• Show Date: 17/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geraldine Cove-Print Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Irish Setter

Border Union 17.06.2023

Irish Setter



DRCC: Milligan-Bott & Bott THENDARA BIG LOVE



BPIB: Mesdames Berry & Morris COPPER’S MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Imp Swe)


Thank you to the committee of Border Union for this judging appointment. The atmosphere at ringside was, I have to say, quite extraordinary, it was quite a party! What could be better of a warm summers day than to have the honour of putting hands on so many beautiful, vibrant dogs. Thank you to those who entered and who clearly enjoyed the craic as much as I did. In general, I feel shoulder placement has improved over the past few years, extension is long and low in forehand movement. However, space between the front legs has become narrower, in more than a few cases I found difficulty in finding the space for one palm between the forelegs. More striking is the appearance of what I can only describe as the brachiosaurus effect. Proportion is paramount to the Irish Setter, the head to be in proportion to the main body of the dog. It’s pointless having a beautiful head if it is too small in relation to the rest of the dog. Elongated necks which lack proper musculature are weak and unless held in a vice like grip in stance will soon fall into a ewe neck, far better, in my opinion, to keep that elegance of a moderately long neck that flows well into the shoulder, naturally.

MPD. 1(0)1. Mesdames Sloan. FERASHEEN HOT PROPER TEA. At 8mnths good to head planes, low set to ears and correct eye and gently raised brows. Rather upright to upper arm, enough heart room with brisket to elbow. Feet could be improved with targeted exercise. Too long in metatarsal at this stage resulting in lack of true drive but plenty of growing to do.

PD.3(0)1. Mesdames Berry & Morris COPPER’S MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Imp Swe) 11mnths. Soft expression from correct eyes coupled with well placed brows, a head of quality. Good to forehand with well laid shoulder, excellent flow from gently arched neck continuation into topline without exaggeration. Hock to floor strong, hind angulation good and in balance giving drive and positive footfall in balance with adequate extension to fore. BPIB. 2. Mesdames Sloan. FERASHEEN HOT PROPER TEA 3.Nisbit & Forrester GWENDARIFF PURPLE REIGN AT FINIX

JD.8(1). Milligan-Bott & Bott THENDARA BIG LOVE Beautiful head, lean but without looking pinched, masculine attributes yet generous in expression. Well engineered front with shoulder placement just so. Topline without exaggeration as it progresses from elegant arch of neck onto the flow of line reaching robust hindquarters of pleasing proportions and angulation. Moved straight and true with suppleness through the spine allowing excellent extension while remaining in tempo. For me, just a little long in loin but with time very much on his side. Well presented in good fettle, in harmony with his handler. RDCC 2. Danks-Kemish ALOLFRANA SECRET LOVE AGENT. Good to head planes, quizzical expression and pleasing overall picture. Well laid shoulder, deep to brisket, dropping a tad too sharp at the croup which impacts on the bend at stifle, short & neat hock to floor. Sound on the move 3. Mesdames Berry & Morris COPPER’S MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Imp Swe)

YD.3(1) Walker GWENDARIFF UCAN’T TOUCH THIS JW. Head showing quality and correct planes as well as offering pleasing detail to soft almond shaped eye and brow. Forehand, excellent lay of shoulder and good return of upper arm. Hindquarters not quite in balance with the fore, falling away to croup and a little long in second thigh. Good to feet. Movement to forehand decent reach but footfall to rear lacking power. Sound and straight. 2.Green GLENCARRON SHOW MUST GO ON Classic head with great appeal. Not the lay of shoulder to give forward reach on the move and although short to metatarsal 2nd thigh too long impacting on hind movement. In great coat and condition Mischievous lad giving his handler plenty to do, empathetically handled.

ND.5(3) 1. Mesdames Sloan. FERASHEEN HOT PROPER TEA 2. Gilray JONOLA SINGAPORE SLING Pleasing head with correct planes and soft expression. Enough depth of brisket, strong to loin but falling away to croup. Moved OK.

GD.3(0) 1. Rutherford CLONAGEERA TOUCH OF GOLD. Lean to head but a little long in skull. Masculine with no sign of coarseness, appealing expression. Liked his unexaggerated length to neck flowing well into well laid shoulder, strong to loin and powerhouse hindquarters of good construction. On the move good extension to fore, pleasing cadence, limber through spine giving sweeping tail action.2. Mesdames Berry, Morris & Fitzmaurice BRINARA COUNTRY BOY Good planes to head, little round in eye. Hindquarters producing great drive for well engineered angulation. Little long in upper arm but moved sound and true. Good heart and lung room and clearly full of vigour!

