• Show Date: 05/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geraldine Cove-Print Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/09/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Italian Spinone

Paignton Championship Dog Show

4th, 5th & 6th August 2023

Italian Spinone

Judge: Mrs G.M Cove-Print

Thank you to Paignton & District Fanciers Association for their invitation and welcome and to the exhibitors for their sportsmanship throughout. Despite the phenomenal high winds temperaments remained steady .The Italian Spinone is an ancient breed and has distinguishing characteristics unlike any from the Gundog group. That individuality must be preserved, it is often said that all rounders do not appreciate the subtleties of a particular breed but I fear in the case of the Spinone the very obvious breed traits are being ignored by some in favour of the flat catcher. Height to length ratio is paramount, a Spinone cannot move with the athleticism and agility it is treasured for if the body is too long and the legs too short. The powerful, ground swallowing trot becomes a busy bustle with little terrain truly covered. Legs that are too short give an untypical terrier like gait which is ugly and not at all typical and would severely impede the ability to traverse undulating topography as well as impacting on the endurance of the dog. A topline that concludes with a tail set on so high it flags the dog’s position at the trot is incorrect, the tail is carried horizontally or down, rarely wagging on the move. Only when a dog is approaching point do we see the telltale tick tock movement. Glamorous the Spinone is not, it is and should remain, a robust, squarely built, intelligent dog of extraordinary working ability.

SBD. 0

MPD. 0

PD. 0

JD. 1(0) 1.McGregor DIGGMERE MARYS CHI BLOOM. At 15 months, most promising. Well laid shoulder and good upper arm return, enough fore chest and strong to neck without undue crest. Correct shape to feet fore and aft, lovely to see the definite oval and round. Head proportions good at this stage with expressive and typical eye. Little long to loin at this point but growing well to sprung rib of good length and well-engineered hindquarters. Wouldn’t expect more width to second thigh at this age, metatarsals short , giving precise footfall to hind. Sufficient reach to forehand, as coordination and confidence improves he has the potential for an excellent stride. RCC

YD. 1(0) 1.Middleton TOLOSA ELBA At 23 months this lad is all wings and fins! This is a slow maturing breed and this boy needs time and good nutrition to bring him forward slowly. Rather long in second thigh at this stage giving unstable hind impulsion. Gentle of eye with a typical expression we always wish to see. Time will, I hope address the lack of depth to brisket and a little more weight to improve the underline and muscle density. Don’t be in a hurry, let him cover his bones.

PGD. 2(1) 1.Smith JAYLYNNE LUTHER .Excellent robust skin and correct coat. Skull rather flat, head planes good, good to fore chest, little upright in upper arm restricting reach to fore. In stance tends to flatten over the loin and is long to metatarsals resulting in less drive. Good to underline and a very beautiful eye of complimentary colour.

LD. 6(1) 1.Cook CONNOMAR BUTIRRO OF ROUGHMOOR     Excels to head planes and proportion, skull of excellent shape. Balanced and fitting that “Square”, enough air underneath so that the gait is all Spinone with good extension and impulsion. Excellent thickness of skin and robust to coat. Would like a more graceful bend to stifle. Straight and true, fore and aft. DCC 2. Wain’s TALPALUPO LAZZARO AT LAJATICO  This dog has a good skeletal frame on the whole but lack of condition goes against him. No one wants fat cattle in the ring but producing a dog in good fettle is most certainly an art learned by experience. Lacking a little length in upper thigh so straight to stifle he, none the less, moved straight and true with enough drive. Most attractive of heads and gorgeous expression. 3.Collett STAGERUN MATTEO

OD. 2(1)1.Collett STAGERUN KESTREL. Balanced and pleasing to the breed standard in proportion. Well laid shoulder, skull a little broad but loved his slight roman nose. Good to brisket with enough spring to ribs and followed through with well developed musculature throughout. Hind quarters, just falling away over croup but moved with decent drive and positive footfall.

