway Dreams Afyre in Merynjen JW (Mrs K D Wilcox)

281. Pointer - Open Dog

Entries: 9 Absentees: 3

1ST 1525 - Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist JW ShCM OSW ShCEx (Ms S R Philo)

 Very stylish O & W aristocratic oozing pointer breed type. Head of medium breadth with defined stop and correct amount of chiselling giving the slightly dish faced appearance. Lovely dark kind eye and fine leathers. Good topline and nicely balanced without being overdone. True in front with good pasterns and feet. Well muscled carrying just the right weight and moved with power. Stood out in the lineup so had no hesitation in awarding him DCC.

2ND 1503 - Sh Ch Sharnphilly Boondoggle JW (Miss Oddie)

Well known B & W in his prime, well angulated and musclular, taut fit body. Truest of movements. Unexaggerated, workmanlike and of a nice size. Just felt 1 gave a more aristocratic appearance.

3RD 1583 - Ch Pytchley Chasing The Dream for Hookwood JW ShCM ShCEx (Mrs S E & Miss C Welch & Hazeltine)

Different stamp to 1 & 2 but cannot deny his excellent outline and overall construction . Good head proportions with wide nostrils and dark eye. Thin leathers. Motored around the ring.

RES 1403 - Sh Ch Kanix Obi at Stargang (Miss H Blackburn-Bennett)

VHC 1470 - Solheim's Viking Point (Miss A M Leith)

283. Pointer - Special Working Gundog Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST 1477 - Ch Ratchda's Rock Thrush Sgwc (Mrs G Marsh)

 Most elegant blanket liver and white 6 yrs old. Masculine but elegant fitting breed standard in all aspects. Good head, eye, wide nostrils neck slightly arched. Clean lined good muscle tone and moved well using his tail as one with handler.

2ND 1456 - Sharnphilly Vice Versa with Peteshe Sgwc TAF (Miss A S K & Mr J Henshaw & Goodchild)

4yr old B & W Built on rangier lines to 1 ,Masculine head but not overdone, deep body and good angulation. Liked his attitude, he looked alert and business like on the move giving the impression of doing a days work. Tough to meet 1.

3RD 1466 - Fydal Cortese of Papermill Sgwc (Mrs S M Langford)

O & W with good chiselled head and dark eye Has the type and style and is balanced fore and aft, think he would much prefer to be on the moor as was a bit short on enthusiasm today.

284. Pointer - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1ST 1508 - Teisgol Love Is in The Air (Miss M E, Mr P R & Mrs D E Oliver & Stilgoe)

3rd in LD and showed better in this class. Well put together and of correct size and substance, masculine without a hint of coarseness. Appealing head and expression and definately has the pointer attitude.

2ND 1565 - Moenfair Sanguineum Luna JW (Ms K Tregaskis)

 Upstanding liver and W of good body proportions. Solid head clean lines and good tail set, good feet and pasterns

Lost his enthusiasm in this class. 3rd in LD

3RD 1575 - Meadowpoint Spirit of Fire (Miss K Wall)

Built on rangier lines with correct shoulders and HQ’s. His head markings rather distract but he has a balanced skull and good eye. Happy and alert.

RES 1530 - Hawkfield Wickham (Miss C Pratt)

285. Pointer - Veteran Bitch

Entries: 17 Absentees: 3

What a joy these old ladies were, such happy memories of them in their prime, may they have many more good days.

1ST 1442 - Wynbury Golden Chalice by Fleurfield (Mrs E Flint)

 10 yr old O & W Well shaped head, bright and kind eyes lovely shoulders and HQ’S exc condition. Still true in front and although on the larger side is feminine. On stonking form on the move striding out like a 2 yr old. This performance in the challenge gave her BV.

2ND 1474 - Lowsmoor Shiralee JW (Mrs A Lowe)

 Gave 1 a run for her money, this pretty 8 yr old O & W. Smaller in stature but very balanced hard condition and well muscled. Pretty head of correct proportions with soft expression. Moved well using her neat tail.

3RD 1556 - Sh Ch Fydal Ava (Mrs A Smith)

Happiest of old ladies nearly 12 yrs old Lashing tail on the move and she kept up with the young blood. Pretty chiselled head and dark eye and points

RES 1557 - Sh Ch Fydal Bedazzle (Mrs A Smith)

VHC 1581 - Ir Sh Ch Oxfordacres Trinity by Hookwood JW ShCM (Mrs S Welch)

286. Pointer - Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST 1439 - Flinthill Some Like It Hot TAF (Miss F, Mrs C & Mr B Earl, Wheldon & Jones)

B & W pup of 8 months. Full of attitude showing like an old hand. Good head shape and kind dark eyes, wide nostrils and good leathers . Well angled shoulders and HQ’s and clean over and under lines. Just carrying the right weight. Moved true and with driving hind action. An exciting prospect BBP & BP

2ND 1458 - Fleurfield Black Caviar (Mrs M A Hinton)

The attributes of 1 also apply to this 8 mo they are so similar they could change places at any time. Cracking little bitch with an alert attitude and beautifully schooled . Just pipped by 1. being a little more mature.

