• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/09/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Akita

Akita - Judge: Gavin Robertson

Dog Challenge Certificate

968 - CStecal’s All Guns Blazing (Ms C & Ms F, Mrs R & Mr K Bevis, Corr & Venezia)

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate

977 - Melodor Royal Salute (Mrs C Mclean)

Bitch Challenge Certificate

970 - Ch Stecal's Another Level (Ms C & Ms F, Mrs R & Mr K Bevis, Corr & Venezia)

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate

976 - Causepark Cover Girl at Melodor (Mrs C Mclean)

Best of Breed

968 - Ch Stecal’s All Guns Blazing (Ms C & Ms F, Mrs R & Mr K Bevis, Corr & Venezia)

Best Puppy

977 - Melodor Royal Salute (Mrs C Mclean)

Best Veteran

973 - Travistock Star Attraction (Mrs J Hopkins)

Best Special Beginners

971 - Colmillos's Rising Sun (Miss T Burgess)


1)Melodor Royal Salute (Mrs C Mclean)

Solid well made youngster, Masculine head, defined stop, wedge head, strong neck. Straight forelegs , prefer better feet. Super proportions, ribs of good length,well let down hocks , high set tail. Very collected for age with super foot placement, lots to like and I’m sure has a bright future. BP and RDCC


1)CStecal’s All Guns Blazing (Ms C & Ms F, Mrs R & Mr K Bevis, Corr & Venezia)

Top quality masculine dog, full of strength and power, detailed head with small dark well placed eyes, broad muzzle, ears carried forward and in line with his, strong neck of correct mod length, good bone,tight elbows,deep chest with firm back, mod rear. Powerful free profile mover, nice type and shown in tip top coat and muscular condition.

2)Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime (Ms T J Hughes)

Dog of good balance and proportions, dark eyes, developed cheeks , strong neck with good bone, Prefer more spring of rib and firmer topline . Low set hocks , high set tail . Not as free in front as 1


1)Sensha Sweet But Sassy (Mrs N & Mr D Willy)

Well proportioned bitch defined stop, good ears, liked her balance for ages, still to develop in front, mod rear with low set hocks. Free profile mover, nice type, needs time to develop and tighten up.

2)Colmillos's Rising Sun (Miss T Burgess)

Smaller framed bitch , a little plain in head, prefer more stop and neater ears, strong neck, good bone, ex ribs and muscled loin. High set tail. Low hocks. Prefer more length of leg 


1)Travistock Wish Upon A Star (Mrs J Hopkins)

Balanced bitch in a slightly smaller mold, balanced head with flat skull, ears well set, moderate strength and length of neck, straight forelegs . Needs to develop in chest. Firm back, high set tail . Ideally like more bone and substance 


1)Causepark Cover Girl at Melodor (Mrs C Mclean)

Very honest well made bitch, detailed head piece, super ears with strength in muzzle. Strong neck, ex front and chest, straight forelegs , feet could be tighter. Well proportioned. Strong parallel hocks. Lovely foot placement . Hard condition, liked her type, pushed hard for CC


1)- Ch Stecal's Another Level (Ms C & Ms F, Mrs R & Mr K Bevis, Corr & Venezia)

A quality bitch with strength to her skull, oval eyes, set well apart and are dark,ears could be a little smaller but well set, strong neck, super bone and substance, ex feet. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, good reach in front with correct foot placement, firm condition.

2)Ruthdale Born to Win (Ms J & Mr D Russell & O'callaghan)

balanced head with small oval dark eyes,broad skull, ears well set, strong neck, ex forelegs, well proportioned throughout, could have more depth of chest and prefer a firmer topline, prefer better tailset. Steady mover in a bad floor


1)Travistock Star Attraction (Mrs J Hopkins)

Correct shape with good proportions. Feminine head, prefer more stop. Strong neck, well made front and chest with good length of rin. High set tail but prefer longer. Defined hocks. Sound more, a little out of coat


1)Colmillos's Rising Sun (Miss T Burgess)

2nd in puppy