PGD.5(0) 1. Stewart and Ellrich GWENDARIFF ABSOLUTELY MARW’ELLUS (IKC) Presentation excellent. Headpiece lean and correct. Length of neck too long for me resulting in an imbalance overall. Good to fore chest and well laid shoulder with good upper arm return. Hind quarters, short to metatarsals but rather elongated to 2nd thigh, moved ok, shown in good fettle. 2. Richardson GWENDARIFF TULLY’S RED ARROWS. Actually, preferred this lad’s head with more animation. Standing on the best of feet with good tail set. Too exaggerated in length of neck for me, but good to shoulder giving forward reach. Strong to loin but length of 2nd thigh too long so in profile, on presentation, the topline is oblique in the extreme. Sound .3.McCulloch SHENANAGIN OH OH SEVEN

LD 7(2) 1.Pym, Bott & Milligan-Bott THENDARA MASHMELLO JW. Muscular neck set well into well laid shoulder, topline smoothly progressing downwards to correct tail set. Short and straight hock to floor, sufficient angulation to give powerful drive and efficient forward reach to forehand. Topline held well on the move, sound and true.2. Murchison KERRYFAIR PLEASE PLEASE ME CORPHIN. Not quite the front of 1.but excels to hind angulation and muscle mass. Head of correct proportions with desirable shaped eye and active brows. Movement somewhat erratic lacking rhythm and elasticity of stride. 3.Walker GWENDARIFF FLAGS ARE FLYIN

OD.5(1) 1. Russell SH CH LYNWOOD HOCUS POCUS AT SETTESOLI JW. Lovely, kind expression to correct eye and elegant raised brows. Head in proportion to body and balanced fore and aft, to be ultra critical, in stance can appear swan necked. Moved well with purpose and drive. 2. Toms IR SH CH TOBERBILLY I WISH YOU LUCK IR JUN CH IR JD IR CEN W. Loved his head and sweetest of expression. Lean head of good proportions and correct planes, correct shoulder placement and pleasing topline, little long in second thigh but short to metatarsals. Sound as a pound using his tail to advantage.3. Lorrimer KERRIMERE CLASSIQUE JW

VD.7(1) 1. Mesdames Tupper & Rosie STARATLANTA ELLIOTT ShCM VW. For me the strongest class of the day. I’ve been told my choice of this dog is “old fashioned”. The standard does not call for fashion ,for me, a sound , elegant dog with ability to cover the ground without effort, that engages the watcher and encourages that moment of true appreciation for the construction and for the joy of witnessing an Irish Setter moving with fluidity and style without being a flatcatcher, that, for me holds the future of the breed. Building on the strong foundations without excess or ornamentation. From the pure Celtic charm of his welcoming gaze to the superb cadence and power in his movement this dog’s impulsion and extension is from sound engineering and construction. His head tells the tale of his breeding, lean and correct in proportion, this was certainly his day. DCC & BVIB 2. Pym THENDARA THE WATCHMAKER Cracking dog on similar lines, felt his neck was correct length but a tad thick, excellent to fore chest, well angulated fore and aft, strong driving movement with good extension to the front, finishing the picture with tail lashing in harmony. Beautifully presented. 3. Murchison PAWSWORD PAPERBACK WRITER FOR CORPHIN

MPB.1(0) 1. Prangle CLONAGEERA IT’S A NEW DAWN AT HEATHCLARE. Super head, lean, soft of eye and gentle of gaze. Extremely well balanced and forward for her age with depth of brisket and good spring to rib. Moved straight and true. Will look forward to seeing how she develops.


JB.4(1) 1. Bridgwater BRIDGELLA’S JUBILEE QUEEN. Good proportions and planes to head, raised brows with a little naughty sparkle in her correctly shaped eye. Gentle, intelligent expression and demeanour. Balanced angulation to fore and hind, enough length of loin and well-muscled for her age. Moved positively with exacting footfall and drive. 2.Vallance GLENCARRON SECOND EDITION TO CORCENCONE Finer in bone than 1.