287 Pointer - Puppy Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1ST 1488 - Braithwaite Passion at Forthbourne (Mr P Mcgilp)

O&W mature for her 12 months,well covered with correct hard and short coat. Chiselled head that needs to break but lovely kind dark eye good topline and nice tail and set. Rippling HQ’s and moved well, one for the future.

2ND 1582 Clamerkin Jubilee Surprise at Hookwood (Mrs S & Mrs J & Miss C Welch & Drake & Hazeltine)

Showed well and gave a balanced picture standing and on the move. Deep in chest and good topline and tail and set. Good expanse of thigh and moved with power. Needs time to tighten up but a nice pup, just thought 1 more feminine.

3RD 1440 - Hawkfield Frivolous TAF (Miss F, Mrs C & Mr B Earl, Wheldon & Jones)

O&W who will take time to fill her frame, nicely put together with correct angles, classic head. Moved well felt 1 & 2 more mature.

RES 1467 - Layways License to Thrill (Mr S Layton)

VHC 1408 - Rey Allegria's Vanilla Ice Ice Baby (Miss Bloemen)

288. Pointer - Junior Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1ST 1511 - Tenshilling to Sir with Love (Mrs C J O'neill)

Powerful well muscled bitch yet feminine and curvy. Good bone and angulation. Correct skull shape with dark points and kind expression, neat ears and short lashing tail. Moved well. Should trouble the best when fully mature.

 2ND 1504 - Sharnphilly Sugarplum (Miss Oddie)

Her movement stood out in this class covering the ground with her long smooth stride. An attractive picture standing with a deep chest and good angles. Her head is balanced and skull shape correct with good eye shape and colour . Still has some maturing to do.

3RD 1543 - Kananaskis Black Bryony (Mrs C L Roberts)

Built on finer lines this B & W needs plenty of time to fill her frame and generally mature but she is a nice sort with solid head and dark eye and clean lines. Moved well.

RES 1586 - Codnorhawk Dolly Daydream (Mrs Ca & Mr C White & Keith)

VHC 1487 - Wyndhead Golden Fizz (Ms M Mcdougall)

289. Pointer - Yearling Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 4

1ST 1559 - Teisgol Snow Queen JW (Mr P, Mrs D & Mrs L Stilgoe & Fox)

Nicely put together with all the correct pointer attributes. Nothing exaggerated. Clean lines good front and bone, deep in chest. Correct head and eye shape and neat ears. Short tail which she used on the move. a good overall picture.

 2ND 1551 - Wilchrimane Sky Pirate (Mr C Siddle)

Quality elegant O & W with chiselled head and melting expression. Ears thin and well placed. Good angulation fore and aft correct bone, pasterns and feet and moved with driving action . Just preferred topline of 1.

 3RD 1409 - Lundgarth Everest JW (Mrs S E Booth)

Bit unsettled between two handlers but when stood correctly she cut a dashing picture. Very pretty head pronounced occiput dark eye and nose pigment. Flowing lines on well made muscular body. Moved well

RES 1469 - Boldog Tuz Anya at Solheim (Miss A M Leith)

VHC 1521 - Evaluna Chasing Rainbows with Hookwood JW (Mrs D & Mrs S Perren & Welch)

290. Pointer - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 19 Absentees: 4

Strong class which bodes well for the future, all 5 in line up moved truly and could change places.

1ST 1555 - Wilchrimane Piri Piri (Miss, Mrs & Mrs Siddle, Siddle & Medeiros)

Stylish bitch not big but femine and curvaceous . Head of correct breadth with kind expression from dark eyes wide flews, thin leathers .Muscular neck into flowing top line well let down in brisket and straight forelegs. Good in pasterns and feet. Moved well holding her shape. Very sadly seemed to loose her sparkle in the challenge.

2ND 1519 - Keepersfield Giselle (Miss E & Mrs S Pearson & Cooper)

B & W eye catching feminine head with good skull shape and nice eye. Clean lines and short coupled. Well sprung ribcage and good depth to brisket. Moved well with good tail action needs to tighten a bit but has plenty of time. Tough to come up against 1.

3RD 1541 - Spinray Songbird (Ms L, Ms P & Ms M Rayner, Spinks & Pringle)

Well constructed mature body, deep chest good bone, clean neck into well laid shoulders. Her head is in proportion with dark nose and eye, . Moved well with a smooth gait.

RES 1392 - Raigmore Limelight at Daledancer (Mrs S J Anderson Rowell)

VHC 1433 - Caithpoint Kora at Meadowpoint (Miss D Dunn)

291. Pointer - Mid Limit Bitch

Entries: 20 Absentees: 4

1ST 1537 - Sniperay Edge of Glory JW (Mrs J Radcliffe)

Of medium size nicely proportioned head with kind eye and thin leathers , well angled fore and aft good amount of heart room, oval bone and sloping pasterns and good feet. Strong over loin and in hindquarters and moved with drive in a smooth action.

