• Show Date: 11/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Gordon Setter
Best Dog 638 - Hernwood Christmas Prince (P & C A, D Sandiford & Mazzeo) Reserve Best Dog 635 - Sh Ch Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper JW (Mrs A, Ms T & Mr N Phillips, Watkins & Sykes) Best Bitch 633 - Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW (Miss J Osborn) Reserve Best Bitch 634 - Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi (Mrs A & Ms T Phillips & Watkins) Best of Breed 633 - Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW (Miss J Osborn) Best Puppy 628 - Ronaldsbill Trail Blazer at Bridgemere (Ms B E Harrison-Street) Best Veteran 633 - Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW (Miss J Osborn) PD 1)Ronaldsbill Trail Blazer at Bridgemere (Ms B E Harrison-Street) Nicely balanced collected youngster, equal head planes, has some depth of muzzle, good lips, ears low set, moderate neck, bladed bone, firm topline with flat croup, correct tail length and set, needs to strengthen in hock, JD 1)Forester's Northern Hunter of Darkmoor with Gadieburn (Imp Deu) (Mrs E Ashton) Masculine dog,well proportioned dog, slightly rounded skull, defined stop with deep muzzle, prefer more neck, good bone, still has to fill out in front and develop in rib, level back with high set tail, strong hocks, steady sound mover,nice type, just needs time to mature. 2)Colourbox Wild Oats (Mrs G Cove-Print) Balanced masculine head, ears low set, defined stop, , has good length of leg, correct bladed bone, close knit oval feet, has depth to chest but needs to develop, ok topline,a little steep in croup, tail could be shorter, preferred type on 1 PGD 1)Paradise Picking Parsley at Bridgemere (Ms B E Harrison-Street) Well proportioned dog, head has depth with level head planes, foreface could be fraction shorter, deep muzzle with good lips, low set ears, moderate neck, prefer more fill in front, bladed bone, could have stronger pasterns , ribs of good length, good croup and tailset, well bent stifle, low set hocks, holds shape on the move 2)Kilnrae Black Hawk (Mrs K M Marsh) Younger more immature male than 1, a little plain in head, short muzzle, arched neck, needs to tighten in front, ok ribbing , drops of in croup giving a low tailset, preferred shape on 1 LD 1)Hernwood Christmas Prince (P & C A, D Sandiford & Mazzeo) Very stylish balanced unexaggerated dog, correct head proportions with defined stop, level head planes, narrow cheeks, low set ears, prefer tighter lips, long arched neck with well laid shoulders, defined tan markings, tight oval feet, ribs extend well back with deep chest. firm topline with good tailset of correct length, low hocks, holds shape on move where he really drives out in rear, nice type, shown in good muscular and coat condition. Nice type. 2)Red Admiral by Rubymoon JW (Mr K D & Mrs C E Butler) Another well balanced dog, moderate angles front and back, correct head proportions with slightly rounded skull, thin low set ears, ok neck, level topline but slightly drops off in croup, places his feet well on move, OD 1)Sh Ch Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper JW (Mrs A, Ms T & Mr N Phillips, Watkins & Sykes) Strongly headed mature male, lean under and over eye, ears close fitting rich tan markings, prefer tighter lips, arched neck , bladed bone, deep brisket ribs extend well back, level topline, flat croup with thick high set tail of correct length, a little flat in feet, prefer stronger hocks, drives well in profile with well bent stifles, flat silky coat VD/B 1)Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW (Miss J Osborn) Very smart typey bitch, so well balanced throughout with good proportions,lovely feminine head, level head planes with defined stop, dark eyes with an intelligent expression, well defined lips, lean neck with a well made front and legs nicely under body,, right amount of fill in front, well developed ribs ,oval feet, firm topline with high set tail and flat croup., angular rear, low set strong hocks, free true mover holding her shape at all times, thought she was full of breed type and a pleasure to put my hands on her. 2)Paradise Final Fantasy (Mrs J Harrison) Well proportioned bitch, prefer shorter muzzle , level head planes, bladed bone, ok feet, level back with mod rear, a little out of coat, steady mover, hocks could be stronger, preferred balance and front on 1 SBD/B 1)Chiseled in Time Yuki Storm Corner (Imp Pol) (Miss J Allen) Raw Junior but she is the correct shape, level head planes, slightly rounded in skull, good neck with straight forelegs, good length of leg, needs to drop in chest, firm topline, a little rounded in croup. Low set hocks. Steady mover where she covers the ground and holds her shape. 2)When I Was Your Man Black Lofty ShCEx (Imp Pol) (Mrs L Henderson) Masculine dog, broad skull, with ears set low, prefer less lip, strong neck, tight feet, strong bone, he is a little soft in topline, ideally could have more width in hindquarters, tail of good length, preferred type on 1. JB 1)Kattandale Blac Hawke's Bay at Birniehill (ai) (Ms P Gray) Well proportioned bitch, not the strongest of bitches and still needs to develop in body and coat, feminine head, muzzle slightly shorter than skull level head planes,defined stop ex feet, neck and topline, places her feet well on the move, strong hocks. 2)Colourbox Wildest Dreams (Mrs G Cove-Print) Beautiful bitch, super shape,well balanced with correct outline, detailed feminine head,defined stop, low set ears, lean arched neck, well laid shoulders with bladed bone and close knit feet,level back, flat croup and short tail, I thought she was a typey youngster with lots to like all through BUT, she really hated the venue and wouldn’t show with he tail done and not relaxed, confidence and maturity i sure will do well. PGB 1)Chiseled in Time Yuki Storm Corner (Imp Pol) (Miss J Allen) LB 1)Hernwood Gin Fizz JW (Mr P & Mrs C A, Miss C Sandiford & Lewis) Feminine well proportioned head with dark eyes and nice expression, oval skull, well chiseled under eye, super rich tan, correct bladed bone, clean arched lean neck, compact feet, ribs go well back, ex topline and tailset. Low set hocks, just needs to tighten in front, super profile mover where she really drives in the rear, good balance to her, OB 1)Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi (Mrs A & Ms T Phillips & Watkins) Quality bitch, excellent clean outline with good proportions. Detailed head and expression has strength to her skull but retains femininity , tight lips, low set ears, lean arched neck with good shoulders, elbows could be neater, deep brisket, level topline with flat croup, loin could be shorter, high set tail, strong hindquarters, straight hocks, strong stylish profile mover. Lots to like and pushed the VB all the way, close decision. 2)Paradise Final Fling (Mrs J Harrison) Level head planes, prefer more defined stop, ears low set, moderate neck with good chest and fill in front, tight oval feet, level topline, moderate rear, a little loose in front but uses her rear well. Tail of good length, just preferred carriage on 1