VD. 0


MPB. 1(0)1. Wain LAJATICO BOBINI Just a baby, hind end still on stilts and forehand playing catch up. Raw but with promising structure for her age. Head and expression v. good with a decent width of jaw. Good to coat and skin, standing on well shaped feet. Did extraordinarily well in a very spooky high wind to hold it together , moved sound and true. BPIB

PB. 0

JB.2(0)1. Whittingham , Bexon & Wright DIGGMERE CORTONA SOFIA DEL RICCINI Really liked this young  lass, Excels to skull shape and head proportions yet still retains femininity. Good to topline with tailset a wee bit high. Fitting the “box” in my minds eye as a Spinone should, Moved with enough drive and extension, as her muscle builds the cadence of movement will improve and her excellent  reach will be substantial.2. Davies & Davies MONTECANI RIVA’S MEMORIES AT CARTREFYSPIN Good to head planes and proportion with appealing expression. Topline falling away to croup and a tad upright to shoulder , moved freely.

YB.3(0) 1. Challands ANNILANN BIG GIRL SPANX JW. Good proportions to this lass with shoulder well laid back and good to topline. Eye a little light for me but correct to shape. Gives appearance of substance and moved with decent forward motion, a little long to second thigh affecting true impulsion from behind.2 Davies MONTECANI ASCA RASA. Classic head planes and skull to this lass, good proportion height to length. Little upright to upper arm affecting reach on the move, hind quarters well engineered. Good to coat and skin. Unsettled moving  (not surprising in the high wind) but showed good impulsion. 3. Luff LYNDYCK HOT TO TROT

PGB.4(1) 1. Davies MONTECANI HELL YOU DOIN FRED Lot to like about this girl, moved in true Spinone gait, straight, sound and with purpose. Pleasing square to proportions, underline rather tucked up which took one’s eye from the symmetry. Head planes correct. 2.Anderson & Mayne ANNILANN TEMPTRESS DEL MICHIAMO JW More substantial in bone than 1. Well laid shoulder with good upper arm return, well ribbed up and has good capacity for impulsion from behind. Good to head and skull, maturing well. 3. Moore & Moore SCODINZOLARE PICIL

LB.9(1) 1.Munday & Spalding MONTECANI MY PRECIOUS. Correct head planes and skull shape, appealing expression from eye of complimentary colour and good shape. Flow from strong neck, gently touching wither and onward toward that essential undulation before continuing to broad croup, tail set a little high. Good lay of shoulder with hind end complimenting the forehand. Moved with excellent cadence and extension to fore while maintaining drive from behind. BCC 2.Fry STAGERUN SKYLARK . Would like to see better muscle tone on this very attractive lass as her shoulder looked a little loaded. Head planes good, skull a tad flat but super expression. Moved with power and reach.3.Kemp PENDIO LETIZIA

OB.5(2) James INOSTRICANI FIANNA. Most appealing expression, correct to head planes. Height to length proportion good. Little upright in upper arm affecting forehand extension, good to hind quarters giving drive but overwhelming front end, tail carried too high on the move. Excellent skin, good to topline and underline.2. Anderson & Mayne SOSTELI SONGBIRD DEL MICHIAMO. Taller and rangier than 1.but still within the desired length/height proportions. Tad upright in upper arm, hindquarters providing powerful drive, topline good on the move. Pleasing to head and gentle of eye.  3.Wain LAJATICO AIDA JW

VB.4(1) 1. Guest & Guest SH CH BARDANTOP SPELLS CHAOS JW This lass is now fully flourishing, excels to head planes and delicious expression from the most beautiful eye. Robustly made, good to top and underlines. On the move, dynamic yet effortless, worthy champion, RBCC 2.Kemp GIOCOSO MOONRIVER AT PENDIO Another engaging lass, just not the symmetry of movement expressed by 1.  Head planes excellent and soft in expression. Skin and coat good.3.Wain FRANCA FEROLA AT LAJATICO