• Show Date: 29/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/11/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: St. Bernard
St Bernard - Judge: Gavin Robertson Best Dog 7913 - Chandlimore Boys Night in (Mr C & Miss K Spencer-Gray & Forster) Reserve Best Dog 7907 - Snowfordhill Nimrod (L & E Lyons & Grubb) Best Bitch 7905 - Ch Chandlimore Heart Beat (Mr B & Miss A Deegan & Grainger) Reserve Best Bitch 7912 - Surleval Draig Sisu (Mrs Phillips) Best of Breed 7905 - Ch Chandlimore Heart Beat (Mr B & Miss A Deegan & Grainger) Best Puppy 7912 - Surleval Draig Sisu (Mrs Phillips) St Bernard JD 1)Chandlimore Boys Night in (Mr C & Miss K Spencer-Gray & Forster) Very collected, substantial and well proportioned young male,deep square muzzle,deep thick lips, clean eyes,rounded skull, super bone quality with tight feet, muscular neck, ribs of good length, has width in thigh with hocks that are strong and parallel, correct leg length, he is a super profile mover with good strength and an easy action, full of breed type, lots to like and i'm sure has a bright future. OD 1)Snowfordhill Nimrod (L & E Lyons & Grubb) Lovely masaculine head, correct short muzzle free from wrinkle ,broad skull with flat cheeks,dark eye, firm strong bone, large compact feet , has correct leg length, prefer more neck and more width in rear quarters but is correct proportions ,steady moderate mover. 2)Chedham Boys Are Best (L & A Kimberley & Doherty) Stronger head and skull than 1, deep square muzzle,well developed nose, prefer little less lip,close fitting ears, strong neck, with developed dewlap, good bone, a little down in pastern, preferred topline on 1, has strong rear with good width in thigh, slight fall in croup, he loses his shape on the move and ideally could have better foot placement. PB 1)Surleval Draig Sisu (Mrs Phillips) Lovely head and expression on this well framed bitch, well proportioned head with developed brow, nice drop of lip and clean eyes without wrinkle.strong arched neck, good bone, straight forelegs, rounded ribs with a solid topline to her, could be a fraction shorter in loin needs to strengthen in rear but that should develop with age, nice type and mover. 2)Sofie Transylvania Giant (Imp Rom) NAF TAF (Mr D & Ms S H Meyrick & Thorpe) Young feminine head, short muzzle with dark eyes, ok in lip but she is raw and needs to broaden in skull,finer boned bitch than 1 and needs to develop in body and rib, has correct body proportions, nice temperament just very raw and needs time JB 1)Chandlimore Heart of Fire (Mrs R Windsor) Lovely detailed balanced head has depth to her muzzle with thick lips, ears close fitting, deep set eye, broad slightly rounded skull, good bone and feet, correct leg length with good ribbing, ok topline with correct slope to croup, needs to strengthen in rear and hock, she doesn’t quite hold her shape on the move but has good breed points, 2)Saintlyntree Queen Pebbles (Miss N Brennan) Feminine head with correct proportions, good furrow with slight stop,correct amount of lip,prefer better neck, bone a little fine for her frame, she has rounded ribs but needs to firm in topline,moderate rear angulation, tail set well and of god length, not as collected as 1 and needs time to mature. PGB 1)Saintlyntree Queen Pebbles (Miss N Brennan) OB 1)Ch Chandlimore Heart Beat (Mr B & Miss A Deegan & Grainger) A real top quality balanced bitch throughout, has strength and substance for her frame to go with her very good construction which is there to see with her easy smooth extension and foot fall, her head proportions are correct with depth and width to her muzzle,nice drop of lip,ears well set and not overdone in skin, long thick arched neck ,excellent ribs,chest and topline, broad angular rear with strong hock,large compact feet,she is in super condition, has that bit style to her and pleasure to evaluate. SBB 1)Saintlyntree Queen Pebbles (Miss N Brennan)