• Show Date: 10/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Georgina Kemp Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/10/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Beagle

CRITIQUE Richmond Championship show 10th September 2023


Thank you very much for allowing me to judge your Hounds and the sporting way you accepted my decisions. The overall quality in most classes was excellent and in some of the classes I was spoilt for choice. I can honestly say that I could have awarded the top honours to six more bitches. Our breed is in safe hands with the quality of bitches and a few excellent stud dogs but the breeding plans need to be carefully thought out if our lovely breed is to maintain this quality.

Veteren Dog 3.1abs

1. Thornton – CH. Nedlaw Rupert with Maplelayne JW

Lovely 11 years young T/W boy with the softest expression on a beautiful headshape. Correct layback of shoulder, straight front, deep ribs, good tailset and hindquarters. He is not so streamlined as in his youth understandably but he moved so freely and soundly with reach and drive that could show some youngsters how to do it. I love him. BVIB

2. Murphy – Black Royal at Rhosyndu VW

  Very fit and well presented Blanket Tri of 8 years. Nicely put together but not as positive in front as 1.

MPD 1.1 abs

Puppy Dog 4.4

1. Craig – Davricard Gaultier

What more can I say about this kennel. The Beagles without question are superb and keep on appearing. This stunning boy is no exception. T/W with excellent headshape and melting expression. Arched long neck leading to correct shoulder placement, straight front, level topline, excellent spring of rib, correct set on of stern which he used on the move. He drove around the ring with great reach and drive from his powerful, correct hindquarters. A beautiful hound standing and a beautiful hound on the move. I could watch him all day. CC, BOB, BPIB.

2. Lewis – Fallowfield Fellman

Smart Tricolour by the same sire as above. The quality shows. Very balanced and a sound mover all through. Lots to like about him and unlucky to meet above.

Junior Dog 3.2

1. Foster – Stormpasture Saddlesoap

Gorgeous T/W with lovely expression, kind eye, correct ear placement. Arched neck flowing

Into correct layback of shoulders, level topline, deep brisket and powerful hindquarters

enabling him to drive soundly around the ring.

2. Jacklin – Tricap Emperor Alvin

Lovely Broken Tri in excellent condition. Sweet expression and headshape but not as positive on the move as 1.

Yearling Dog 2.2

1. Beard - Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod

Compact and balanced Tri of correct size and quality. Lovely headshape, straight front, arched neck flowing into correct layback of shoulder, level topline, deep brisket, correct tailset and well muscled hindquarters. His overall balanced construction enabled him to

Move around the ring soundly when viewed from all angles. I was pleased to award him the RCC.

2. Webster – Rossut Vizier for Houndcoast

Lovely T/W of larger mould but very correct. Similar remarks to 1 but not so free on the move. Quality hound.

Novice Dog 3.2

1. Whitton – Haggarty Bonafide

My 4th in strong puppy class. Smart Tri, nice head and outline which he kept on the move.

However would prefer a more positive front movement.

2. Jacklin – Tricap Emperor Alvin

lGraduate Dog 1.1

1. Whitton – Haggarty Bonafide

Post Graduate Dog 1.1

1. Webster – Rosst Vizier for Houndcoast

Limit Dog 4.4

1. Woodhouse – Serenaker Bergerac Avec Birybarn Pdh

Balanced Blanket Tri in super condition. Lovely masculine head, long neck flowing into level topline. Correct layback of shoulders and straight front. Deep and well sprung ribs, correct length of loin and good quarters. Moved freely and soundly.

2. Murphy - Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu – Well made compact Tri. Kind expression, sound all round and moved well.

Open Dog 4.4

1. Foster – Stormpasture Rocketman – Quality compact broken tri. Balanced and sound who just screams Beagle. He was a little erratic on the move but showed enough to win this class.

Lovely type.

2. Lewis – Fallowfield Vincent – Another lovely hound from this kennel and close up to 1 in balance and soundness. I am sure they will swap places many times.

Special Beginners Dog2.2

1. Murphy Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu

2. Jacklin Tricap Emperor Alvin

Veteran Bitch 4.3

1. Breeze – Davricard Hummingbird of Parkebreeway Sh.Cm.

7 year tri who is so sound. Not a glamourpuss but so correct in construction and this shows through in her outline and free effortless movement. Lovely girl.

2. Ambridge - Tiger Lily Blossom

Pretty T/W 10 year young lady. Shown in excellent condition from her pretty head and all through. Moved with enthusiasm and soundly.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3.3

1. Goldberg – Molesend Gingerbread

Beautiful T/W of excellent construction. Gorgeous headshape and expression, arched neck leading to correct shoulder angulation, deep brisket, straight front, level topline correct set on of stern and powerful hindquarters. Her correct conformation enabled her to move soundly from all angles. A lovely puppy.

