• Show Date: 28/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/11/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Puli
PGD 1)COWLEY- KASHBELULI THERE WE ARE THEN Sturdy well proportioned dog, slightly domed skull, prefer a little shorter in foreface. Slight stop, eyes dark brown, short neck, straight forelegs of good length with neat feet. Level topline with high set tail. Moderate rear angulation , has light nimble movement, has good qualities to him just not the maturity on main winners OD 1) Ch Catsun Comanche Legacy ShCEx (Miss N & Mr M Sharpe & Dyer) Very well made muscular dog, good for size with excellent proportions, fine balanced head with fine muzzle,and good skull,larger dark nose, correct neck length, firm topline, deep well sprung ribs with a well made front, with high set tail, profuse corded coat, moderate rear angulation ,quick short brisk mover, lots to like, just loses topline slightly on the move. RBD 2)Flindattie The Shogun (Mrs C M Knight) Another nice typey dog,correct slightly domed skull with eyes well set, could be fraction shorter in muzzle but is bluntly rounded, large nose,moderate neck,deep chest with well sprung ribs, liked his leg length, could be little shorter in loin, super condition in body,cords and muscletone, not an easy decision with both dogs having good quality to them. VD 1) Ch Callendu Despicable Me at Kashbeluli ShCM ShCEx VW (Mrs L J & Mr K D Cowley) A quality honest veteran that is full of quality, fine boned, excellent shape with good length of leg and still has depth to his ribcage ,dark almond shaped eyes, good skull, with a blunt muzzle, straight forelegs,short muscled loin, moderate angulation, parallel strong hocks, holds shape on move, still has good cording to his coat, i like the fact he holds his outline whilst still being brisk and nimble on the move,lots to like.Best Dog OB 1)Ch Porgeloci Bobe at Peluche (Imp Hun) (Mr D & Mr J Clarke & Duffy) Quality bitch excels in breed type, ex shape and proportions,small totally balanced head piece with the correct 1 third muzzle length to 2 thirds skull with definite stop, expressive eyes, fine boned with her front nicely under her body, ribs extend well back, super topline with some width in hindquarters and strong low set hocks. Holds shape at all times, excellent profuse corded coat shown in tip top condition, on the go round she is quick and short stepping and has that bit of style to her without exaggeration. A lovely example of the breed. BOB 2)Ch Tyngeli Make Believe at Vilmos (Mrs J Bodle) Smaller bitch but like 1 is a lovely shape with nice balance to her. She has a feminine head, ideally like a little shorter muzzle,good skull, moderate neck, high set withers with firm level backline, compact feet, tight curled tail, low set hocks, has good foot placement along with being quick and light on the move, just unfortunate to come up against some other top quality bitches today. VB 1) Ch Weetoneon Polly Flinders (Mrs C M Knight) Another real quality bitch 10years of age and still holds her outline with correct body/leg proportions, fine head with defined stop and domed skull, almond eyes obliquely set, neck of good length but not extreme, straight forelegs with fine bone,very well made with neat feet well sprung ribs with deep chest, high set tail,super condition, moderate rear angulation, nimble mover, RBB