YB.6(1) 1. Toms LADYSDALE MAUD GONNE IR JUN CH IR JD IR CEN JW. In her underwear so nothing to hide! Good balance to this youngster, classic lean head in proportion to her body, steadfast and soft expression. Correct angulation fore and aft without exaggeration offering impulsion from behind with excellent reach to fore. Standing on the best of feet, adequate forechest and depth to brisket, well sprung to rib.2. Wilson KERRYFAIR ENCHANTED ROSE FOR QUEENTALES. Elegant lass, longer in loin than 1. Would like more depth of muzzle but pleasing eye. Topline flows well and held on the move. Footfall good, sound and true.3. Vallance LYNWOOD RATHER RAVISHING AT CORCENCONE

NB.4(0) 1. Bridgwater BRIDGELLA’S JUBILEE QUEEN 2. Moffat CLANRUA DANU Not quite the lay of shoulder of 1. Giving a less fluid stride. Well made hindquarters giving straight and true movement behind. Elegant flow of topline, head and expression correct and appealing. 3. Mesdames Walker TREFAINE ALL THAT JAZZ

GB.5(1) 1. Henderson SAMETSUZ PILLOW TALK. This lass gives off such a vibe of joie de vivre. On the move her forehand construct allows good reach and power from behind gives good footfall. Her head and expression are both correct and feminine. Strength of loin flowing well over croup into good tailset.2. Stevenson LOCHLORIEN UNFORGOTTEN Terrific expression from raised brows on good stop, head proportions correct and lovely almond eye. Correctly angulated without exaggeration fore and aft, short hock to floor. Topline good but falling away a little to croup, moved positively and with good result from both behind and in profile. 3. Bayne CORRANROON HOT SENSATION

PGB.8(3) 1. Mesdames Douthwaite & Wharfe QUENSA BEAUTIFUL STRANGER OF GRACEWOOD. Excellent expression on this lass with enough depth of muzzle. Racy but retaining substance and balance.  On the move good impulsion from behind coupled with effortless reach to fore. Good spring to rib and depth to brisket, shown in good fettle.2. Bayne CORRANROO RAINBOW SHIMMER Well laid shoulder and depth to chest giving good heart and lung room, skull shape good, soft expression, would like a tad more depth to muzzle. Well laid shoulder with good upper arm return. Hind, well-constructed. Moved with verve and precise footfall.3.Williamson BLUESPRINGS A KIND OF MAGIC AT KELJARU.

LB.8(1) 1. Henderson SAMETSUZ BELIEVE IN ME Exquisite head on this lass with correct skull and proportions. Soft eye of good shape and those wonderful quizzical brows. Head in proportion to her body, Enough room to fore chest with elbows free but tidy. A gentle fluid line from her occiput along her elegantly arched neck that has sufficient substance, flowing seamlessly across her withers and passing her well sprung rib to a truly muscular loin and onward to her well-set tail used to advantage on the move. This lass has been presented in hard condition, her muscles tell the story and enable her to produce extension and drive without effort. The construction to her shoulder and hind quarters facilitates her impulsion and reach, I found I had held my breath in the Challenge as I watched her power around the ring. BCC & BOB. Bougan GWENDARIFF HOT TICKET Another lass with a very beautiful head and expression, neck just not having the musculature of 1. So not the flow into shoulder. Good to shoulder, well coupled with decent spring of rib. Moved straight and true but overreaching behind.3. Holley GWENDARIFF LOOK THIS WAY TO WYNJILL

OB.5(0) 1.Sterritt IR SH CH CORRANROO JUST ONE KISS WITH RAVENSETT CJW 18 JR CH. Such a feminine girlie, head of good proportions and graceful arch to neck. Fore and aft in balance, well laid shoulder and correct angulation behind, good to topline with no drama over the croup, tail set good. Moved with power and good reach RBCC. 2.Loughlin IR SH CH ROHANMOOR ALONG CAME POLLY JUN CH JD. Head with correct planes and lovely almond eye. A little upright to shoulder leading to a tendency to go slightly wide on the move., having said that she covered the ring in great style using her hind quarters to great advantage. Shown in good order. 3.Hunter EE/LV/SL CH FAIRHAVEN ELECTRA JWW19 WW21 NAF

VB.3(1) 1. Stevenson LOCHLORIEN TRUE DETECTIVE IS ANDLEY. Balanced and of good proportions this lass has a beautifully sculptured head with an all-knowing eye. Not exaggerated in any way she presents a picture of finesse coupled with strength and endurance. True in movement with economically delivered power and reach, one I considered for top honours. 2.Bougan GWENDARIFF LILY THE PINK. Finer in bone than 1. little long in loin which impacted on hind movement. Appealing head with low set to ear and soft eye.

Geraldine Cove-Print (Judge)