2. Tofts – Jarrowlay Opal

Stunningly pretty T/W baby of quality. Similar remarks to 1 apply but she lost out on being erratic on the move. With experience her time will come and I shall watch her career with interest. I loved her.

Puppy Bitch 3.2

1. Tanner – Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

11 month broken Tri bitch. My notes say perfection. She is absolutely stunning and she is so balanced and correct in every department. She is one of those rare puppies who stand out from the rest. It was a delight to go over her with her beautiful head and expression and flowing correct conformation. Her movement was textbook and sound from every angle. She pushed so hard for the CC but her time will be very soon and then I think she will be unstoppable. RCC

2. Whitton – Haggarty Calisto

Nine month old Tri who is beautifully balanced with a level topline and good conformation. Unlucky to meet 1. Nice puppy.

Junior Bitch 5.4

1. Havard – Dufosee Juliana Avec Annavah

Beautiful, feminine T/W. Pretty head, with dark eyes producing the most gentle expression. Correct construction all through which produced sound movement from all angles. One I considered for top honours but not quite at one with her handler in the challenge.

2. Craig – Annavah Belinda of Davricard

Tri of exceptional quality and so close to 1. The same remarks apply and I am sure they will change places many times. Lovely girl.

Yearling Bitch 4.4

1. Davies Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale

Another beautiful bitch from this clever kennel and produced to perfection by her

Owner. She has a lovely head and soft expression with a hint of Beagle naughtiness,

Correct construction all through and moved soundly all round. One to watch.

2. Scarlett – Rossut Vestry with Michelroy

Quality Blanket Tri who has to be gone over to appreciate her many qualities. Her head although darkly marked is a beautiful shape and she has the most gentle expression. Lovely long neck leading to correct shoulder placement and level topline. Her correct construction shows in her sound movement when viewed from any angle.

Novice Bitch 5.5

1. Lennard – Butterow Unity

Pretty headed sound bitch with a lovely expression. Good topline and correct conformation. Moved well. Nice girl.

2. Whitton – Haggarty Callisto

Graduate Bitch 2.2

1. Scarlett – Rossut Vestry with Michelroy

2. Whitton – Haggarty Callisto

Post Graduate Bitch 2.2

1. Thornton- Julemark Primrose at Maplelayne JW

Very lightly marked T/W. Pretty head and expression, good shoulders, straight front, deep brisket, level topline, balanced and good drive from correct hindquarters.

2. Webster – Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndcoast JW

T/W of nice shape and sound construction all through. Pretty head and expression but spoilt today by carrying too much weight. Shame.

Limit Bitch 13.2

1. Goldberg – Molesend Dormouse JW

Beautiful T/W of quality from this consistent kennel. Gorgeous head and expression, arched neck leading to correct layback of shoulders, straight front, neat feet, good deep chest, correct loin, level topline, stern well set and powerful quarters to enable her sound driving movement. Considered for top honours and one to watch. Lovely girl.

2. Hardisty – Eardley Talking In Texas With Blunderhall

Compact Tri with the sweetest of expression and excellent headshape. Good construction all through and a lovely sound free mover. Very nice girl.

Open Bitch 8.8

1. Foster – Stormpasture Rockette

I have never seen this bitch before but my immediate reaction was that she was a little ‘Pocket Rocket’. She is a compact little powerhouse whose construction is textbook. She reminds me of a beautiful, very successful American Champion bitch called Am.Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood. I fell in love with her when I saw her age 7 in 1995 and Rockette is so similar. Today Rockette just asked for top honours as she is quality from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail with that extra special something. She moved with such conviction and just asked for the CC. I am was told this was her 3rd and she is a very worthy Champion.

2. Havard – CH. Annavah Princess Tiana

A beautiful bitch who has made her owner/breeder proud in the vast amount of winning she has done. I thought she would be my winner today but was so unlucky to meet Rockette on such form. Exhibitors who want to breed successfully should look at this lovely girl as an example of correct construction.

She is lovely. As I said earlier I needed at least 6 Bitch CC’s as 3rd in this class Molesend Crumble (AI) was so close up as well.

 Special Beginners Bitch 1.1

1. Brownlow – Rushwater Violet Sky (AI)

Smart Tri Bitch who was 3rd in Minor Puppy. Sweet head and expression, she moved confidently for such a baby. Nice puppy.