• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Stakes classes day 4
Special beginners 1)Holy Archie Orleansnow (Imp Cze), Breed: Samoyed (Dr I Hopkins Navratilova) Strong balanced male, flat broad skull with thick neat erect ears, slanted dark eyes with nice strength in muzzle, good bone, arched neck,deep chest firm topline with high set tail, low hocks, agile sound mover 2) Calwinii's Valentina Rose JW, Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) (Mr G & Mrs A Brown) Nicely proportioned pem bitch, low set frame with good substance but not overdone,correct shaped head with moderate stop, well made front, excellent oval tight, feet, deep chest with big ribs, holds topline on move., strong loin, nice type Junior 1) Belleville Salva Vidas, Breed: Portuguese Water Dog (Mrs C & Mr E Thompson-Morgan & Morgan) Super proportioned young dog with strength and substance even at this age, straight forelegs and upright pasterns, strong short neck,ribs carried well back ,round thick feet,level topline with super rear and low hocks. Super typical mover,wavy profuse coat, really like his style and type and i'm sure will continue to improve with maturity. 2)Jojavik Spangled Mob, Breed: Dobermann (Mrs Ja & Miss Vl & Miss Tm & Mr Rj Ingram & Ingram & Tousent & Lack) Lovely long clean cut skull with depth to muzzle but still feminine,long lean neck, super bone and feet,deep chest with ribs that extend well back, holds topline on the move, strong angular rear with parallel hocks and free movement to her, nice type. Yearling 1)Bouvpilot Sullenberger, Breed: Bouvier Des Flandres (Mrs F & Mrs M Lambert & Eastham) A really lovely dog to look at and was as good to go over under his thick harsh coat. Solid compact built upstanding male with ex propositions, masculine clean cut head,deep stop, dark eyes, strong thick neck,good ribs and chest with correct topline, compact feet, powerful sound mover with super footfall, lots to like and i'm sure has a bright future. 2)Another Posh Frock at Sammara, Breed: Bearded Collie (Mr W & Mrs S M PeO'brien) Feminine balanced bitch, equal head proportions with slight stop,soft expression, mod neck, front well under body, long ribs, ex topline, with short loin croup, low set tail, really nice smooth carriage to her with good foot placement, i thought she was a very honest unexaggerated example of the breed. Champion stakes 1)Sh Ch Arrodare Showdown JW, Breed: Border Collie (Miss B & Miss J Lee & Ratcliffe) A really feminine balanced bitch with a clean outline, equal head proportions with marked stop,well made front with legs nicely under her body,oval feet, ex topline, well bent stifles with low set hocks, lovely easy smooth mover in profile. Nice type and in tip top condition. 2)Ch Sui Fostebrie Just Unique JW Lux Jun Ch, Breed: Briard (Mrs Foster) Masculine well boned dog, rectangular head with strength and depth in muzzle, muscular neck, broad chest with good back, stands over good ground width in rear, correct J tail carried low, lovely profile using his rear well.