2ND 1501 - Heartbury Belacqua (Mrs V & Mr K & Miss H Norbury & Adams & Upton)

Different stamp to 1. At just 2 yrs old this liver/white has more to come. Head needs a bit more work but is OK lovely kind eye and good flews, leathers. Muscular neck into shoulders and good angulation, ribs carried well back and strong loin. Smooth yet powerful movement. An alert and smart bitch.

3RD 1554 - Wilchrimane Frankly Darlin (Miss, Mrs & Mrs Siddle, Siddle & Medeiros)

O/W of quality. Beautiful head and body curvaceous with sloping shoulders well laid back muscular hindquarters with well let down hocks. Although she moved well she didn’t sparkle today which was a shame.

RES 1479 - Morgan Van Freebreeze (Imp Nld) (Mrs R Mason)

VHC 1519 - Keepersfield Giselle (Miss E & Mrs S Pearson & Cooper)

292. Pointer - Limit Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 2

Lovely class of quality bitches

1ST 1589 - Stocksfell Seldom Seen (Mrs B Wilkinson)

Very feminine O & W of medium size. Correct skull shape and dark points kind eye. Flowing clean lines well proportioned. Good front and pasterns Nice tail which she used on the move. Not overdone in anyway. Wish she had looked more settled in the challenge.

 2ND 1446 - Hawkfield Happy (Ms W Gordon)

Not the biggest but power packed. Lovely type , feminine all through and beautifully presented. Correct bone and flowing lines. Pretty head into arched neck and well laid back shoulders Moved on a long stride with drive and used her tail well.

3RD 1398 - Caithpoint Maia at Flinthill (Mrs F E Barker)

Stronger build to 2 but feminine. Classic head and kind eye and offered a pleasing outline which she held well on the move driving off her hocks. Coat is fine and short and she has correct bone.

RES 1406 - Twinhoe Crystal Vita (Mr C J Blair)

VHC 1587 - Brent Ever Blazing at Sedgekirk (Mr E E & Mrs G Whitham)

293. Pointer - Open Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 0

An exceptional class, so sorry I didn’t have more red cards.

1ST 1528 - Sh Ch Tenshilling The Wanderer (Mrs J Webb)

 My notes say’ just beautiful’ so will have to go from memory.

O/W 2 yr old Head of medium breadth with the kindest of expressions from her dark eye, developed soft lip and thin leather set on correctly. Good dentition with strong jaw. Slightly arched muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders. Brisket well let down forelegs straight and strong with sloping pasterns and well cushioned oval feet. Her lines are clean and coat short and hard she flows from her nose to her tail which she uses as she powers from her hindquarters around the ring. So curvaceous, graceful and feminine she fills my eye. BCC BOB She kept her energy after such a long day in the Group handled to perfection.

 2ND 1444 - Sh Ch Chesterhope C'mon over to Carmandine (Imp Nzl) JW (Mrs M & Mrs C Gerrard & Bell)

 A very stylish and elegant bitch of quality.She is alert and strong and presents a balanced outline. Her angles are correct and her head in proportion with a kind eye and slightly dish faced. Scores in movement which is clean and accurate and of good ground coverage. Unlucky to meet 1. RBCC

 3RD 1423 - Biss/multi Ch/int Ch Chesterhope Lady Lagertha Ww20 Rsce20 Jnrch (D Busuttil)

On very similar lines to 2 and the same critique applies. A quality bitch who gave her all and powered around the ring. Nit picking but just preferred head of 2.

RES 1552 - Sh Ch Wilchrimane Frankel (ai) (Mrs & Miss A Siddle)

VHC 1520 - Sh Ch Brent Hothouse Flower (Mrs C Perkins)

294. Pointer - Field Trial Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 1391 - Little Owl Scandiaca for Daledancer (Imp Svk) (Mrs S J Anderson Rowell)

 Pretty B/w girl, not a big one but well muscled with good shoulders and sloping pasterns and oval cushioned feet. . Moved freely using her tail.

295. Pointer - Special Working Gundog Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 1390 - Daledancer Rita Owla Sgwc (Mrs S J Anderson Rowell)

Super hard condition this O&W bitch gave a strong but femine picture, showed well, but am sure she would rather be on the moor.

296. Pointer - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 3

1ST 1463 - Sharnphilly Gingerbread (Mrs N Klaiber)

Upstanding O&W presenting a very nice shape with good front deep chest and sloping pasterns. clean lines. Good tail set and moved with drive.

2ND 1417 - Nightgold Blackavar VW (Ms A Brooksmith)

 Amazing condition for her 11 yrs. Heavily marked B & W Pleasing head and expression, good depth to body and correct feet and pasterns. Moved happily

3RD 1566 - Moenfair Tinpenny Tod Tails (Ms K Tregaskis)

B&W offering a pleasing shape of substance yet feminine, deep in chest and strong in loin. Would prefer more work in head.

RES 1462 - Hawkfield Scandalous (Mrs N Klaiber)

VHC 1524 - Waterton Remember Me at Pencaire (Mr C J & Mrs J B Phillips)